I shouldn't be making more new stories but I couldn't resist now that AmI has a ton of ongoing stories right now - I want to join in. xD I hardly watch the news so I apologize if the news part sounds unconvincing and if anyone has a better serial killer name for Fliqpy, then I'd be happy to hear it. c:

To make it clear for anyone wanting to know...the Fliqpy/Flaky is completely onesided on Fliqpy's side...the only one with real romance is Splendid/Flaky though there will still be Fliqpy/Flaky scenes of course.


Stirring the brush within the narrow tube to coat it in shimmering gloss, Flaky parted her lips as she pulled the stick out of the tube to layer the gloss along her full lips, crimson eyes squinting at its reflection in the mirror to make sure that it's layered on perfectly. Wiping the edges to get rid of the stray bits, the redhead tucked her lips in to rub them together and spread the lip gloss evenly.

Backing up and staring at herself in the mirror, the teen began to wonder if she should put on other make up; maybe it would impress him if she did. After a couple seconds of contemplation, she eventually shook her head and just settled on the lip gloss - he did say that he likes her natural look, unlike all the other girls at her school.

Her attention then drifted to her outfit. A simple beige colored t-shirt and black shorts along with her black knee socks. Her hands drifted self-consciously down her sides, debating on whether or not she should just borrow her mom's black dress or not, it would certainly help her to fit in - considering that Giggles and Petunia always wear dresses.

She soon shook her head, sticking to what she's already wearing. It's better to wear something she's comfortable in, instead of something she's not.

Now the last thing to do was her long hair, which she sent a half hearted glare in the mirror. It was always so complicating to figure out what she wanted to do with it. Grabbing her brush and ripping it through the unruly strands, she tried her best to brush out whatever dandruff flakes she could, though they were numerous and near impossible to get rid of; it didn't hurt to try.

And just like her outfit and make up, the teen decided to go with something simple and casual: a ponytail. Only leaving a few strands and her bangs to curl around her face, Flaky confined the rest to the back of her head with her scrunchy.

Lower lip sticking out in a pout, the redhead twisted her head from side to side. Constantly scrutinizing her look and worrying if it's good enough or not. She finally released a deep sigh and emerged from the bathroom that she had locked herself in to rush to the living room.

Jumping in front of the tv and blocking the screen, Flaky took a nervous breath; ignoring the fact that the male on the couch tilted his head to the side to try to peek around her to resume watching his show. "So...do you think I look okay?"

He paused in stretching his neck to blink up at the female with the face identical to his. One of his hands reached up to scratch his scalp, oblivious to the dandruff being disturbed and drifting off to the floor as his crimson eyes looked her up and down. "Yeah...you look okay. It's basically the way you always dress." He finally answered.

Her pout deepened, hands balling into fists as she stomped her feet lightly on the ground. Her twin wasn't much help in the giving her confidence department. "Flaaaakes, that doesn't h-help me! Is it good enough for the party?"

His neutral face soured at the mention of the so called 'party' that she was going too. "Are you sure that you want to go to that party? I mean those two preppy girls aren't exactly what I would call friends."

Her shoulders slumped at that. "B-but they're Splendid's friends-"

"They're his friends girlfriends. Not his friends by choice."

"Well, that shouldn't matter-"

"So, don't you think it's a bit suspicious for those two airheads to invite you but not Splendid himself?" Flakes argued, he really wasn't trying to be mean - in fact, he rather avoid arguments whenever he could; but the last thing he wants is for his sister to get hurt.

Splendid himself has proven to be a perfectly sweet boyfriend that would do anything for his timid sister and Flakes just could not gather why a surprisingly sweet guy like that would hang out with a bunch of jackasses and bitches. Then again, the guy did like to try to see the good in everyone. Whatever good Splendid sees in his group is beyond Flakes however.

But still, it seems that Flaky was desperate to get along with her boyfriend's gang. "T-they said that he's too nervous to ask me to go, so they did it for him."

He cocked a brow at that, corners of his lips twisting down into an unconvinced frown. "Seriously Flaky? Splendid nervous? When has that guy ever been nervous of anything?"

"B-because it'll be my first time going to one of these parties and they said that he's nervous to bring me and suggested that I surprise him by showing up without telling him." She mumbled, wringing the bottom of her shirt with her fingers.

Staring at her for a few seconds, Flakes eventually heaved a deep sigh, combing his long fingers through his bangs. For someone so soft spoken, his sister was actually extremely stubborn and hard to change her mind when she wants to do something. "I still think it's fishy...so just please be careful and stay safe. And call me if you need anything."

Shiny lips turning upwards into a soft smile, the redhead nodded to her brother, taking a seat next to him to rest her head on his shoulder. She still had about an hour until the party anyways. "Thanks Flakes...so what were you watching?" His arm draped lazily around her shoulder as he stared at the screen with lidded eyes.

"Eh, just the news, I heard from school today that there were more murders and wanted to see if it's true. But so far nothing has come..." His voice drifted off, the both of them staring at the screen with interest when the news woman suddenly began to talk about the subject that Flakes was talking about just seconds before.

"Now onto pressing matters, we have just been informed about another string of murders commited from what has been assumed last night.

As we have said before, this is the first time in our town's history that we have had murders of this caliber, with the murders always being commited to not just one but numerous victims at once with absolutely no evidence or survivors left behind each incident.

Police has investigated the sight of the most recent murders but once again they still have no evidence of who could possibly be behind this brutal slaughtering of our once peaceful town. Until they can get a clue on who could be behind this, police has encouraged people to be careful when going out to events, parties, anywhere where there would be large groups of people gathered seeing as those are the type that the suspect appears to target.

Until the police can get an idea on who might be behind this, people have dubbed the murderer as this:

The Tree Town Killer."