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I dreamt of dark skin and blue eyes. Black hair and soft words. A gentle smile and a warm embrace. Love. I was loved, safe, in that embrace. "I'm always here if you need me, Rosie," she whispered and I knew it was true. That she would protect me.

I was woken up by Victoria.

"Rose, wake up. We get to learn about Bella!" Victoria sounded like she had a smile in her voice, but I wasn't having it.

"Tell Fido to leave me alone," I groaned.

I heard a throat clear. "Don't worry, I'm a good puppy." Oh dear god, her voice... it was like... sex vocalized. And, on top of that, brownie points for the pup! She took my joke in stride.

I followed Victoria down the stairs, knowing my hair looked like a mess. I didn't care, honestly. She sat in Emmett's lap, leaving the only seat available next to Bella. I yawned and looked at the seat before shrugging and sitting next to her. She smiled shyly and Alice was bouncing up and down.

"So when were you born?" she piped.

"I was born several thousand years before my tribe was born. It took us a long time to actually find out how to become humans. Or rather, take human form."

My eyes bulged a bit. She... was never human?

"You... weren't human first?" Edward asked, vocalizing my own confusion, but adding his own.

"No. I was born as a normal wolf pup. My siblings and I were but weeks old when..." She closed her eyes, a shudder running through her body. I admit I was worried about her next words. "When Vampires killed our whole pack." I gasped, along with the others, and she kept her head down. "My brother's never knew what they said, but when I learned English I remembered. They said to leave us. That it was a necessary evil. Neither truly wanted to but something had told them. So while my brothers hate your kind," She looked up, meeting each set of gold eyes, her eyes meeting mine last. "I do not. I can't."

"How? How can you not hate us?" Alice looked so upset, like she would cry if she could and I wanted to cry as well. Our race... killed Bella's family... No wonder the pack hated us.

"They were red-eyes, the ones that did that. You're gold eyes. And honestly you have more humanity than I do."

"But you are human... in a way." Carlisle tilted his head. Always the curious one.

"I take the form of a human. First and foremost I am a wolf. No more, no less."

"How did you become a giant wolf, though? You said you were a normal pup first?" Jasper was leaning forward, curious as always.

"My mother appeared to the five of us, in human form, after we escaped. She touched us and when we woke up we were the size of normal wolves, but clearly still pups. After that it took ages to learn that we could become human."

"How did you learn that?"

She chuckled. "My sister, Rebecca, found what we came to call an Imprint. He was a young human, about 23. She found she desperately wanted to be with him. One minute she's a wolf, standing next to me, the next she's a woman. A human woman. So we all learned with her help after that. With this man she basically created the tribe, with us helping her along."

We were all silent again until I just had to ask a question. I reached out to touch her, only to think better of it and only two fingers landed on her arm. I shivered a little when I felt her warm skin, a tingling feeling shooting up my arm. "What's an Imprint?" My voice was soft and she turned to me, eyes gentle.

"An Imprint... Is in a way like a Vampire finding their true mate. It's the wolf's soul mate. The only one they can ever love fully. Sam, my brother, was dating my best friend, Leah. Emily came to visit and in a split second his world revolved only around her. He said everything else vanished. The only love he could hold for Leah was that of a sister."

Carlisle tilted his head again. "Does the Imprint effect the other person?" Where was he going with that?

"Yes. They will feel the pull. Emily felt it right away because she had always found Sam attractive, but never acted on it for Leah's sake. Enapay, a Sioux indian, took time to feel Rebecca's Imprint. For a time, he didn't age. Not until Rebecca learned to. She wanted to grow old with him, and vice versa." I bit my lip. A pull...?

"What kind of shifting can you guys do?" Emmett grinned widely and she laughed.

"My brothers can only go from wolf to human and back."

"What about you?"

She gave a sexy smirked. "Would you like to see?"

We all nodded. She started with a mild shift, I guess. Fuz, bigger muscles, and ears atop her head. Her teeth looked like fangs. We all gasped again and she grinned, showing a lot of sharp teeth.

"That's too cool."

"My other forms rip my clothes." Her voice sobered up some.

"Can you leave the room and come back as one of them?" Alice asked, bouncing again. She nodded and left the room. We heard her take off her clothes and I heard a pained grunt. Soon after I heard the click of claws against the floor. Emmett laughed gleefully, jumping up with Victoria. Alice and the rest jumped forward and I joined them as my pixie sister touched her arm, feeling the fur.

"It's really soft..." She grinned. Surprising my family and the wolf-girl, I stepped forward. I didn't say a thing as I touched her face, petting her muzzle, head and behind her big ears. Her chest rumbled with a purr, the sound coming from deep in her chest. My hand moved to her neck and I couldn't help it. I chuckled a little.

"I guess you were right, Fido. You are a good puppy." I heard chuckles and giggles and she just butted her head against me, just a little. I smiled.

"Can you speak in this form?"

She nodded. "A little." Her voice was even huskier than normal, a scratchy quality to it.

"No offense, Emmy... But god that voice is sexy." Victoria's proclamation made Bella chuckle.

"Do you have other forms?" Esme asked. Bella nodded and became even more beast-like. This form wasn't as beautiful, the fur even thicker, but it looked to be the most powerful. Her arms were longer, beefier. She stepped a little toward me on four legs and I walked forward the rest of the way, happily running a hand through her fur again.



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