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Chapter XVIII

–Close Calls–

Wednesday, July 19 1995


A week passed with Tom and Harry jumping from city in city and country in country. It was strange how Harry was moving around Europe while not leaving England technically.

Harry was finally managing to walk without feeling the after-affects of what Tom had done to him. Which really… and Tom wanted a repeat? He could forget it!

Harry returned from a trip in Italy to find Nagini nowhere to be seen. He frowned, knowing it couldn't be good. Then Winky popped in and pulled a hand over Harry, shrinking his hair before he could react. It was then that Harry knew. He put on his glasses again and left his bedroom, to find Aurors in the Manor.

"What's the meaning of this?" He asked.

"Potter… there has been reports that you have been mis…"

"You mean that Dumbledore lied in a supposed report to give you a reason to come check on me." Harry interrupted and the group tensed. "As you can see I'm more than fine. Actually, I'm not since I just got woken up by you guys! Now that you've done your 'job'… LEAVE!"

Lord Lestrange held back a smile, but Harry could see it playing at the corner of his lips.

"Mr Potter!"

"Heir Potter." Harry amended. "Besides… watching over the wellbeing of an adopted child is the job of Madam Bones and not yours. I'd say I'd contact the Aurors, but you already are ones. I could say that I'd contact my lawyer but I don't need-to since you are holding him as if he was a prisoner!"

"You have no right to speak like that to…"

"Don't I? Very well, I'll also inform my Goblin Account Manager about the Aurors' illegal raid alongside their refusal of my Family Inheritance as Heir Potter, Heir Black, Heir Lestrange, Heir Lupin, Heir Pettigrew… I can go-on if you want, the list is long."

The Aurors glanced at Lord Lestrange confused, who nodded. With a groan, Lord Lestrange was freed and the Aurors left the Manor – escorted by the house elves. Harry stayed besides his adoptive father as they waited for the Aurors to be fully gone.

"That was a close call, when did you arrive?"

"Minutes ago, how long were you delaying them?"

"At the least a hour." Lord Lestrange offered.

"Was it really illegal what they did?"

"The way they did it? Yes. Aurors don't deal with Social Services." Lord Lestrange agreed before he smirked back. "You have no idea how amusing it was at seeing you acting so much like Him."

Harry blushed.

"Well… he learnt it from me first." He argued, making the older laugh. "I mean it!"

"I know. It's still amusing." The older put in and Harry huffed. "I better go warn your Account Manager before they try to pull this under the rug." Harry nodded. "Where were you last night anyway?"

"Oh… Tom took me on a trip through Venice."

Lord Lestrange whistled impressed.

"Someone is doing his courting job way too well." He argued. "Do me a favour and don't tell Alexa. She whined over wanting to go there all of our marriage life."

"Why didn't you?"

"My son, Rodolphus? Was born in 1950, so right after we married. And when we were getting ready for the trip a decade later… Rabastan happened."

Harry laughed and Lord Lestrange left. The teen massaged his closed eyeballs under his glasses. Bloody Aurors now they had fully awoken him and he wouldn't be able to sleep at all…


Harry accepted the sleeping potion from Voldemort.

"You need the sleep."


"I'll need you tonight to keep me in one piece."

Harry narrowed his eyes before he nodded, accepting that it would be all the spoilers of what Tom would tell him about his younger-self.

"Will you wake me up before the time to go to the past comes?"

Voldemort shook his head.

"My younger-self will."

Harry sighed and pulled the older's face into a peck of lips.

"Good night and until tomorrow then."

"Good night, Serpens… and whatever I might say when you wake up… I won't mean it."

Harry frowned as he gulped the potion, but before he could ask what Voldemort meant, the potion took effect.

"No' faiw." He mumbled before he blacked out.


Saturday, July 19 1952

Harry woke up in a bed to find Tom waking him up.

"Why are you napping?" Was demanded harshly.

"Something come up during the day." Harry argued groggily and sat up, looking at his lover to find dark marks under his eyes. "Did something happen?"



"I said nothing!" Tom snapped back, his voice practically turning Voldemort's hiss. "Why do you care anyway? You are never here! Only come one night a year and even then you aren't there for me! You…"

Tom shut up with a gasp when Harry got up and slapped him. Tom looked back surprised.

"You'd do well to remember that I'm not the one who chose this. I've picked you up several times during the time to move back to my timeline. I can't! What do you want me to do more? To force my body to handle you after you've been so rough on me the first-time? Do remember that you've been passing years, but to me it's just days. Not even a full month ago you were just a baby to me! I'm still here doing my best to forget that and see you as a lover instead, Tom!"


"No, you listen! I'm not forever 14-year-old, you know? In a couple of days I'll be making 15! You? You are already older than my family was when they died! You think that doesn't get to me? You are a freaking adult dating a teenager, Tom Marvolo Riddle!" Tom's lips thinned. "You think that I don't have a social life during the day? I had problems this morning and had to force myself to take a bloody sleeping potion so I'd manage to take a nap… so I'd be there for you, for fuck's sake!" A tear toyed with the corner of Tom's eyes. "You think it's easy for me to see you grow older each day? You think that just because I don't wait a whole year that it is not hard on me? Each time I return you are Darker and meaner. Each time I have to remind myself that this is my Tommy!" Harry put a fist on Tom's chest when he went for a hug. "No, don't you dare try to hug me right now! You woke me up pissed, so you are going to have the bloody spat that you wanted!"


"Since I realized your full name? I decided to become Grey in the Wizardry World. You know why? Because I love you that much. I was bloody Light for fuck's sake! My parents would never accept you! I'm still here! I still let you do night activities with me! Heck! My family was killed by Dark Wizards! And you don't see me running to the Aurors and telling them all that you told me in privacy, do you?" When Tom stayed quiet Harry used the fist on the other's chest to actually punch his chest. "Do You?"

"No." Tom agreed.

"I love you, Tom! So for the love of God… tell me what the fuck is going on and why are you being an asshole to me!"

If before Harry had seen a fickle of a tear, now Tom was actually letting a tear fall.

"Lord Sirius is dead." Was whispered between hiccups.

Harry sighed and opened his arms, Tom leaned forward and seeked Harry's arms and comfort, finally letting his tears fall.

"Hush…" Harry sat back, pulled Tom to kneel before him and held him as the older cried with his face on Harry's lap. "I'm here. You know that. I'll always be here for you."

"I'm sorry. I just needed you here so much this past couple of months and… you were just asleep. I didn't mean it. I…"

"I know you didn't." Harry agreed and looked around at the mess of the room. "Where's Nagini and Winky?" Why was the female house elf letting this become such a mess?

"My magic kept attacking them." Tom argued. "I sent them to Black Manor in England. Last I heard Cousin Regulus was the one who took them in."

Harry sighed and let his own magic surround Tom's, who immediately let his own wards lower down to let their magic connect.

"You need to find something to focus on, something to do when I'm not here. You can't keep travelling forever."

"I… I was thinking of going to Albania, although we'd have to stay at an inn or hotel instead." Tom agreed against Harry's lap.

"And why is that?"

"Ravenclaw's diadem is there."

Harry hummed.

"Would it help you keep your mind focused?" He asked and Tom raised his head from the lap, only to nod. "Then do it."

"Remember my journal…"

"I know you intend on turning it into a Horcrux like the rest, that's why I asked if you were certain it would help you."


"You already said that you were sorry." Harry argued and then smiled sadly. "I've told you already. I'm here for you even if it's against everything I believe in."

"I love you."

Harry smiled sadly.

"Now you are just trying to get lucky." He argued and Tom scoffed.

"You can't really blame me. It might have been less than a week for you but it's been half a decade for me. And really? Masturbation while picturing you does not compare to the real thing."

Harry's face turned deep red.

"You need a bath. When was the last time you bathed yourself? Christ! You even stink!"

Tom stood without argument.

"I'll take a cold shower." He agreed.

"That's not what I said." Harry snapped.

"There's no hot water." Tom explained and even if he sounded amused, he was still in mourning.

Harry rolled his eyes.

"Heating charms." The teen offered and Tom frowned. "Really? You don't have that spell yet?"

Harry groaned when Tom shook his head and then guided the older through the simple spell, Tom being the genius that he was he was fast at learning it – understanding very well that he couldn't tell or show anyone else about said spell until it was actually invented. As soon as Tom was in the bathroom, Harry snatched his fingers together and Winky popped in.

"Master Serpens Black Sir."

"Clean the mess that Tom made of the place. Is there a kitchen in this place?"

"Yes, Master Serpens Black Sir."

"Then guide me there. I'm going to cook Tom some food. He needs it."

"Winky will first fetch fresh eatable food. Does Master Serpens Black Sir want anything in particular?"

Harry shook his head.

"I just want to cook him a warm meal." Harry thought about the matter. "Do you know the ingredients to a carrot cake?"

Winky nodded and popped away. Harry started looking through the mess until he found Tom's clothes. Heck! Even his clothes were a mess! Finally he found a clean underwear and black robe – which really looked too much like what Voldemort used on the day-a-day basis. Harry knocked on the bathroom and then entered, side-stepping the mess that Tom's magic had made inside and put the clothes over the basin. Then Winky popped in and set a tower besides them as well.

"Clean clothes and tower, Tom-tom." Harry warned. "Do you need soap?"

Tom was going to refuse but Harry saw him go to grab the flask and realize something.

"Yes. My magic blasted the soap as well."

Harry nodded at Winky, who was cleaning the floor of the bathroom and she snapped her fingers only for a new flask to appear next to the old flask.

"If you need anything else just call. Either me or Winky will come."

Tom nodded behind the shower curtain. Eventually Winky finished – somewhat – to clean the floor of the bathroom so Tom could leave the shower and walk around. Only then she guided Harry to the kitchen that was already cleaned and with the shopping bags on the kitchen aisle.

"If Master gets this bad again Winky will tell Master that if Master doesn't behave that Winky'll tell Master Serpens Black Sir."

Harry nodded.

"Yes, a reminder of a reason to keep a focus will help him stay focused." He agreed as he started cooking and baking. "Did he really hurt you?"

"Not Winky but Nagini. Winky had to bring the snake to Mr Regulus who has been looking over her health."

Harry sighed and nodded, only for the pans and cake moulds to pop up in the aisle as well. He nodded at her and she popped away to go clean the rest of the house. Harry had just finished putting the cake in the oven when Tom entered the kitchen.

"Where did you get those? I tried to use the old ones as a cauldron the other week and melted them up."

Harry snorted – that explained why Winky had popped them in.

"Winky brought them for me. Probably from Reggie's kitchen." He offered and looked up at the older as he used a tower to dry his hair, the white skin for lack of sun, the red eyes and the black robes made him look even more like his older-self. "I'm going to miss your hair."

"What?" Tom looked up from what he was doing. "Did you say something?"

Harry shook his head and returned to the dinner.

"Make sure that you dry your hair or you'll catch a cold."

"Yeees." Tom agreed just like he used-to as a child and teenager and Harry could hear him dry his hair with the tower to the best of his abilities.

Harry accepted the popping in plates that Winky popped in for him – making him wonder what Tom's magic had done with the house's old ones since not even magic could restore them. He set up two plates and then sat with Tom by the aisle as if it was a table in two high chairs.

"So… next year we'll be in an hotel or inn in Albania. Should I bring anything in special? Muggle clothes? Robes?"

"How about the usual Muggle clothes with the outing robe for in case?" Tom offered as he ate and Harry could tell he was starving.

"Just eat. You don't need to act like a Pureblood with a stick up your ass because of me."

Tom looked down at his plate and then up at Harry, who raised an eyebrow. Tom finally started eating less carefully. Winky popped in halfway and refilled Tom's plate as well as set up a tea pot with a mug for each one. Both nodded at her as Harry stood to take the cake from the oven.

"Thank you for all of this, Serpens."

"All you needed was someone that would grab you and help you up from the hole you'd put yourself in." Harry argued. "I can't be here fulltime, but I try my best."

Tom nodded and frowned when Harry set a slice of cake before him.

"I'm not much into sweets, Serpens." He argued.

"It's not sweet." The younger retorted.

Confused, Tom accepted it and took a bite.

"Oh… it's good, thank you."

"I had a feeling you'd like it." Harry agreed with a smile. "Any idea where exactly in Albania?"

"I know that it's in a forest, but if I knew exact location I wouldn't be there by the next year."

Harry snorted.

"A whole new adventure." He agreed. "How much money do you have?"

"I've been using the one I got from the antique store." Tom put in. "I've been saving the 50 galleons that the Black's deposit on our shared account monthly to when you really need it."


"It's not like I've been spending lots of money while living in the Black's holiday houses all over Europe." Tom argued. "Even this place is just one of those many apartments."

Why was Harry not surprised?

"Even so, I have a private account with money already. You don't need to leave me money. Not to mention that my new adoptive parents have money of their own."

Tom hummed but Harry knew that he would still save the money to the best of his abilities. When they finally finished the tea, Winky popped in.

"Bed changed and fixed."

"Thank you, Winky."

"Mister «Reggie» sent lube to be set on Master «Sissy»'s bedside table." Winky added before popping out.

Harry stuttered as Tom groaned.

"I'm going to kill Cousin Regulus one of these years if he keeps hitting on you."

Harry scoffed.

"Why do you think he send us lube?" He argued and Tom shrugged angrily. "Lube is to help Us." Tom raised an eyebrow and Harry snorted. "Cousin Regulus is helping you bed me."

Tom frowned and Harry let him rationalize what he meant, only for then the older's eyes to grow.

"Lube to…?"

Harry nodded.

"He must have realized that we haven't been doing it and that you had been too rough on me. I mean I could only walk during the past week because I can handle pain."

Tom hummed.

"Winky." Winky popped in. "Ask Cousin Regulus exactly how to help sooth it down. I don't want to hurt my Serpens again."

Harry's face turned deep red as the female house elf popped away. Then to his embarrassment a decade older Regulus than the one he had last seen was popped inside the kitchen. He smiled at Harry before he approached Tom and sat on a magic-made stool, starting to advise him on how to proper stretch a lover.

"Okay, I'm out of here." Harry got up and left the kitchen as Regulus snorted.

"Take a warm muscle relaxing shower, Sissy." Regulus offered after him.

Harry groaned but walked to the bathroom. He had agreed to do it again so might as well follow the gay's advice.


Whatever Regulus taught Tom worked because this time Harry barely felt the pain of the over stretching, only the initial burn.

"Serpens?" Tom asked when he managed to speak again after coming.

"Yeah?" Harry asked breathlessly.

"Did I hurt you?"

Harry snorted at what his lover was worrying about. He made Tom leave his back and then showed his own chest.

"Do you think this could happen if I was in pain? Don't you remember last time?"

Tom smiled and leaned forward, kissing Harry. Only for then Harry feel the time-travel portkey start to take effect. The two opened their eyes surprised but there wasn't time for goodbyes. Harry was already leaving and returning to the future.

"That was a close-call." Harry raised his head to find Voldemort with an amused look. "If I remember our second night together well, if I had held back a while longer and I would be finishing it with an empty bed."

Harry groaned and let his head fall on the pillow. Voldemort approached and Harry started feeling the older cleaning him up.

"I left my glasses and wand in the past." He grumbled.

"Antonin Dolohov is already setting up you new glasses." Voldemort offered. "From now on you don't need to worry about sleeping with your glasses on. Your old glasses stay in the past and your new ones stay in this timeline."

Harry nodded and squinted his eyes to look at the older over his shoulder as Voldemort cleaned the mess that his younger-self had been unable to do.

"Was I too rough with you?"

Voldemort looked back and then leaned forward, kissing Harry on his cheek.

"No, my younger-self needed to hear that. He needed to remember that even if you do your best to be there for me that we are not the only person in your life. In the past is easy, it's usually just us. And that had left my younger-self pampered."

Harry snorted and accepted the vial, taking the potion.

"What is this?"

"For the soreness. Trust me, you'll thank me later." Tom explained. "Do you want me to bring you to the bathroom… or will you scream my ears raw again?" He added amused.

Harry frowned confused at what the older meant only to then realize that Tom had yet again come inside him. Harry groaned and let his face hit the pillow.

"When I'll come back in time I'm going to kill your younger-self."

Voldemort laughed.

"I'm sure my younger-self will wish that you would've." He agreed.


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