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An ending and a new beginning

After spending the rest of the weekend with them, Daryl and Merle had to leave. Daryl said he needed to look for a new job, as did Merle, and they couldn't leave it for much longer.

Darcy reluctantly said goodbye. Watching them leave just didn't seem right somehow. Jasmine looked equally upset but promised Merle that she would stay in touch.

It took a whole hour of them being gone before Darcy made up her mind and left her room – where'd she'd been moping – to find her Mom and share the news.

She found Jasmine exactly where she thought she'd be – sitting up at the kitchen counter with a coffee in one hand and a gossip magazine in front of her.

"Mom," she called as she approached, fiddling with her fingers. She had no idea how her Mom was going to take it. "I have to tell you something."

Jasmine glanced up, expression worried. "You're not pregnant, are you?"

Darcy shook her head with a snort. "No, I'm not pregnant," biting her lip, she hesitated for a moment before taking a deep breath. Just tell her already. "I'm…I'm moving out."

Jasmine didn't look taken back like Darcy expected. She didn't even frown, or blink, or show any kind of reaction. And then she let out a laugh. "Took you long enough to decide." Instead of being upset, she sounded amused.

Raising her eyebrow, Darcy could only say: "Huh?"

Smiling, Jasmine stood up and walked over to her daughter before pulling her into a hug. "Baby, I knew you'd do it before even you did." She admitted, pulling away but keeping her hands on her shoulders. "Just seeing you with him…I knew you wouldn't be the same with him gone, and I knew you'd realize what you needed to do."

Darcy licked her lips. "And you're okay with this?" she questioned worriedly. She didn't want her Mom to get lonely without her here.

Sheepishly, Jasmine told her: "Honey, I think we all reach a stage when living with family isn't as ideal as it used to be." She pressed a kiss to Darcy's forehead. "I love you to pieces but…I do need my own space. Now don't get me wrong, if anything happens, you will always have a home with me but – and I mean this in the nicest possible way – it's time for you to grow up and spread your wings."

That wasn't the response Darcy had expected by far but she found that it was the best possible reaction she could have wanted. Smiling, she nodded in agreement. "I'm gonna look for a house near Daryl as soon as possible."

Jasmine grinned. "He's going to be so damn happy! Are you gonna tell him?"

Darcy pondered the question before shaking her head. "Not until the place is mine. I want it to be a surprise."

Jasmine nodded and patted her shoulder before heading towards the couch and lifting the lid on her laptop which sat there. "Shall we start looking?" she questioned with a smile.

Turns out, a house down the road from Daryl's was up for sale. She waited until Daryl was at work at his new job before she went and viewed it with her Mom, not wanting Daryl to see her and figure it out.

It was perfect even with it's little flaws. It would need decorating but that wouldn't be a problem – she was sure Daryl and Merle would help her. She signed the papers there and then because she was so confident about it.

She knew if she wanted to make things work with Daryl she would need to quit her job, something Jasmine understood. But she wouldn't quit completely. Jasmine had the idea hiring others to work for them – that way they still owned the business, still made money but didn't have to do anything that would make Daryl or Merle uncomfortable.

Jasmine was going to take charge of that though while Darcy concentrated on moving into her new home. She got moving vans and did it all during the day when she knew Daryl was at work.

As she stood outside of her new home and waved goodbye to the moving van, she couldn't help but smile as she pulled out her phone and checked the time. Daryl would be driving down this road at any moment since he finished worked a few minutes ago.

Speak of the devil; just as the van disappeared, Daryl's truck came into view and she walked to the end of the path, making sure he could see her as he turned the corner.

She couldn't stop the smile as he double checked before parking the truck in front of her. They had still been seeing each other at the weekends and talking every-day during the week but it still sent the butterflies crazy whenever she saw him.

He parked the truck and hopped out before heading towards her. "Darce? What the hell?" he spoke questioningly as he approached her with a half-smile.

She grinned and threw her arms around his shoulders. He huffed a laugh and wrapped his arms around her waist. "I missed you." She whispered into his neck.

He placed a kiss on the side of her head. "Me too, sweet-girl." He admitted, pulling back. "Not that I ain't happy to see ya, but what ya doin' here? Weren't expectin' ya 'til the weekend."

She couldn't stop smiling. "I'm not gonna be coming down here at the weekends anymore."

He frowned, heart speedin' up as he tried to understand what that meant. Did she not wanna see him no more? "T'fuck you talkin' 'bout, Darce?"

She squeezed his shoulders and stared into his eyes. "I'm not coming down here at the weekends anymore because…I'm gonna be living down here."

He squinted at her for a moment before his eyes moved to the house behind her and that's when he noticed her name engraved on the new postbox standing outside. "Ya…ya really movin' down here to be with me?" he sounded like he couldn't believe it; like he couldn't believe anyone would leave their life behind to be with someone like him.

Her nose tickled as tear started to form. "I can't live without you, Dare." She admitted quietly. "I'm miserable…and I know this is the right decision." Suddenly, she realized that she probably shouldn't have waited until everything was done before telling him. What if he didn't want this? She was starting to panic.

He must have seen it too because he suddenly shook his head and pulled her closer, face buried in her hair. "Can't believe you'd do that." He said softly in her ear. "I'm happy. Real happy. Jus' weren't expectin' it, s'all."

She let out a relieved breath. "Good." She smiled, pulling away and grabbing his hand. "I'm happy too. Now, c'mon, I wanna show you the inside!" she squealed in excitement as she pulled him along.

He huffed a laugh at her, his heart beating wildly and a genuine smile on his face.

That night she laid in her new bed.

It was quiet living on her own and she knew it was something she was going to have to get used to but for now, it kinda creeped her out.

Daryl had left about half hour ago since he had work in the morning, and she quickly jumped in the shower before getting into her P.J's and snuggling into her covers.

She was bored and couldn't sleep, and a suddenly smile lifted her lips as an idea came to her.

Reaching over to the side cabinet, she grabbed her phone and sent Daryl and quick text.

U up?

It was barely thirty seconds later when he replied:

Ya. U ok?

She smiled and rolled her eyes. He was always so worried about her. It was pretty damn adorable.

She quickly scrolled through her contacts and found his number before dialling it and pressing her phone to her ear. It rang once before he picked up.


"Hey…" she smiled, biting her lip. "So…there's somethin' I wanna ask you." She spoke naughtily, a tone he recognised very well.

Huffing a laugh, he replied with amusement: "Wha's tha'?"

She licked her lips and couldn't stop the giggle which escaped:

"What'cha wearin'?"


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