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The sound of April's heavy footsteps echoed through the empty corridors of Fugitoid's ship. Tapping out a sharp staccato rhythm in time with her irritation. Letting anyone and everyone know how angry she was. Not that Raph needed any such clues.

He knew she was pissed. He knew why. It was like a natural disaster, April's anger, like a tornado or a hurricane. You can either run or batten down the hatches. On the small ship there were few enough places to hide from a telepath so really all that was left was to wait.

Settling back into his cushion, the closest approximation Fugitoid could find a beanbag chair, Raph lazily turned a page of his comic book.

It wasn't like he was actually reading. The comic books Fugitoid had acquired were nowhere good as anything he had at home, though Raph did appreciate the effort. Despite the sub-par reading materials Raph continued to scan the comic book. He didn't want her to know he was waiting or anything.

It was all part of the game after all.

Head down, Raph kept his eyes on studiously on the pages in front of him. Even at the door hissed open. Even as loud, echoing footsteps made their way in his direction. Even as a pair of white boots came to a halt just at the edge of his peripheral vision.

It wasn't like he needed to look. Raph knew exactly what April looked like standing there. He could practically picture in his mind's eye.

One foot tapping irritably on the metal floor. Her arms crossed firmly, and distractingly, across her chest. A deep scowl plastered across her face. Every inch of her body demanding his complete and undivided attention.

The fact that he refused to give it to her would only serve to infuriate the young woman more. Raph had a temper - oh boy did he have a temper - but so did April and she would break first.

She always broke first.

The silence seemed to stretch on for hours, interrupted only by April steadily tapping foot. Raph counted each tap in his head. Sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, a new record.

Finally she brought it down with a loud stomp and Raph had to resist the urge to smirk.

"So that's how it's going to be huh?" April ground out through clenched teeth.

Raph merely licked his thumb turned a page, knowing his nonchalance would do nothing to cool her ire. If anything it would stoke the fire already burning in her eyes.

"I don't know what you're talking about," he replied with practiced innocence.

The low growl that ripped its way out of April's throat sent a shiver of pleasure down Raph's spine as he pictured her expression. Her clenched teeth. The deep red flush spread across her cheeks making each freckle stand out in sharp contrast. The heaving of her chest as she struggled to keep her frustration down.

There was something satisfy knowing that he had this power over her. That only a few words from him could do this. That he was the one to break her composure so thoroughly, so completely.

"So what?" April snapped. "You're just going to go start making out with whatever alien girl twitches her tail in your direction?"

The sudden shot was almost, almost enough to make Raph look up. Still, he managed to keep his expression blank though his heart gave an uncomfortably loud thump.

It was unusual - though not unheard of - for April to jump right to the point. Normally, they would beat around the bush a bit longer, banter back and forth. An appetizer for the real argument began.

He must've really gotten to her this time.

"Like you're one to talk," Raph snorted, turning another page.

"Excuse me?"

Finally, Raph could take no more. He lifted his gaze to meet hers, sending a flat stare in April's direction. She looked every bit as flustered and foul tempered as he predicted.

It was all too perfect.

"You kissed my brother," Raph drawled lazily, though the words had a bit more bite than he'd intended. April and her hypocrisy had caused something deep in his chest to stir.

Now that she finally had his full attention, April's hands began to fly. Swinging through the air almost violently, punctuating and emphasizing as she spoke.

"At least I'd known him for more than a day," April snapped back, though her flush deepened. "Plus I didn't do in front of everyone. I mean what? Did you think it made you seem cool or something? More like desperate if you ask me."

Adrenaline sang sweetly through Raph's veins, rushing over him like a wave and warming his extremities.

The slow build up was always the best. Like banking a fire, then watching it turn into a roaring blaze. They were natural disasters, the both of them. If April was a hurricane then Raph was a forest fire. Ready to raze the world to ash if it even looked at him wrong. Once the fire was started, the only thing to do was let it run its course and Raph was ready to burn.

With a loud snap Raph slammed his comic book down, more for show then out of any actual anger, and surged to his feet.

"Yeah, well, nobody asked you." He shouted, pointing a thick finger at April."And, news flash Princess, I wasn't the one who wanted to keep this secret. It was you who said we shouldn't tell anyone about… whatever this is. You never said you wanted to make this exclusive."

Most people, in the face of Raph's anger, would back down or at least move back but not April. Never April. She merely leaned forward, using her height advantage to smack his finger away as she glared down at him through narrowed eyes.

"I didn't see you arguing," she retorted with a scoff. "Like you wanted to be the one to tell Donnie, Mr. I'd Rather Punch Something and Talk About Feelings."

She wasn't wrong. Somewhere in the back of his mind Raph knew that.

He didn't want to tell his brothers, any of his brothers but especially Donnie, any more than she did. But to have her mention his name, to say those words like she had the right, was enough to send him reeling as though she'd slapped him. He wanted to hurt her. Hurt her like she'd hurt him. Like lying to his family hurt him. Like keeping them a secret hurt him.

"Mona doesn't seem to mind." Raph hissed. "Just another way she's better than you I guess."

As soon as the words left his mouth Raph instantly regretted them.

For a split second something crossed April's face. Maybe it was hurt. Maybe it was hatred. Whenever it was, it was gone just as fact, leaving a familiar stormy fury in its place.

For once Raph knew he'd gone too far, crossed a line, and in doing so changed their game in all the worst ways.

They fought. Their relationship, a word Raph used only in the safety of his own head, was comprised almost entirely of fighting and making up.

But the fighting was only an excuse. A shortcut to get to the making up. The only way he could touch her around the others without arousing suspicion. A way to get his blood pumping, to bring that flush her cheeks. Making their emotions run higher and hotter until they eventually collapsed into each other dying suns.

Their fights never had teeth though. All feigned jabs and fake blows. A show for some invisible audience as they circled each other, waiting for one of them to break.

This was different though. This was terrifyingly real in a way he rarely liked to think about.

Given the circumstance Raph wasn't sure what scared him more. The idea that what he and April had was something – that it was important somehow - or the fact that he might have destroyed it forever.

Worst of all Raph had absolutely no idea how to fix any of it.

Apologizing was not an option.

Even at the best of times apologies came slow to Raph, clumsy and awkward and almost always wrong.

Between him and April there were no apologies. There was simply no room for such soft things as regret or gratitude. To do so would be to admit this was more than just letting off steam. Anything he said now would only make it worse.

It was almost a relief when he was finally freed from the burden of decision. April surged forward in a flash of movement, and for a moment Raph was sure that she was going to hit him. But her hand moved past his head, slamming hard against the wall behind him. Boxing him in between her warm body and cold metal.

Using his distraction April grabbed the back of his mask and jerked hard, forcing his face upwards.

As her lips crushed against his, Raph felt a flood of relief. His hands moved almost instinctively to fist the yellow material of her spacesuit as he tried desperately to pull her closer.

He recognized this. He was good at this. While Raph wasn't sure why he was back in familiar territory he would use whatever advantages he could get.
With April's hands occupied keeping him in place Raph was free to use his hands to explore. Her curves were familiar even through the spacesuit's synthetic fabric. Distantly, Raph missed feel soft cotton under his hands.

Yet another thing the Triceratons and their black hole generator had taken.

As though sensing his wandering mind April lips skittered away, chasing some unseen path across his cheek, then his chin, eventually fastening on Raph's neck.

Hard as he tried Raph couldn't follow, not with her hand gripping tightly at his mask to keep him in place. Even as he tried to pull her up, to return her lips to his, all he got in return was a throaty laugh as she continued to kiss across his neck with renewed vigor.

There was a flash of teeth, little more than a tiny nip, a teasing sliver of what he really wanted. Unable to stop, Raph's jaw hung loose as a ragged groan forced its way up his throat. Before the sound could even finish though April's insistent mouth was already there, swallowing his groan with a smirk that Raph could feel.

He had no time to think too deeply on it as April's tongue danced across his lower lip. Pulling it none to gently between her teeth she nibbled roughly, eliciting yet another groan. As Raph tried desperately to push back, to deepen the kiss, April shifted away. She stared deep into his eyes, suddenly full of patience where he had none.

It was only when he allowed her to tug his head back to rest against the wall that her mouth returned.

This was April's show and she wanted him to know it. With her hands at his head and her body pressed flush against his own it almost felt like she was caging him in, her body acting as restraints. She was in control and loving every minute of it. Somehow the idea didn't bother Raph as much as it probably should have.

So, rather than think too much about it, it seemed that the best recourse would be to even the playing field a little. Slowly he managed to edge his hands between their bodies. A tight squeeze since April seemed to have little desire in making it any easier.

Eventually he managed to catch hold of the tiny metal tab resting just below her collarbone. It was one of the few good things about that stupid spacesuit. A pleasant distraction when he allowed his mind to wander during Leo's long winded speeches. A delicious temptation even at the most inopportune times.

As he began to unzip it became abundantly clear that April had forgone her usual undershirt. Much to Raph's unending pleasure. All it took was the feel of her skin under his fingertips and suddenly Raph's whole body was on fire.

Almost as though they had a will of their own Raph's hands traveled up and down April's sides over and over again, reveling in the feel of her silken skin.

It was when April shifted her leg though, that Raph truly fell apart. Nudging her knee between his legs she trailed a slow path up his inner thigh.

Raph tried his best to keep it together, tried to keep her from seeing how much she was affecting him, but the sensation was too much. As her knee pressed firmly against the base of his plastron Raph could hold himself back no longer. A loud moan, filthy and desperate even to his own ears, echoed through the empty room.

Distantly he tried to recall if April had closed the door when she'd come in but it was a passing thought. None of it seemed to matter anymore in the face of his mounting desperation.

Even as April's grip on his mask loosened and Raph's head dropped heavily to her shoulder as he struggled to breathe normally. The insistent pressure of fogging his mind until all that mattered in the world was April's talented mouth and the press of her body against his.

In that moment he would have given anything, promised anything, for more. More lips. More skin. More pressure. Just more.

It was also the exact moment that April slipped back, stepping easily out of his grasp. The suddenness of it all left him stumbling as his jelly-like legs tried to recover from her loss of support.

With a haughty sniff, as though she hadn't just had her tongue in his mouth, April began to straighten her clothes. With an almost business like air she zipped up her jumpsuit, tugging free some imaginary wrinkles for effect, and tidied her hair.

"Sorry," she said breezily, tucking a stray lock back into her ponytail. "I forgot we weren't exclusive."

Raph knew exactly what she was doing and as the fog began to lift from his mind he cursed her for it.

She was still playing their game. A tiny part of him whispered that just this once he could surrender his dignity if it meant getting a happy ending, but Raph stomped it down hard. If she wanted to play then fine. He'd play.

"Come on April." Raph wheedled. It wasn't a whine but it was closer than he would have liked. "Don't be like that."

For a split second Raph was sure he saw a flash of indecision cross April's face but it was quickly replaced by a smug grin. Tossing her hair over her shoulder April flounced out of the room.

Raph felt a twinge of disappointment, but it looked like this round of the game was over. He certainly wasn't going to beg. It would not only be pathetic but downright unsportsmanlike. As a consolation he allowed his eyes to wander south as he watched her go.

Damn, he really did miss those shorts.

"By the way," April called over her shoulder, catching his stare but choosing not to comment. "It looks like I found at least one thing I'm better at then lizard girl."

With one last smirk she was out the door and gone. Raph could hear the sound of her footsteps growing softer and softer. No longer heavy with anger, though he liked to imagine they were heavy with some other feeling. It felt like winning.

Still, the cost of winning was high and it was a long while before Raph was sure his legs would hold him again.

Long moments of leaning against the now warm metal wall and meditative breathing. Sensei would not have been pleased that the technique was being used for such a purpose but fortunately Sensei would never know.

Finally, Raph was able to make his way back to his cushion. Gingerly he sunk down, wincing as he tried to resettle into a more comfortable position. No position was particularly comfortable but there was very little he could do about it at the moment.

Picking the comic back up Raph opened it to a random page. Staring blankly at the colour-filled pictures a tiny smirk began to twitch at the corners of his mouth.

The waiting was always the worst part but eventually April would be back.

She always broke first.