Summary: One night, once a year, was more than anything else Tom ever had. This is the story of how two people destined to be foes were actually destined for something else

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Time change/date of time

Chapter I

–Serpens Lynx Black–

Saturday, June 24, 1995

"It wasn't your fault. Harry," Mrs Weasley whispered.

"I told him to take the cup with me," said Harry.

Now the burning feeling was in his throat too. He wished Ron would look away. Mrs Weasley set the potion down on the bedside cabinet, bent down, and put her arms around Harry. He had no memory of ever being hugged like this, as though by a mother. The full weight of everything he had seen that night seemed to fall in upon him as Mrs Weasley held him to her. His mother's face, his father's voice, the sight of Cedric, dead on the ground all started spinning in his head until he could hardly bear it, until he was screwing up his face against the howl of misery fighting to get out of him.

There was a loud slamming noise, and Mrs Weasley and Harry broke apart. Hermione was standing by the window. She was holding something tight in her hand.

"Sorry," she whispered.

"Your potion, Harry," said Mrs Weasley quickly, wiping her eyes on the back of her hand.

Harry drank it in one gulp. The effect was instantaneous. Heavy, irresistible waves of dreamless sleep broke over him; he fell back onto his pillows and thought no more.

Friday, June 24, 1927

Harry woke up with a groan; everything was blurry and he couldn't quite remember where he was and what had happened.

"Is everything all right, lad?" Harry heard the voice of a young woman ask in concern.

Harry opened his eyes to see a woman dressed like a nun before him, looking at him worriedly. Harry frowned at seeing the baby bottle in her hand.

"Where am I, madam?" Harry asked in a husky voice.

"Wool's Orphanage, lad. In the nursery room."

Harry sat, noticing he was half lying on a wood chair; that wouldn't be good for his back. Next, he noticed the baby cot in the corner where a boy was sitting and looking back.

"That's Tom. He is a quiet young lad. But you'll never find a better one." The woman said proudly. "Sadly, he was born here and his family never came to take him. Nobody's ever tried to adopt him."

Harry stood on shaky legs and approached the cot. He looked at the child inside. The boy tilted his head to the side before suddenly raising his arms to Harry.

"He likes you. Tom never likes anyone."

Harry looked to the woman.


The woman smiled at Harry in a motherly way and Harry was aware of a tight feeling in his chest.

"Yes lad?"

"You said I was in an orphanage? How did I get here?"

"I'm not sure myself. When I entered you were already on the chair. I suspect that Mrs Cole had brought you here as she tried to get you a room. You're a new orphan aren't you?"

Harry looked again to the boy who was still holding his arms.

"I don't know."

"Well, I'm Martha." The woman said before grabbing the baby and forcing Harry in the chair. She handed the baby to Harry. "And you, Mister, are going to feed Tom, he obviously wants you to do it."

Harry looked down to the grey eyes looking back at him and then smiled to the woman.

"As you wish, madam. Can I pick the bottle?"

Harry grabbed the bottle and, as Martha taught him, he fed young Tom in his arms. He had no idea what was going on, but knew better than to argue. Besides, he felt a connection with the boy; it was as if he was meant to meet him. Martha pulled a chair and sat before Harry, taking him in.

"What's your name?"

Harry looked up from the boy's mesmerizing grey eyes to Martha.

"Black." Harry said at once. He had no idea where he was, if he had got himself transported somewhere he couldn't let Voldemort track him down. "I'm…" 'Come on, Harry think! Black's always take constellations names! Think of stars names! What names do you kn…?'

"Serpens Lynx Black, madam." The woman's eyes grew and Harry blushed. "Family tradition. We always use constellations and star names."

Mentally, Harry wondered why those names had come to mind. Then again, Serpens was one constellation split into two halves, like the person Harry was. After all; wasn't he half Gryffindor half Slytherin? And Lynx, a feline. Lynx would balance the serpents with his Gryffindor lion's heart. The initials S.B. a reference to his beloved godfather: Sirius Black. Of course both Serpens and Lynx were constellations in the British northern sky which wouldn't change, not now, not in fifty years or even half a millennium.

The woman smiled.

"It's a fine name, don't worry. Now let me prepare you the bed around the corner." The woman said, pointing to a bed next to the cot. "All rooms are full, so we'll have to wait until tomorrow to find you a room with the other boys. I hope you won't mind sleeping here with Tom."

"Not at all, madam."

The woman smiled.

"Good, I'm going to find you some bed clothes." Martha said before standing and leaving.

Harry looked down at the child who had finished his bottle. He put the bottle next to him and looked at him in silence. There was just something about the boy that called him in, as if the boy was the reason he was there…

"There you go." Martha re-entered and prepared the old mattress by the corner. "Has he finished his bottle already? I'll have to put you on feeding time from now on, Serpens. It's always a struggle to get Tom to drink his feed."

Harry smiled and stood with Tom, laying him on the cot before laying himself on the bed. Martha tucked him in before turning the candles off and leaving the room. Harry looked to the boy on the cot as he sat there looking at him, with nothing but the moon light to let them see each other.

"Sleep Tom. It's late." Harry whispered to the other boy.

Finally, Tom closed his eyes and babbled something. Harry could have sworn it sounded like his name, or Serpens name for that matter.

Sighing Harry looked to the ceiling. He had no idea what was going on, only that little Tom needed him and that was all that mattered. The old looking room didn't matter. The old mattress on the floor that smelled like mould didn't matter. The wind that he could hear outside his window - and that the gaps in the walls and windows which made the wind seem like it was inside the nursery itself - didn't matter.

Actually, the wind sounded more like a lullaby than an actual storm. Harry smiled amused at hearing Tom babble again before his breath evened out. Even if he didn't know what was going on, it couldn't be that bad as he had met Tom, so whatever he would have to do tomorrow morning… he would make sure that he would be there for the black haired, grey eyed baby.

Eventually the sound of the wind outside, Tom's even breath and the sudden sounds that Tom made - which always brought a smile to Harry's face - lulled him into a calm sleep. No thoughts of Voldemort and Cedric or anything of what had happened the last year passed through his mind. Only the picture of baby Tom sleeping peacefully under the moon light.


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