Hey guys, I have made another chapter 'cause I couldn't wait your votes to come... I got a temporary assistant (Briarlight), host (Dovewing) and antagonists (Lionblaze, assistant Tigerstar). So, hope you like it:

Fastblaze: Hey everyone! Welcome to...

Everyone: Warrior Cats Game Show!

Fastblaze: Today, Dovewing will be our temporary host until you show us who it could be!

Dovewing: (entering the room; waving her paw in the air) Hey, everyone!

(cameras, flashing lights start to illuminate Dovewing from the audience in the studio)

(all toms drool)

(the she-cats slap them and frown)

(the kits and apprentices prepare their popcorn so they're prepared when something awesome/funny happens)

Fastblaze: Woah, woah. That's enough.

(they throw their flashing lights and cameras away)

Fastblaze: So, we chose three judges:

Dovewing: Mistystar!

Mistystar: (from the judge table; waving) Hi everyone!

Fastblaze: Onestar!

Onestar: Hey, babes!

Dovewing and Fastblaze: And your favorite cat...

(lights shine near the last judge's place)

Everyone: (screaming) Hollyleaf! Hollyleaf!

(lights shine on top of Hollyleaf)

Everyone: Hollyleaf!

(cheers and screams heard all around the studio)

Hollyleaf: Hey, it's so great to see you all!

(more cheers and screams)

Dovewing: (whispering to Fastblaze) Since when Hollyleaf became everyone's favourite cat?

Fastblaze: (whispering to Dovewing) Since she went to the tunnels, returned and saved Ivypool.

Dovewing: Oh. Right.

(Fastblaze face-paws herself)

Fastblaze: (screaming) Stoooooooooop!

(Tigerstar returns and gets thrown away, became deaf and carried off by a hawk again; then dropped onto Jayfeather's herbs)

(everyone quiets down)

Fastblaze: Better. We've got judges 'cause we don't only play Truth, Dare, Promise or Kiss! (pause) It's a bit too long. (another pause)We've got to short it...

Dovewing: How 'bout TDPK?

Fastblaze: Nah, we need vocals... I know!

Everyone (except Fastblaze): WHAT?!

Fastblaze: The Game...!

Everybody ''oooooed''.

Dovewing: Great name!

Everybody: Yeah!

Fastblaze: Now continuing...

Dovewing: We should make at least one game for The Game...

Fastblaze: What do you say judges?

Mistystar: Absolutely yes!

Onestar: Nope.

Hollyleaf: Maybe.

Fastblaze: And you cats!?

(everyone nods, even in their dens)

Fastblaze: Briarlight! Spin the Cat-Choose-Inator!

(Briarlight is about to spin until ''the antagonists'' arrive with jet packs)

Lionblaze: Freeze!

(Tigerstar freezes)

Lionblaze: Not you idiot, them! We are the bad guys! (slaps him) Do you understand?

Tigerstar: Yes, sir!

Lionblaze: Whatever. We'll take over this place and make our OWN TV show.

(the she-cats faint)

(the toms gasp)

At the apprentices den...

Apprentices and Kits: GO FASTBLAZE AND DOVEWING! GO!

Back at the studio...

Fastblaze: Why would you do that?

Lionblaze: You hurt our feelings and now, you shall pay!

(everyone gasps)

Tigerstar: We got guns!

(shows them guns)

Lionblaze: And we also have a she-cat attractor so that they like us!

(she-cats gasp)

To be continued...

I don't like cliffhangers either but... it seemed I needed to do it.