Band of Misfits: Taking Flight chapter 7

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Chapter Seven


A warm, pungent smell wafted into Elsa's nose. Water drops fell from maturing stalactites, their patter echoing around the cave. The foreboding feeling was only masked by Rapunzel's excited chattering. Jack walked silently next to her; Elsa wasn't sure about her thoughts surrounding the boy. He was odd, that was certain enough. Be it in his appearance or the hidden aura of power that he held; she could understand why he was quieter. He had a loyalty towards Rapunzel, but he didn't seem to see any of them as threats. This fierce naivety could come back to haunt him.

Elsa hoped that this wouldn't happen; there was precious little innocence left in the world.

Stepping down the damp tunnel, Elsa adjusted her coat. After her departure, the first task she accomplished was finding new clothing. A thin, naval blue woolen overcoat with a couple black buttons; thin tanned pants and a hood. Knee high buckled boots that allowed her to traverse any terrain. Practical and inconspicuous, hardly the dress of a former princess. That was not her life, this was what she lived for.

She tuned out the excited squealing, the headache from her earlier incarceration pounding. She hadn't felt this way since her little run in with Merida's horse.

As she remembered Hiccups encounter with "Johann," she could only recall Arendelle. She wondered what had become of her kingdom. Had Anna been declared the new queen? She could only hope that good had found her sister, that that Hans man had failed to make the right impression on her parents. He wasn't approaching her sister with the best intentions, it was obvious that he was using her.

Squeezing Hiccup's hand, she looked him in the eye; ignoring his blush. She couldn't help it, the guy was everything she found nice. Humble, comforting, sarcastic, smart... he knew her.

"So... who was that?" She asked quietly, scarcely heard above the Flynn's questioning towards Rapunzel.

Hiccup smiled slightly, "That was an old friend. Trader Johann knew my Mom, they were close friends. He was the only one who knew about my disappearance... Well, about the exact details anyways."

He paused and looked down, "He told me about Berk. He-He wanted to pass on a message. They've disgraced me; I'm guess I'm an outcast. But there are political loop holes; theoretically I could return home with amnesty. They think I'm dead, Johann was talking to me before Flynn pulled me down."

He glanced at the thief, who was oblivious.

"Apparently that won't be the case for long."

Elsa looked down. "What does that mean for us."

Hiccup raised an eyebrow, "Nothing. Nothing is going to change. If they come anywhere near us, things are going to burn."

With a smile, Elsa looked at him. "You sound kind of like Merida."

The pair shared a glance at the fiery youth, she was walking along with a certain spring in her step.

Hiccup shook his head, "Who would have thought that she was a princess?"

Elsa smiled, "To be honest, I'm not to surprised."

Hiccup shrugged, "I guess your're right... we have seen weirder."


Jack Frost was excited, he hadn't left that tower in over 18 years. The winter spirit had neglected sleep, food and all forms of rest for the entire duration of his task. His sole purpose was to guard that flower, it was one of the few things he took seriously.

The world was much bigger then he remembered, it was brighter too. The sun was especially kind to Corona, it was the name of the kingdom after all. An adventure was something he would always look forwards too. Despite his commitment to the task, Jack couldn't help it; he was anxious. This was his freedom, his time to explore. He didn't want to say it, but he was a free spirit. There was a reason he was friends with the wind.

Their motley crew was a bonus, Merida was quite cute. That rebellious attitude suited him well. He liked that in a girl. But still...

The Flynn Rider fellow, he wasn't completely comfortable around yet. Be it the constant attempts to escape them or his cruel remarks, he was definitely a downer on their attitude. And the immortal teenager didn't like that look he gave Rapunzel when he saw her for the first time. Still, the singing was fun. If only everyone could see him. Why these people could was a mystery, and while Jack wasn't foolish, he couldn't come up with a reason for this phenomenon.

Perhaps that Hiccup guy could help him; he seemed pretty smart. Hiccup and Elsa seemed close, Jack liked the pair.

As he tuned back in to the situation at hand, he couldn't help but notice the finer details of this hollowed out tract of underground real estate. Those stalactites were pretty cool, as were the spider webs. Rapunzel had faced bigger arachnids in her endless struggle to maintain the finely cleaned tower that her Mother had built. He liked the sparkling rocks in the walls, he couldn't get over those.

Falling back on the geology book his friend had always carried around, he struggled to recall them. Crystals, something like that. He was so enraptured by the beauty of the tiny rocks glittering in the torch light, he didn't give any thought to the slowly growing activity behind them.


Hiccup noticed it immediately. Pausing with an almost delicate stance, he looked back. His friends slowly noticed.

Elsa looked down the path. "What is it?"

Hiccup's hand slowly moved down to his waist. With care, he pulled out his hatchet. He could hear Merida drawing her bow. The ground was vibrating, rocks began to fall from the ceiling. Something was coming, and it was fast. As a glaring torch flickered into view, Hiccup could see the outlines of a soldier.

"Rider!" An enraged guard shouted.

Hiccup sprung into action. Pushing everyone in the right direction, he helped Flynn gather Rapunzel's locks. "Go!"

Hauling the unnecessarily long hair down the hall, the group burst into the light.


It was a dead end. A shabby dam was slowly decaying under the sheer pressure of the water behind it. Hiccup's thorough but self-taught education in engineering had already pointed out multiple flaws that, should they be damaged, would unleash quite a bit of water. They stood on a small but sheer cliff that prevented any attempt to reach ground level. This was problematic.

Looking around, he saw a collapsed rope bridge that, had it still stood, would be their salvation. There was a small stabilizing port that stood well above them, Hiccup already had a plan.

As their pursuers closed in, a fair bit of shouting erupted below them. Two men with quite a bit of weaponry busted their way into the valley below them from an abandoned passage. As they pointed in Flynn's direction, Flynn groaned.


"Who are they?" Rapunzel asked.

Flynn pointedly shrewdly in the direction of his former allies, "They don't like me."

The unsheathing of metal caught everyone's attention. Turning around, the same group of soldiers from the Snugly Duckling slowly approached them. Twenty warriors, armed to the teeth, fell into rank behind a man with a well groomed mustache.

"Oh I've waited a long time for this." The man declared, a sinister look in his eyes.

"Who's that?" Rapunzel repeated, exasperation seeping into her voice.

"They don't like me either."

A monstrous sound that made Flynn's blood run cold echoed from the tunnel. Seconds later, a white stallion leapt from the darkness.

The demon from the fiery pits of the underworld had returned.


With their group running out of options, Hiccup twirled his hatchet, taking the lead. Standing between his friends and the guards, he glared.

A knife in the other hand, the viking took a defensive stance. He braced himself, this would not be pretty.

It seemed that he was not the only one who was on the move.

"Take this!" Rapunzel said with surprising authority.

A huff from Flynn and she was off, swinging from the ramparts using her hair. While this was unexpected, it seemed to be working.

Hiccup could feel Merida's hands on his back, he could hear the twirling of the grappling hook and it's cutting flight through the air. The resounding thud of it's three pronged hook finding purchase.

Glancing backwards, Hiccup caught Elsa's eye. She seemed reluctant to leave him, but he waved his hand. She wasn't safe here, the former princess was his utmost priority. Turning back towards his opponents, the viking steeled himself. Twenty men, armed with an assortment of weapons. And here he was, taking them on single highhandedly. A shrill yelp warned him that this was not the case.

Flynn Rider stood behind him, holding Rapunzel's frying pan. This just got better and better.

The lead guard approached, his distinct emblem emboldened on his chest plate. An experienced fighter, he had years of combat under his belt. Combat against desperate thugs. Not Hiccup.

With a lunge, a short sword came dangerously close to Flynn's arm.


The flashing of steel was not something Flynn enjoyed. His activities were best conducted in the dark, away from prying eyes and prejudiced guards. When the sword came down, Flynn felt that he was done for.

Only to hear metal on metal. Slowly opening his eyes, he could see a rigid Hiccup holding the sword in place. With a determined glare, the man drew back and slammed his closed fist in the guards face.

That did not look like a pleasant experience.

As the rest of the guards closed in, Flynn dodged a halberd. While he didn't like fighting, he wasn't completely incompetent.

Swinging upwards, the thief caught a soldier under the chin in a vicious uppercut with his cooking utensil. The effect shortly followed, the guard slumped into the dirt. Ducking and weaving under the arms of their attackers, Flynn couldn't help but notice the slowly growing body count.

There were no casualties, thank goodness; Flynn would like to avoid becoming a killer.

But the amount of unconscious men at their feet was astounding. While he was breathing hard, that Hiccup kid could fight. Whirling like a demon, the warrior ducked under perfect stances, taking advantage of weak points few men could exploit.

Shaking his head, Flynn didn't notice the man approaching him from behind. As the sword came down, the thief was oblivious.

The whisper of a bowstring pierced the air and moments later a the clatter of a knife drew the thief's attention. A guard was clutching his hand in pain.

Looking around, Flynn noticed that blondie was descending to the canyon floor. Elsa was on the ground already, distracting the Stabbingtons. And a certain ginger haired Scot was waving, a bow in her hand. That was a decent shot to say the least.

"Flynn, focus." Hiccup grunted, parrying a blow and entering a power struggle with a guard. Lashing out with the pan of power, the thief knocked their final opponent into a heap on the ground. Ignoring the doubled over Hiccup, Flynn twirled his new best friend.

"Oh, I have got to get me one of these!" Noticing a flicker of movement, Flynn took a fencing stance; bravado flowing through his veins.

Only to see their newest enemy. And though he would deny it, the thief whimpered.


As Hiccup stood up, he shook his head; had he really come this far from being the clumsy footed blacksmith that had caused unparalleled catastrophes? No offense, but the inventor was doubting that any of his fellow vikings could handle a fight like that.

A look akin to that of a Monstrous Nightmare greeted him. Flynn whimpered, and Hiccup slowly retook his stance.

In front of him stood a white stallion. That was where all normality ceased. In its teeth sat a particularly sharp sword with a wicked point.

With a whiny that paralleled that of a predator, the beast lunged.


Jack heard a most peculiar sound. Turning around, he could see the fight of the century taking place, but that wasn't his priority.

Two armed men with hideous scars were taking ground in his direction. And by default, Rapunzel's direction as well.

Twirling his staff, the winter spirit smirked; time to have fun.

Taking flight, Jack did a loop around the men, who were oblivious though their impending mishap. Gently tapping his staff against a puddle of water with utmost delicacy, the men failed to notice the frozen patch of footing underneath them.

Immediately, the thieves slipped, it was quite amusing really. Ice was slowly coating the ground and there was no clear source, their faces were priceless. Almost immediately, they looked at Elsa and frowned.

It seemed that they were thinking. And when they came upon a look of recognition, Jack knew that something else was at play.


Hiccup's defense was slowly crumbling, the sheer ferocity of the blows became too much to handle. Flynn's shrieking was not helping. Parrying each and every blow, it was no question; their tour guide had every reason to be afraid of this animal. An intelligence not unlike that of Toothless's was obviously in place.

"Hey!" A voice called to them. Second later, Flynn hollered as he was wrenched away, a thin stream of sun-kissed hair wrapped around his ankle. While there was a momentary lapse of silence, the creatures sole attention was now on him. It was time to run.

Taking a pause at the horse confusion, the viking turned and, showing little hesitation, jumped.


Sloping downwards, Hiccup grit his teeth; this wasn't his best plan. There was a small, thin curve in architecture of a structural support.

With perfect timing, the warrior executed a flip, taking full advantage of a slick surface to stall his momentum. Catapulted into the air, Hiccup managed to land on a small platform. His legs screamed in protest, but he was safe.

For the moment of course.

Turning back, he could observe the horse. As it took to glaring back, the menace immediately began to pound on a vital column in an effort to knock it over; this dam was going to come down. What worse, the guards were awakening.

Whirling around, Hiccup found a small run off slide that transported water into an aqueduct; presumably towards the city. His only way down. With a shout, the boy jumped, skidding down. The cracking of wood behind him was not a good sign. Reaching a break in the structure, he made a final leap.

As he pirouetted in midair, he caught sight of water, as far as the eye could see, accelerating towards them. Of course, this was not going well.

Turning back, he aimed directly at one of the thugs. It was an excellent choice, Hiccup lost his momentum and rolled to a stop. Not skipping a beat, he grabbed Elsa and looked for any form of shelter. Rapunzel waved and started to run towards a small mine shaft.

Pushing everyone into action once again, Hiccup scarcely contained his fear. Lunging into the entrance, the viking narrowly avoided a massive piece of debris that had just barricaded their route inside.

Turning in relief, Hiccup instantly picked up on a feeling of fear. Further down the path, a solid wall of stone from an old cave-in was sealing off their only possible escape. Dread crept into Hiccups heart as he felt the cool, eerie feeling of water brush at his ankles.


Brushing past Jack, Elsa could scarcely contain herself. They were trapped, that much was certain. The sunlight was slowly fading, soon it would be too dark to see.

She could scarcely pick out Hiccup and Flynn's frantic clawing at the rocks sealing them in their stone coffin. It was becoming futile, there was simply to much debris. Flynn gripped his hand and cried out, a thin cut slowly coming into existence.

Slowly, almost uncertainly, Elsa placed a hand on Hiccup's shoulder.

Her closest confident turned, his eyes filled with desperation.

She pulled him close, and he did the same. This was it, they were going to die.


Collapsing, Elsa buried her face into the crook of Hiccups neck.

She whimpered; not because of her impending end, but because of the things she had failed to do. She had never made reconciliation with Anna; this would haunt her.

It was pitch black, there was no way to tell who was who in the darkness. All she knew that Hiccup was right next to her, and that was all that mattered.

Slowly, Merida began to cry. It started as nothing more then a whimper, before it grew. Louder, and louder; there was no way to drown it out. The water was at their knees now.

Elsa gripped Hiccups arm like a vice, making her way towards the Scottish princess. Reaching out, she could feel Merida's trembling body. Almost immediately, the teenager latched on to her; a final comfort in a time of need.

Hiccup wrapped the trio in his arms. Merida continued to cry, and Elsa couldn't stop herself.

Slowly, she began to stroke the young maidens hair.

"When the cold wind is a calling
And the sky is clear and bright,
Misty mountains sing and beckon,
Lead me out into the light."

Merida mourning slowly began to turn from a raging river into a slow trickle. This song was hurting Elsa, but Merida needed it.

"I will ride, I will fly,
Chase the wind and touch the sky,
I will fly,
Chase the wind and touch the sky."

Flynn Rider was silent, as was Jack Frost and Rapunzel.

"Where dark woods hide secrets,
And mountains are fierce and bold,
Deep waters hold reflections,
Of times lost long ago."

Hiccup squeezed Elsa's hand, the princess needed it.

"I will hear their every story,
Take hold of my own dream,
Be as strong as the seas are stormy,
And proud as an eagle's scream."

Toothless wasn't here, Elsa knew that he wouldn't fly again. She could only hope that one of her oldest friends would be fine without them. Hiccup was obviously thinking about that.

"I will ride, I will fly,
Chase the wind and touch the sky,
I will fly,
Chase the wind and touch the sky."


Merida was silent now. With the water up to their waists, Hiccup chuckled. It was an odd sound in a situation like this, but Elsa could only find comfort in it.

"You know, in the eight years I've known you, I have never heard you sing."

Elsa was happy that no one could see her blush. Hiccup cleared his throat, "Where did you hear that? The song?"

The princess grimaced in the dark, "My... Mother, used to sing it to me."

She could feel Hiccup's sudden rigid posture, before he drew her in closer.

Rapunzel sniffled, "This is all my fault."

Hiccup sighed, "No Rapunzel. We would have perished in the water had we stayed out there. You did the right thing, it just... didn't workout."

Elsa could hear a quiet mourning tone in Rapunzel's voice, "No. If I... If I hadn't left my tower, this wouldn't be happening."

The princess of Arendelle wanted to comfort her, she truly did, but Elsa did see some truth in these words.

The group sat in silence for a moment, as the seconds ticked by. Finally, Merida broke the silence.

"Elsa... yeh mentioned yer Mum... Ah never really kne' yeh. Then again, yeh donnae 'now much abou' meh."

With a noticeable sigh, the water shifted.

"Ah'm... Ah'm a Scottish princess, Ah was next in line fer the throne. Ah was supposed to beh married, bu' ah refused. Mah Mum... she, she brok' mah bo', an' ah left... Withou' yeh, ah woul' nae die in the presince o' frien's. Thank yeh."

Elsa could only think of one thing to say. She might as well, considering their demise was imminent.

"I am... I was the next in line for the throne of Arendelle. My-" Elsa paused, should she really say it?

'Conceal, don't feel.' Her Father repeated. She remembered those nights when her parents would argue about denouncing her birthright. She remembered Hiccup's Dad and his rejection in his former village. But she knew that it wouldn't matter; Merida deserved to know.

Attempting to come up with an explanation, Elsa was almost relieved when Flynn piped up.

"Wait, you mean... Queen Elsa, of Arendelle. The Witch queen?"

Hiccup growled, and while it was touching, it wasn't helping. Attempting to lighten the situation, Elsa tried for some humor. "So... That's what they're calling me."

She could feel Flynn's gaze. "So did you really try to kill the Duke of Weselton?"

Elsa's eyes widened; she never meant to hurt anyone.

Oddly, Flynn didn't seem to care. "To be honest, I never liked that guy. It's a shame that you didn't finish the job. I thought the powers were a myth, but with some many officials backing the claim..."


The last thing Hiccup needed was to being dealing with more of the international royal community. And although he agreed with the thief, the viking didn't need anymore enemies.

Merida clenched his arm tighter, as if it were a lifeline. "Wha' powers... are yeh mad?"

Elsa sighed, "I can control ice and snow. Hiccup calls it a blessing, but it hasn't brought any good."

Hiccup shook his head, "No. Elsa, that's not true-"

Elsa cut him off. "No! No, it is true. Had I not been born with these powers, I would have everything; my sister would be with me, my parents would love me, I'd be normal."

Hiccup sighed, "I thought we went over this. You can't change who you are."

Having garnered everyone's attention, Hiccup sighed again. Out with it, as his Father used to say.

"I of all people should know that. Three hundred years and I'm the first viking who wouldn't kill a dragon. I mean, who had ever heard of such a thing."

Merida tensed next to him; Hiccup could only recall his tribes history. Viking invaders who were more then happy to gorge themselves on the riches of Scotland. Merida had every reason to hate him. But she didn't draw away.

Flynn chuckled darkly, "Kid, I don't really know what you're talking about. The vikings are dead."

Hiccup grinned forlornly in the dark. "Not yet, there's still a tribe up north; Berk. The dragons tend to keep us isolated."

Silence meet his ears.

Finally, Flynn sighed, "Eugene."


Flynn's heart was pounding, he didn't want to die just yet. He had come so far, this couldn't be it. When everyone began to talk, Flynn knew that it would soon be his turn. As the water rose to his neck, Flynn sighed.


Without a reaction, Eugene Fitzherbert continued.

"My name is Eugene. Might as well say it; at least someone will know it before we all drown."

Someone squeezed his hands; a soft, innocent squeeze. Rapunzel's voice was borderline angelic, nothing could be said in denial of this fact. "I like Eugene, it's a lot nicer then Flynn Rider."

Eugene scoffed; Everyone liked Flynn Rider. But perhaps, this wasn't so bad. Sure they were going to die, but these people were... friends.

Eugene liked that term. Friends.

With the water rising to his chin, Eugene sighed. "Okay... Does anyone have anything else to say?"

Rapunzel sniffled, "I have magic hair that glows."

That was not what Eugene was expecting. Suddenly, Rapunzel let out a shriek of surprise, "I-I have magic hair that glows!"

With a sudden surge of moisture, the water rose to their eyes and Flynn was struggling to breath.

"Flower gleam and glow, let your power shine!" Rapunzel sang with a clear sense of urgency.


Jack clenched his eyes shut. The cold, dark feeling was eerily familiar. His journey had started under a freezing lake, waterlogged and dead. And now, it would end in a similar way.

A thin glow shined, startling the winter spirit. That wasn't possible, they were in a cave... unless.

Slow understanding dawned on him and he wrenched his eyes open. All around him, his friends looked on in shock at Rapunzel's many locks of hair, which happened to be glowing. Thankful, Jack looked down and saw a thin spout of water descending into the cavern floor. An exit.

Paddling downwards, for the winter spirit was never a fan of water, he began to dig away with unparalleled fury, clawing at the rocks. Soon, everyone else caught on. While their combined efforts were making progress, the glow Rapunzel's hair was slowly dying out. They weren't going to make it.

A shrill scream echoed around them, and ever under water Jack's hair stood on end. Someones hand pulled him away from the cavern floor. As Jack's let out his final breath, a fierce explosion filled the cavern, and everything went white.


Gasping for breath, Hiccup barely managed to make it to the surface. Someone grabbed his arm, Rapunzel. Something was clambering onto his back, Jack. With a final bout of strength, Hiccup kicked off the bottom of what appeared to be a river. Elsa was helping Merida to shore, the Scot was in shock. Flynn-no, Eugene, was swimming after something. The chameleon, Hiccup had forgotten about him. They had made it. Drifting down the fast flowing river, his friends clenching him like a lifeline, a familiar mismatching tail snagged on his armor.

Toothless had returned. And Hiccup had never been more glad to see his friend.


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