Band of Misfits: Taking flight chapter 1

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This is Berk. It's twelve days north of Hopeless and a few degrees south of Freezing to Death. It's located solidly on the Meridian of Misery. I live here. My village. In a word, Sturdy. It's been here for seven generations, but every single building is new. We have fishing, hunting, and a charming view of the sunsets. The only problem here happens to be the local residents. No, while most places tend to have charming citizens or a coinciding society, we have... vikings.

Now, I understand what your thinking, vikings died out centuries ago, and your not wrong. We have... stubbornness issues. That and our neighbors make for a charming environment that every single civilization on this planet would love to have as a get away spot. The Barbaric Archipelago was not what it once was. We used to be a great nation, spanning every island from Norway to NewFoundland, with hundreds of tribes composing a harmonious blend of raw testosterone and manly vikingness. But alas, it's just us now. We were wiped out by the very people we pillaged, we could be called an endangered species.

We would be gone too, had it not been for the stunning location and the local "pests." You see, most places tend to have mosquitoes and rats and the like, but ours, no; ours is a little bit more problematic and... well, flamey. Dragons, yup, the ones in the story book. They too were driven north by those who wanted us gone, and now it's just us, fighting over every little thing.

Our whole society has long revolved around the massacre of these beasts, with the sword and shield being favored over the mind and pen. So those like me tend to be excluded. Don't get me wrong, I love Berk, it's always been a home, but I'm done living a lie. My friend has made me see this. Who would this friend be? Why none other then Toothless. My dragon, whom I shot down and befriended. Yeah, my whole world is messed up. But I wouldn't change it for the anything, why would you ask?

Because a friend once told me, "Some say our destiny is tied to the land, as much a part of us as we are of it. Others say fate is woven together like a cloth, so that one's destiny intertwines with many others. It's the one thing we search for, or fight to change."

And today, I intend to change my fate. This is my story.


The stillness of Ravenspoint always reassured Hiccup. Its towering trees and sweeping gorges left little to reality, it had an almost mystical air to it. It revealed little and hid many, a refuge for a outcast. Hiccups boots sunk into the mud, with its earthen qualities slowly rising to the fur lining. A fierce storm had struck last night, as if a divine force was prohibiting his departure, but the boy would bow to no one today. The days of being a viking would be put behind him, if Hiccup went went through with this, there would be no turning back.

'There's still time. You can return to the life you lead.' A voice whispered in Hiccup's head. It was tempting, in a short period of time, Hiccup had everything he had ever striven for. His peers, once a shunning group of bullies, had accepted him. He had respect from everyone, including the love of someone who should have already given it, his Father. But, oddly enough, Hiccup didn't feel whole. Something nipped away inside, as if a terrible terror was sitting in his chest. He couldn't take it anymore, everything was prepared. Hiccup wouldn't bear this pain any longer.

He was leaving.

The bountiful foliage of the forest betrayed its true nature, a rough, stale soil that would not manage a new plant, save the ones that were already here. This island was dead both figuratively and literally, Hiccup knew every inch of it. In time he would miss its familiarity, but this would not stop his departure.

A crash sounded behind Hiccup, raising a startle from the boy; all was not well in this silent refuge. A curse in Norse only confirmed his thoughts, the source of that noise was not of this forest. With a grimace, Hiccup quickened his pace.

Hiccup sprinted forwards, though his payload was weighing him down. In his bag lay his beloved sketchbook, a couple charcoal writing utensils, his favorite eagle feather, a bottle of squids ink wrestled from the colossal squid from the northern waters, his toolkit composed of a couple hammers and scrap metal, a small amount of food and water, something he would need, and a small sharpening stone. Hiccup also had a change of clothes and a needle with some thread, but not much else. Heading into the unknown with a manly needle and thread, Hiccups father would be proud. A knife sat on his coat, its custom design was practical and lightweight.

And the chest. Probably the heaviest of his supplies, it was odd. Hiccup had received it from Trader Johann, a personal friend and confident. Along with his bottle of squid ink wrestled from the colossal squid of the northern waters, this chest was given to him after he confided in the merchant his decision to leave. "Stoick wanted you to have it when you were older," he had said, "It had something to do with your Mom."

The chest was small, but it weighed quite a large amount. Its lock was without a key, only a master smith could crack it. Something Hiccup happened to be. He swore that when he was able to, he would land and pick the lock, but as of right now, he knew he needed to escape his current predicament.

The crashing grew louder, the curses in Norse ever more apparent and Hiccup could detect a slight feminine pitch. Someone who was not used to this part of the island. Only one person came to mind.

Astrid Hofferson, in all her glory, stumbled down the overgrown path Hiccup had just traversed. She was beautiful in Hiccup's eyes, but he had never considered her shallow demeanor, her unquestioning faith to tradition. A faith is fine, but one should question it to reinforce their knowledge. 'I guess we vikings weren't exactly known for our questioning minds. Stubbornness issues.' Hiccup thought.

Astrid surveyed the land. With a start, realization occurred to Hiccup. 'She was looking for someone,' Hiccup shook his head, 'But who would be out here at this... Oh.' This would complicate things.

Hiccup knew he had to make it to the cove, Astrid would inevitably stumble upon it at any rate. And Toothless. That was not going to happen. Sprinting forwards, it became ever more apparent as to how out of shape the boy was, something he planned to change on his travels. Hiccup had put considerable ground between himself and the scary blonde by the time she spotted him, and that look immediately threw every thought of a peaceful confrontation out the window.

"Hiccup? Hicc- come over here right now!"

This only served to provoke Hiccup. With a start, he continued running through the forest, careful to avoid a footfall. Any hesitation would result in a stall and a confrontation with the murderous shield maiden slowly drawing closer. Nearing the cove with each passing step, Hiccup found a down turned oak, he ran its length and leapt off, performing a roll to break the fall. Astrid was following gamely, but the treacherous landscape was only serving to slow her. Hiccup sighed in relief as he reached the cove entrance, where Toothless resided. Every thought of staying was pushed out of the boys mind. Hiccup slid downwards, looking backwards. In his fear of discovery, he failed to notice the shield wedged in his usual entrance.



Hiccup awoke to a curious pair of green eyes and an incessant shouting in the distance, calling his name. Immediately, he sat up, but regretted it. There's a reason viking female warriors were known as "shield maidens."

Shaking it off, Hiccup knew every second was a second in Astrid's favor. Adjusting his increasingly cumbersome wicker basket pack, he turned to smack the shield behind him in anger, only to notice that he had knocked it free from its position. On a whim, Hiccup grabbed the shield. Neither the pack nor the shield was ideal for this trip, but it would work. Hiccup picked up his pace, not even pausing to offer Toothless an explanation. He knew the boy was frantic and that something important was about to happen. Finally adjusting his riding gear, the young viking teen snatched the thick black, woolen sweater he had casually snagged from the local seamstress and slipped it on top of his green over-shirt. He didn't want the wandering eye to spot their escape. Attaching the riding pauldrons, the viking straddled Toothless and nudged him.

While that kind of behavior would warrant an immediate slap via the black bat-like ear from Toothless, the Night Fury was feeling especially lenient today, sensing his riders distress. Gracing the area that had spurred a friendship a final, regretful look, the unlikely pair took off. Once they had gained altitude, Hiccup noticed a particular armed viking maiden enter the cove. She slowly turned in a circle, looking for, whatever reason, the boy that infuriated her so. There were traces, but no obvious signs. Finally turning back, she marched out of the cove, never once considering the possibility of looking up.


The duo known as Toothless and Hiccup passed over Berk, but they did not linger. Odds would be that the nervous villagers would have their eyes on the sky, fearing a raid of some kind. With all due haste, and a bit of sadness, Hiccup looked back at the place he had called home for over 15 years. Never once did he leave its shores. He would miss few people, that would be certain. Of the true friends he had, only Gobber remained. Trader Johann knew that the pair intended to head south, that much was certain. But where specifically, not even they knew.


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