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Chapter One

Everyone was staring. Their eyes judging me. Most were flitting back and forth between me and the single male sitting at the front of the classroom. Ichika Orimura was the males name. He was the only (known) male to ever operate an I.S.

"Eh, Hi. My name is Kennedy Cahill. The Irish Representative. It's, eh, lovely to meet you." I stumbled over the practiced words. The uniform I wore was different from the rest, as it was specially ordered that way. The skirt, though it had the same red, black, and white design was pleated, and the top, very similar to the originals, was more of a single line of buttons blazer. Then of course there was the blue tie instead.

My legs felt uncomfortably bare even more so with the thigh high black socks I wore with the flats. A thigh knife sheath strapped on and hidden underneath the skirt. The uniform was specially tailored to hug my more feminine parts and loose on the, well, boyish parts. My hair was long, mid back length and like most stereotypical Irishmen, it was red, but mine was a deep red. A few loose curls framed my face and my bangs covered one eye, but most of my hair was braided very loosely down my back. One being hidden a single pale grey eye took in my surroundings.

Quickly I scurried to my seat beside England's representative Cecilia Alcott and Frances rep. Charlotte Dunois. They studied me warily. As did most of the class. "Great, she's cute. That means more competition for Ichika." A girl mumbled in front of me.

That made me uncomfortable for two reasons one. The female called me cute and two they assumed I would compete for Ichika.

Maybe I should introduce myself properly, I'm Kenneth Cahill one of two males in the entire world that can pilot an IS. That's all you need to know right now, nothing more.

I watched as Ichika walked to the front of the classroom. "Well, all the suggestions for our class entertainment are all declined." He said as four red options appeared. I couldn't help but chuckle a little at the options, all revolving around Ichika, he's quite popular here isn't he? "Are you stupid or what?" He yelled at the class of girls.

"Who would want to do stuff like that anyway?" He asked. In response multiple girls chimed in on how much the would love to do it and how he was their common property. See this is one if the reasons I choose to come here as a girl, not a boy.

"Cahill-san, you're new here. Would you want to do any of these things with me?" Ichika called. I froze as all eyes turned to me, judging. I felt my cheeks heat up at the attention. "Eh, no Orimura-san. I don't eh— no I wouldn't." I practically whispered shaking slightly in my seat.

If only it was an act. I was actually this shy even as a boy. I was ridiculed by my classmates and even my own family. The only time I was confident was when I was piloting an IS.

He sighed in relief. "See! I need something normal." He told the class.

"How about a maid cafe?" Laura Bodewig called out. She was the German rep. The girl marveled at her idea. "L-Laura." Ichika was shocked. But Laura continued anyway, "I'm sure it's going to be received well. Besides, an eatery will let you earn back the money you spent on it."

Charlotte seemed to think for a second before speaking. "I think it's a good idea." She said happily. "Why don't we have Ichika be either a butler or a kitchen worker?"

"Orimura? As a butler? That sounds great!" Someone yelled excitedly. "What if we wear maid uniform?" Asked another. "I can sew!"

"Well it's decided on the servant cafe."

Ichika sighed, but he didn't disagree. And with that class was over, and I was suddenly swarmed.

"Why wouldn't you want to do those things with Orimura?" Was the question I heard over and over. I shrunk back into my desk, tears welling in my eyes. To many people, too loud! When the first year fell I felt someone pull at the sleeve of my uniform. "Come on." They whispered weaving me through the crowd. Finally I ended up on the other side face to face with Charlotte, Cecilia, Laura, Ichika and another I didn't know.

"Are you okay?" Charlotte asked. I nodded wiping away the tears. "You're a bit shy aren't ya Cahill-san?" Ichika joked nudging me a little. I smiled a little, "Y-you could say th-that. Pl-please call me Kennedy. The h-honorifics confuse me."

"Sure thing Kennedy." He smiled. "Say, since you don't have anybody to sit with at lunch, would you like to join us?" I hesitated a second, why was he being this nice to me? We don't know each other at all. "Sure."

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