Elsa pulled the sled to a stop in front of the gate. "I am Queen Elsa, and I'm here to save my sister! Let me in." The group exited the sled.

A man's voice answered her from the other side. "Sorry, on orders from Prince Hans, Princess Anna's fiance, you aren't allowed into Arendelle."

"Wait, wait, wait," Loki said, turning to Elsa. "You're a queen?"

Elsa frowned. "Didn't I tell you that?"

"You said, and I quote, 'my sister and I had an argument during the dance and I accidently shot ice towards her. Then I ran away and built an ice castle,' et cetera, et cetera. At no time did you say it was your dance or that you were royalty." The gears in Loki's head started to turn. How likely was it that the first person he'd run into would happen to be the ruling power in need of his help? This mutual ally-ship could be more beneficial than previously thought.

"Hello?" Kristoff interrupted. "Anna. Dying. Can we cut to the chase?"

Elsa turned back to the door. "Who are you listening to, Hans or your queen?"

"I'll need his permission. I'll have to send a messenger. Wait here," the guard said.

"Elsa, would you be a dear and freeze the crack between the doors?" Loki said. "Right." Elsa's magic responded. Loki grinned. He blew fire into his hands until he had a large fireball in his hands and then threw it at the gate.

The gate blasted open; Elsa and Loki stalked into the city. Kristoff and his deer were just behind them. "I do enjoy a dramatic entrance," Loki smirked. Unlike a certain blond, he knew when to make an appearance and when to take the backstreets.

They marched up to the palace, and the palace guards barred the doors from them. Prince Hans stepped outside of the palace and closed the doors behind him. "Elsa, why have you come here? Isn't it enough that your sister, my beloved, is slowly dying? Leave, before you hurt anyone else. It's for your own protection as much as theirs." A crowd had started to gather.

"I've learned how to control my magic. I swear to use it to protect my people, and I've brought a healer to cure Anna. Let me in," Elsa said. Loki watched the both of them, particularly Hans. He could see the rising fear in Hans's eyes, the tightening of his muscles. Interesting that the prospect of healing his 'beloved' would create such an emotion.

Hans waved a hand to the guards, dismissing them. "You abandoned your people when they needed you. Until Anna's recovery, we'll keep our eyes on you. Oh, and no pets allowed inside the castle," he told Kristoff.

"But he's... my seeing eye... reindeer," Kristoff said.

Hans and Loki gave him mirroring are-you-serious looks. "Are you two twins or something?" Kristoff asked.

Hans and Loki turned to look at each other, disgusted. "Hardly," Hans said.

"That's an insult to my mother," Loki said.

Kristoff sighed. "I'll wait here with Sven. Just go get Anna."

Hans opened the palace doors and lead the group in. "Follow me." He lead them down the hall and into a room. "Please, sit." There was a table in the corner and cushioned seats lining the room, and another door at the opposite wall. "I'll make sure Anna's condition is stable and tell you when she can see you."

"We need to see Anna now," Elsa commanded.

"I understand, Elsa. I want more than anyone to see her get better. But we have to make sure we don't shock her system. We need to make sure she can withstand the healing," Hans said. "I'll send for a doctor and wait with her. Once he's checked her, we'll commence with the healing." Loki fought to keep from laughing. The mortal thought he could fool them? Not while Loki was around.

"I assure you, the healing will be most gentle. She won't even know we're there."

"I have to disagree-"

"You want her to die so you can blame it on us," Loki said.

"Of course not!"

"Then what's inside the inner pocket of that vest of yours?" Loki asked. "Take it off and let's see."

"I don't see what my vest has anything to do with-"

"Fine," Loki snapped, "Then get out of my way." He stalked towards Hans.

"Stay back!" Hans threw the table at Loki. "I'm not going to let you in!"

Loki threw a hand up and tossed the table to the side with his magic. "I won't let a fool like you stand in my way. Did you think you were clever, masquerading as Anna's lover and controlling the city? Could you feel the fire burning through your veins as your jealous greed was satisfied? No, it still wasn't enough, and then you were afraid to have what you had so carefully worked for be snatched away in a single moment. Don't think for a moment you fool me. I can read your innermost thoughts and feelings. I can see you tremble, I can see the sweat break out from your face, and I see a scared little child fearing for his life."

Hans screamed and flew at Loki. He pulled his arm back for a punch, but Loki swung a leg at Hans and kicked him to the side. Loki shot ice at Hans and pinned his arm to the wall. Hans growled and tried to pry his arm free. Hans screamed again and kicked at the table, spit foaming at the mouth.

Loki stepped back and smoothed his hair back. He was very nearly on the verge of losing control of himself. "Elsa, finish restraining him."

"Gladly." She struck his feet with ice and bound his arms to the wall. She walked up to Hans until she was inches away from his face. She ripped open his vest and snatched a poison vial out of the pocket. Her fingers clutched the vial so tightly it broke and spilt to the floor. She glared into Hans. "Don't you ever touch my sister again."

She froze his mouth closed and turned away. Loki walked up to Hans and grabbed his chin so Hans was forced to look at him. "Oh, Hans," Loki said, "if only there was someone who loved you."

Elsa opened the door to Anna's room. She walked over to her sister's ashen face, and her heart squeezed. Anna's eyes were closed as if already dead. Anna's breaths were short and quick. Elsa turned her eyes to Loki, who had entered just behind her. "Can you help her?" she whispered.

Loki held a hand over Anna's heart, and rubbed a thumb across the cold skin of her cheek. "Give me your magic," he said.


"You must give me your trust." Loki turned to Elsa and placed one hand on her hip. He leaned down and pressed his lips to hers. Elsa was surprised at how cold his lips were, so cold they seemed to burn. She pushed herself into him, and then pulled away. Loki took her hands into his, and placed one on Anna's forehead, and one above her heart. He warmed a small fire in Elsa's hand, and then they pushed it into Anna's heart.

"I was once known as the God of Fire," he murmured.

Anna gasped and her eyes flew open. Loki pulled off the hand on Anna's heart but kept the one on her head in place. "How do you feel?" he asked.

"Who are- Elsa! What's going on? When did you get here?" Anna asked, sitting up. Loki dropped his hand and stepped back.

"Oh, Anna, I'm so glad you're okay!" Elsa gave her sister a squeezing hug.

"How did that happen?" Anna asked.

"I was in my ice castle, and I found this guy passed out not far from it. Turns out he can use magic! He taught me how to control it and he healed you," Elsa said.

"Wow!" Anna turned to Loki. "Thanks! What happened to Hans? He told me he his love was all a lie."

Elsa's face darkened. "He's just outside the room. Lucky we caught him in time. He was going to poison you and blame us."

Anna struggled to remove the blankets. "Help me up," she said.

"Are you sure you're alright?" Elsa asked, pulling her sister into a standing position.

"She should be fine," Loki said.

"I feel great," Anna said, stepping away from Elsa. "Let's go take out the trash."

Anna kicked open the door into the other room, and Hans flinched. Anna threw her boot and hit Hans in the head. Anna stalked over to him and put her boot back on. She slapped Hans, hard. "I can't believe I sang a duet with you."

Anna turned away and stalked into the hallway. Elsa smiled at the red handprint on Hans's face. She released him from all her ice holdings, and gave him such a powerful punch that he collapsed to the ground. She glared at his unconscious body. "The slap counts. You were not to touch my sister."

Loki smirked. The sisters were quite the team. He shut the door behind him and locked Hans inside, and then caught up with the two.

They let Kristoff and his reindeer inside the palace, who were overjoyed to see Anna alive and healthy. "How exactly did you magic her back?" Kristoff asked.

Loki smiled; Elsa pinked. "I... I had to transfer my magic to him... through our lips," Elsa said. Kristoff's eyebrows rose, and Anna's mouth fell open.

"You what?" Anna asked.

"I had to! It was the only way to save you."

"Actually," Loki said, wiggling his eyebrows, "you didn't have to kiss me, you only had to trust me. How do you think two sorcerers of the same gender transfer their powers?"

Elsa stared. "I'm going to kill him."

"Actually, that was a lie, too. Sorcerers never fully trust one another. Consider that today's lesson, Elsa. I'm such a good teacher."

"Loki!" Elsa growled, running forward.

Loki backpedaled, still smiling, and then disappeared into thin air. "See you tomorrow, Elsa!"

So, that was a lot of fun to write! Hans didn't flip out the way I originally thought he would, but he did flip table. Super fun. (╯OnO)╯︵ ┻━┻

Also, that was the first kissing scene that I've ever written; it was really nerve-wracking and I have no idea what I'm gonna do now. It wasn't even supposed to happen. I had my idea of what this chapter was, and then Loki came in and was like, 'YOLO.' I finally understand what my friends mean when they say their characters run off and do things without their permission. What did I ever do to you, Loki?

This isn't the happy ending, but a strange beginning. The story will probably be a one-shot; we'll see. At this point, I really have no idea, and I'm not committing myself to anything longer than 15,000 words yet.