So...I was bored and fancied writing something new. I've had this whole phone sex line operator idea for a while and thought I'd give it a try, especially since I need to practice my smut writing for Extinction when it comes to it...

Warnings: Phone sex, dirty talk, masturbation, light bondage?

Erm, yeah, sooo...enjoy!


"Hey, you." Darcy purred, her voice picked up by her ear-piece. It was her normal greeting which made the clients feel more comfortable, more familiar, and more special when they called, even if it was the first time they'd ever done so. It also had a surprising amount of sex appeal to it and made the men feel as if she'd been waiting for them specifically.

"Hey." A gruff, southern drawl sounded in her ear. It was a low mumble, one she didn't recognise – and she was sure she would have remembered it – making her believe that he was new to their sex line.

"My names Kay," Not a completely lie; it was her middle name. "How can I help you tonight?" she trailed off suggestively, making herself more comfortable as she laid back against her sofa, wearing nothing but a over-sized bed shirt and panties, her usual lounging clothes.

It was silent for a moment and she briefly wondered if he had hung up on her before she heard him mutter: "This is fuckin' stupid. Dunno t'fuck I was thinkin'-"

"Wait!" she quickly said before he could hang up, something she suspected he was about to do. It wasn't uncommon for clients to let their nerves get the better of them, and after doing this for two years, she knew exactly how to keep them on the line. "You're just gonna leave me like this?" she forced out a realistic whimper, almost sounding as if she was in pain. "But I need you…" She bit her lip, not because he could see it but because it helped her play her part.

It was silent once again but there was no dial tone, signalling that he was still on the line and the faint sound of him inhaling sharply after she'd spoken let her know that she had caught his attention.

Hiding the smile which threatened to appear, she forced herself to stay in character. "What's your name?" she spoke softly, almost as if she was afraid to scare him off.

"Daryl." He told her after a moment of hesitation.

"Daryl…" she licked her lips, choosing her next words carefully; they'd let her know exactly what kind of role he wanted to play. "Are you gonna 'help' me, Daryl?" she purred again, knowing that this could only go a few ways.

One – he'd hang up, not into the whole 'hero who saves the girl by fucking the shit out of her' routine.

Two – he'd go along with it and she'd be able to find out more about his likes and dislikes which would work to her advantage.

Or, even better, three – he'd more than like it, come out of his shell and have a hell of a time, most likely resulting in her finding herself a new regular.

You see, every man had a kink. Whether it was domination, submission, spanking, orgasm denial, orgasm control…or something more like the role of a hero – although this type of 'hero' was a lot more X-rated than the common version – or even, the role of a villain.

And it was her job to work out which.

When he was silent again, she continued trying to encourage him to get involved. "I'm so hot…feels like I'm gonna burst," she breathed in a voice which always got the men going. "Can you help? Give me the release I need…"

He released a shaky breath. "Damn…"

She felt herself grin, happy to know that she was getting to him and hitting all the right spots. It was her job to learn what they liked and to go the extra mile – anything to earn more money – but for some reason, she found herself actually wanting to do this for him. She wondered… "I'm such a naughty girl, Daryl…"

"Why's tha'?" he questioned hotly.

Think fast… "I couldn't help it," she tried to make herself sound innocent as an idea popped into her mind. "I'm just so horny all the time…I-I couldn't control myself and…" she trailed off, trying her best to sound shamed.

His voice was strained. "Fuck, girl, what'd ya do?"

She licked her lips. "I was in the woods…and started to get wet," she heard him supress a groan. "I just had to touch myself…So I lifted up my skirt," Men loved skirts; quick access. "Pulled my white panties aside…" Since she was playing the innocent, naughty girl role, she thought white would suit best. "And…" she hoped this would help him come out of his shell a bit more. "I-I can't say it. It's too bad…"

He took the bait, his voice rough and filled with lust as he drawled, "Tell me, sweetheart. What'd ya do?"


With his breathing heavy, he said something she really hadn't expected: "Did'ja finger your sweet, liddol pussy? Make ya self cum while leanin' up against a tree?" she heard the sound of clothes ruffling and assumed that he was removing his pants. "C'mon, tell me, dirty bitch. Couldn't even wait til ya got ya self home…"

For a moment, she was taken back. She knew that she would get him to become more confident as the conversation went on but she didn't expect it to happen that quickly, or for him to be that dirty, or that good.

Swallowing thickly, she willed herself to talk, reminding herself that he was meant to be getting off on this; not her, even if her pussy was having other ideas. "I, uh," Fuck, her mouth was dry and she briefly wondered if that was because every bit of moisture from her body was now soaking her panties. "I had to?" she replied weakly, her eyes still wide with shock and her heart pounding in her chest.

Calm the fuck down, she tried to tell herself, you're meant to be a fuckin' professional!

He tutted in her ear. "Not good 'nuff. Wanna know what I woulda done if I'd caught ya?"

Her profession mind screamed 'no', knowing that it was gonna be something hot, and dirty, and she was barely able to hold it together now, let alone if he carried on, but her pussy was screaming 'yes', and apparently – like the majority of men – she was controlled by what was between her legs. "Yes…" she breathed, not really surprised when she noticed how laboured her breathing was.

"Fuckin' dirty…" she could hear the sound of his hand while he presumably wacked off, and for the first time since she'd started this job, the sound sent a shot of lust through her. "I woulda made ya stop," he told her, his voice as harsh as his breathing. "Woulda tied ya hands to the closest tree branch, pulled out my huntin' knife n' cut off all yer clothes, leavin' ya bare." His voice caught in his throat and she squeezed her legs together, knowing that she liked this idea just as much as he did. "I woulda spanked ya ass fer bein' so bad and you'd fuckin' love every second of it."

From the gush of wetness she felt escape her, she knew that he was right. "Fuck…" she whimpered before she could stop herself, her eyes falling shut at the visual he gave her and she briefly thought about how she should really be paying him for this phone call.

"Bet ya'd be fuckin' drippin' everywhere. Down ya thighs…" he huffed out a groan. "Wouldn't be able ta hold back, sweetheart. I'd have ta knell down, tasta ya, fuck ya with my tongue n' fingers…"

Ok, now she'd had enough of holding back; she quickly pulled off her panties before laying back against the sofa again. Sliding her hand down her stomach, she quickly got to work and found her clit, the nub swollen and fully aroused. "Daryl…"

"Ya playin' wit' ya pussy, sweetheart?"

She let out a whimper and told him, "I really, really shouldn't be…" she said breathlessly. "But…I can't stop."

"Good lord." He cursed under his breath. "Ya ain't got a damn clue what tha' does to me."

She didn't want to admit it but… "I'm close."

"Ya gonna cum fer me? Imagin' me poundin' in'ta ya while ya tied up, ain't no way to escape?"

She could feel it building, a ball of pleasure in the pit of her stomach, growing bigger with every passing circle she rubbed into her nub. "Yesyesyesyes…."

"Holdin' ya hips tight…Ya wanna touch ya clit, don't'cha? Ya can't. Gotta cum usin' jus' my fuckin' dick."

Her toes curled, her hips jerking and thighs twitching so violently that it almost put off her rhythm. "Fuck!" she squealed, the ball of pleasure finally bursting and spreading through each limb, her clit pulsing underneath her finger tips as she rode it out. "I…Cumming! I'm cumming!" …Explosions were the only way she could describe the way he'd made her feel.

He groaned loudly, reaching his peak after hearing hers. It was a gruff sound, full of need and want and release…a noise she would always remember. Pure sex. "Fuck, Kay…" he finished with a weaker groan, the closest thing she imagined he could get to whimpering.

For a few moments, the only noise was the sound of their breathing, and then she spoke up, talking before she could really think about it, "If you call again…" she panted weakly. "My real names Darcy."

He huffed a laugh. "Damn right I'll be callin' again."

Heh. Ahem. Anyway...

This might turn into a multichapter fic but no promises because I have a lot of fics and making one more would be a really bad idea...

Thanks for reading!