Hi guys this is my first fanfiction so I hope you like it, it's all about random stuff happening at the show with some spoilers. Hope you like it!

Fastblaze: Hey everybody! I'm your host Fastblaze and the problem is... we really need hosts, at least one would be enough.

(the Dark Forest crashes on top of Jayfeather's herbs and messes them)

Jayfeather: (coming out of nowhere) Hey!

All Dark Forest cats: (to Jayfeather) Nobody cares, old grandpa. Everybody messes with your herbs...

(all the Clans, StarClan, the Tribe of Rushing Water and the Tribe of Endless hunting come up from nowhere and stampedes over Jayfeather's herbs)

Jayfeather: Hey!

Dark Forest cats: And you.

Jayfeather: Yes I knew-wait, what?

(every single cat who knows Jayfeather tramples over him and then destroys his herbs)

Dark Forest cats: (to Fastblaze) We want to be hosts!

Fastblaze: (bored) Line up, boys.

(everybody lines up)

Fastblaze: (walking) Umm... You're too non-Clan cat; we need Clanborns!

(Scourge walks away)

Fastblaze: (continuing walking) You're too... Mapleshade.

(Mapleshade starts fidgeting, and Fastblaze calls the Warrior police who leaves her in a dump)

Fastblaze: (continuing walking) You're too goldie...Wait! Too goldie? (retraces her steps)

(All the she-cats watching the show get her torches and swords and hammers and race to the studio)

(The toms watching the show faint)

(The audience inside the studio gasp; some toms faint; the she-cats grab torches, hammers and swords.)

Everybody: Lionblaze!?

Lionblaze: (makes some poses) Am I too cool to be a host for your studio, dear? (holds a wedding ring in his paw)

(every tom faints; kits and apprentices gasp and more she-cats grab torches, swords and hammers)

Fastblaze: (gasp and then screams high-pitched) She-cats!

(all the she-cats stand around Lionblaze; the lined Dark-Forest cats make space for the she-cats to stand)

Fastblaze: Lionblaze, what I feel for you is the same as this... (gets a giant sword) She-cats attack!

(kits and apprentices watch the fight, which is trampling over Lionblaze, slicing his fur and hitting him with giant hammers)

(Lionblaze dies)

In StarClan...

Bluestar: Nooo! If he dies, he'll come here!

(StarClan screams so much that Lionblaze revives and finds himself on a dumpster along with Mapleshade)

Lionblaze: Hey, babe, you and me tonight?

(Mapleshade starts fidgeting and starts attacking Lionblaze)

Back at the studio...

Fastblaze: (continuing walking to check Dark Forest cats) Nah... Too nasty... Too annoying... Nope...

(everybody except Tigerstar are out)

Fastblaze: (looks at him with serious eyes) Seriously.

Tigerstar: What, babe?

Fastblaze: (screaming) You were a traitor, you killed warriors, you almost destroyed the clans and you killed Firestar!

Firestar: (descending from StarClan) Hey, I'm here!

Fastblaze: (to Firestar; still screaming) Not right now! (grabs PC and throws it to Firestar)

Tigerstar: If you put it like that...

Fastblaze: Get out noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow!

(Tigerstar, by Fastblaze's scream, gets thrown out of the studio becomes deaf and gets snatched by a hawk)

Tigerstar: (being carried by the hawk) You know, this is awkward...

Snowkit: (being carried by another hawk; screaming) Hey? How did you get here? S'all right?

Tigerstar: (ignoring Snowkit's questions) Didn't you die in the first Warrior series?

Snowkit: What?

Tigerstar: What?

Snowkit: What?

Tigerstar: What?

(they continue as they are carried away by the hawks)

Back at studio:

Fastblaze: Well, it's your turn to choose a Warrior cat for host from this list by voting in my poll!

1. Dovewing!

2. Bumblestripe!

3. Jayfeather!

4. Hollyleaf!

5. Crowfeather

Fastblaze: You may as well choose an assistant or anything like that:

1. Briarlight!

2. Ravenpaw!

3. Yellowfang!

4. Mousefur!

5. Purdy

Fastblaze: You can choose (as well) an antagonist and mayor antagonist from the same list (one an antagonist and other one the assistant (minor) one):

1. Lionblaze!

2. Tigerstar!

3. Nightcloud!

4. Breezepelt!

5. Firestar ('cause he doesn't like waffles, OMG!)

Fastblaze: So, that's it everyone. Oh, look the final upgrades are arriving!

Darkstripe: (with a mustache; pretending to be a delivery man) Aren't you a little too young to be buying luxurious upgrades?

Fastblaze: Yes, yes I am. (winks at the audience)

So that's the chapter for today, I hope you enjoyed it. I'll continue when I have my other host, antagonists and assistant.