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Jack touched down just outside of a massive red building that appeared as though it was made of candy. He lightly sat Elsa on her feet and looked between her and the building. He finally turned to face her. "Would you be okay if I left you alone? It won't be long, I promise. I just don't think the others will approve."

Elsa looked around nervously, folding her arms against her chest. "Yep, yep totally fine."

Jack didn't look convinced. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah, what's to be afraid of?" Elsa knew the answer to that, but decided not to share it with Jack.

Jack frowned, but agreed and took off for an open window towards to the top of the building.

Elsa decided to wander around a bit while she waited. The wind whipped around her face as her shadow grew. The sky got dark and a chill ran down her spine, and not the usual kind. She felt like she was being watched and spun quickly, shooting a blast of ice as she turned. She saw a form dart to the side just in time as whips shot out and caught her wrists. She opened her mouth to scream but a third whip cut across her face, covering her mouth. It was Pitch.

"Now, now, now, not learning much out here, are we?" Pitch said menacingly as he dragged her toward the building. "I think it's time I send a message and we get the real fun started." He grinned, baring his pointy teeth. He leaned up toward the building, and when he did the whips around Elsa's wrists and face grew tighter as she yelped in pain. They flew in through the window and landed atop a large globe with many tiny, twinkling lights.

Elsa took in the scene around her. She saw five horrified faces, Jack's being the most horrified of all until his expression shifted to unbridled rage. She saw a giant bunny, a large, very hardcore looking Santa Claus, a little golden man with golden sand swirling about his head, and an odd looking bird-woman.

When Pitch realized that they were all staring at her instead of him, he said in a carefree voice, "Oh, this?" He jostled Elsa around as a silent tear rolled down her cheek. "I found her lurking around outside."

"Put her down, Pitch." Jack snarled in a low, terrifying voice.

"As you wish." Pitch slung Elsa across the room as the whip burned across her skin as they finally released her. She hit the back wall of the jolly-looking room with a sickening thud and let out a cry of pain as she slid down, eventually landing in Jack's arms. Her eyes slowly fluttered shut and Jack laid her down on the cool hardwood floor.

"What do you want, Pitch?" Jack yelled, at his wits end.

"I just want to have a little fun, that's all. You know all about that, right, Jack?" Pitch gave a menacing laugh. "The girl is just my newest play thing." Jack shot a blast directly at Pitch's chest, but he quickly disappeared, reappearing right in front of Jack. "I'll be seeing you all again very soon." And with that, he took off out of the window.