Number 4 Privet Drive, Little Winging, Surrey.

Privet Drive was… a nice neighborhood. However, don't let that fool you. The people that lived there are anything but nice. They are greedy and only care about themselves. Even if you are the most respected person on the block, they will still try to find ways to ruin you. That's what happened to the residents of Number 4, Petunia and Vernon Dursley. They had a son, and had just finished putting all the baby gifts in the nursery. They had finally put their little Dudley to sleep, when there was a knock on the door. When Petunia opened the door, she was shocked and angered to see her sister's brat on her doorstep. She realized if she didn't take the brat in, then the neighbors would become suspicious. So she took him in and set him on the table. When the baby opened his eyes, he just blinked up at her. Petunia had to take a step back. 'Those eyes… they're her eyes...'

She noticed an envelope and ripped it open. She sneered as she read the letter.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Dursley,

I regret to inform you that your sister is no longer with us. This is Harry James Potter, and since you are his only remaining family, he was brought to you. I trust you will take care of him. I will pay you for your services.


Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

She was shocked when she finished reading. She obviously knew that the boy was magical. She quickly put they boy in the cupboard and returned the kitchen. She was shocked to notice that on the table was a brief case that wasn't there before. She slowly made her way to the table. She was pleased with the amount of money in the case when she opened it. She would tell Vernon about the brat later. She knew that he couldn't deny being paid. Besides, maybe the child could be of some use...

4 years later…

"BOY! Get up!" yelled a whale like man. His face was beginning to turn purple from yelling as he hit the cupboard door. "I won't tell you again, boy!"

Inside that cupboard, was 5-year-old Harry Potter. He had unruly black hair and glasses. Concealed behind the glasses were bright green eyes. The oversized clothes he was wearing made him look smaller then he was. When he left the cupboard, a tall horse like woman pushed him back in. "Listen brat, the chores better be done by seven. Or else no dinner for a month, understand?!"

He just nodded back. He knew better than to speak. He quickly started to make breakfast. Being so young however, the best he could do was pour cereal. He ended up spilling some milk, which resulted in a slap from his aunt.

"Can you not do anything right? We take you in and this is how you repay us?!" she shrieked. Harry had heard that line many times.

"You should have just died with your no good mother and drunk father!"

Harry flinched at that. He never knew his parents, but even he knew not to disrespect the dead. It just was not right. When everyone, excluding Harry, was done eating he began to clean the dishes and mop the floor, where bits of cereal and milk remaind. His uncle left and took his cousin, Dudley, to school. Harry wished he got to go, but he knew that his family did not want anyone knowing of him.

He began to do the rest of his chores, which were: making beds, mopping, and cleaning the garage. He was halfway done by three. He rushed outside when he saw that his cousin had returned. As he left he heard his aunt cooing at his cousin. 'Why do they hate me? Was it something that I did? Was it something my parents did?'

While he was watering the flowers, Dudley ran out. He immediately started to taunt him. "Hey Potty! Bet you wish you were inside, eating and enjoying the telly!"

Harry could honesty care less. His cousin, however, refused to be ignored, so he started screaming. "MOOOOM!!" Petunia ran out. "What's the matter, my precious little angel?" When Dudley pointed to Harry, Petunia's worry turned to rage. "BRAT! What did you do?!" she shrieked.

"N-nothing! I promise!" he pleaded. Petunia raised her hand, ready to slap the brat who hurt her poor baby. When she lowered her hand, a bright light shot into her palm. "OWW! YOU FREAK! WHAT DID YOU DO?! No, don't answer that! No dinner! For a month!" she yelled. Harry ran into the cupboard, shocked at what he did.

As he thought about what happened, he realized that his hands were slightly glowing. He stared at his hands. 'Maybe I am freak...' He felt tears sliding down on his face. He huddled in the corner, softly crying.