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Chapter Five

"Ugh! You insolent girl! You're a disgrace to the family!" My father was yelling again. And it was at Aveleen. Father was the CEO of a major IS company and we had just learned that Aveleen was the farthest from compatible to operate one. An extreme blow to the family.

"Father, no! Leave big sister alone." I yelled jumping in front of her taking the harsh blow of my fathers hands. Her glared down at me, "Tsk, your only a boy, so how are you gonna help…" he trailed off an unrecognizable emotion crossing his face. He smiled wickedly, "Come on boy." He said rough grabbing my arm and dragging me out of the room.

I was dragged deep into the basement, a part of the house we weren't allowed to go. I stared in awe at the hundreds of people working on two different machines. One being close to finished and to other fully finished, but modifications bring made. I knew what these were of course, IS units of the Cahill company.

One of the workers with dark hair and glasses scurried over to us. "Mr. Cahill, what can we do for you?"

Fathers eyes gleamed, "I'd like to see of my son can operate an IS, and if not… we'll make him compatible." He says and let's the other man drag me to the large metal machine. "Well get up in there boy." He says pushing me towards the finished IS. Hesitantly I climb up into the cockpit and slide in. The once dull light shining from the chest area brightened and the IS seemed to come alive just slightly.

Father smiled, "He's compatible, but not enough. I'll leave him with you guys to fix him. I don't want to see him before he can operate an IS in his sleep."

And fix me they did. I was down there and operated on for over six months. At nine years old I was traumatized and had nightmares often. My left eye was taken and replaced with one that could see better, and would some how male the IS respond to me better. Wires were place just under skin of each arm and acted almost like veins, pushing energy through them. Hours upon hours of training led to my tenth birthday. I spent that day working with the IS, making it listen to me.

The next three years were a blur. The Irish military took me in as their new secret weapon. Mission after mission with experiments on me in between became my new life. I rarely saw my siblings, only getting to speak with the two on my birthdays. They were twins and did everything together, so even though they missed me, they had each other. I was often jealous of Aveleen and Brennan.

When I was fourteen the IS academy training started. They would often bring in Aveleen to help me with being a girl. I was taught about every representative that could possibly be attending the school.

They told me that I wanted to make friends with the representatives, and to make myself known I would enter during their second semester.

About a week before I was scheduled to join the student body I tried to deny my fathers wishes. I told him I didn't want to go to the school, that I didn't want to be a pilot. He responded with a glare and a threat. He told me that if I wanted to see the twins alive I would do as he said.

So I went. And that's how I need up in the locker rooms, stuck in a web only to be knocked out with out fight. Three years of military training led to that. Way to go Kenneth.

"I hope she's okay. When Ichika brought her out of the locker rooms unconscious I was so worried, I'm still worried."

Slowly I was coming back to reality feeling the warm blankets underneath me, and the slight dip in the bed where someone was probably sitting. I blinked lightly letting me eyes adjust to the sudden light, and the sudden overwhelming pain in my head. "Three years of military training and you get knocked out by a spider lady, way to go." I groan lightly attempting to sit.

There was a light gasp from beside me right as hands were helping me sit up. Charlotte sat right in front of me, her eyes watching me curiously. "Oh, thank god your awake." Ichika laughed lightly from my left. They were all there. Houki, Ichika, Cecilia, Charlotte, Laura, even Rei. I noticed the Orimura Sensei hidden in the corner as if waiting for everyone to leave.

That's when I realized I was dressed in different clothes, and no one else seemed to be treating me any different. Sensei knew, and she wanted to talk. Great.

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