Mariana got the baby to the glass so all of the family could see her. She was so tiny and perfect. Nurse came to tell them that Ana can recive visitors and that it's time to take baby to her.

''Can we take it to her? We are her older children.''

Nurse was surprised to see Jesus and Mariana and see Ana's age…

''She was barely sixteen when we were born…''

''I see the difference is big…''

''Yes, but this time she will do a better job…''

''Sure, surprise your mom with the baby…. Room is 603.''

''Thank you…''

Mike and the rest entered first. Ana's three babies came later. She was very glad to see them smile. It meant that the baby is ok. Lexy told her that the baby is perfect and Callie and Brandon thanked her for another member of the family.

''Mariana and Jesus are not here? Is she still angry at me?''

Mike smiled at his wife.

''She is busy at the moment.''

''I expected too much… I believed she would forgive me…''

''Ana, relax, it will all be ok…''

Door opened and the nurse pushed in the crib. Ana was trying to see the baby…

''Where is the baby?''

Before she could answer, Jesus and Mariana got into the room.

''Your three children are here…mom…''

She smiled at them…and started crying because Mariana told her mom. She never called her like that. They gave Ana the baby and that was the first time she saw her.

''She looks like Jesus when he was born…''

''So, we have garaties she will be hot when she grows up…''

''Hey, I am hot too…''

''Just tell that to yourself…''

Mariana smacked him on the arm and he hugged her.

''I hate you Jesus…''

''I love you too…''

Ana was looking at the baby and then at her extended family…

''She needs a name…''

''Jesus and I have suggestion…''

''Oh, let's hear it?!''

''Alexandra Victoria…''

Mike looked at his wife that was repeating the name and looking at the baby…

''No, maybe if we reverse it… Victoria Alexandra…''

Mariana smiled…

''Works for us too…''

Callie smiled at her siblings and Lexy was silent. Jesus came to her and took her hand.

''It's time for you to officially meet… This is my mother Ana Foster and this is my girlfriend Alexandra Rivera…Lexy…''

''Nice to meet you…Would you like to hold her?''

Lexy looked at Ana and at Jesus… He nodded and she took the baby…

''My son must love you very much if he named his sister after you… Should I dare and ask who is Victoria?''

They all expected an answer, but Ana looked at Jesus…

''Oh, no! That's Mariana's answer to give… I have nothing to do with it…''

''Victoria is… Well… I am sort of dating a girl…''

''Oh… And her name is Victoria?''

''Middle name…''

''What is her name?''


''Can I meet her?''

''You want to?''

''Sure… If my girl will carry her name and she makes my other girl happy, I want to get to know her….''

Mariana promised that she will bring Carmen to Ana as soon as possible. Callie took the baby from Lexi and she and Brandon stood in the corner with her completely taken by the perfection little baby was. Tiny human was so captivating that part of them really wanted one as soon as possible. Brandon took picture of Callie and the baby and sent it to the Quinn family. He looked at the clock and realized they were really behind with all the things they had to do.

''It was amazing to share this with all of you, but we must go. We have so much to do…''

Callie gave baby back to Mariana and they left. Robert and Jill sent Mike and Ana flowers and a lot of gifts. They promised to come and see the baby as soon as they return form the holiday. Callie sent the picture with the baby to Lena and told her that she and Ana are ok. Lena responded that the baby is beautiful and that she hopes Ana took it well. Callie and Brandon had just more than three hours for their shopping and they had to rush. She needed new bathing suit and he also needed some beach stuff. When they got home, Quinns were in the garden having some dinner. There were two plates for Callie and Brandon and they joined them.

''I see you had a very busy day… How are Ana and the baby?''

''They are good. She will recover well and the girl is perfect.''

''I am glad. Now I feel sorry for leaving so early in the morning so we can't see the baby…''

''Oh, you will see a lot of it. My dad will send million pictures. He already sent about twenty to some people and she was just few hours old…''

Robert and Jill laughed.

''Oh, parenthood, that is some sort of special madness…''

Sofia looked at her parents.

''Did you do the same with me?''

''Not right away. You and I were separated at birth. You had to be in the neonatal care and I was not recovering well. I saw you after a week, but you were perfect. Robert was with you every day during the hours of visitation. I couldn't move, but he was telling me how perfect you are and how much you progressed during that day. When I finally got you, I was so happy and frightened… You were better, but still so small compared to other babies. I was so scared I would somehow do something wrong…and sort of brake you…''

''Were you scared?''

''Of what?''

''Having a baby…''

''Yes, but it's always scary… Your life belongs to that tiny person. And no decision you make in life is anymore only about you.''

''I am not sure I would ever want it…''

''Honey, you are way too young to think about it…''

Callie and Brandon exchanged looks. Maybe Sofia was really pregnant. She wouldn't be the first teenager to lie about it… They soon left the table to pack.

''See you later or maybe in the morning.''

''Have a good night. At three in the morning we leave the house.''

''Ok. See you…''

They got their bags in the house and Callie took out their suitcase to pack them. Knowing Robert and Jill, they had to have few formal things to put on and the rest was just comfortable and nice beach things. They were packed in less than two hours and the rest of the evening was theirs. They cuddled up on the sofa and just watched some TV.


''Yes B?''

''What will you do with Sofia news? Ana giving birth was a bit distraction from what you wanted to do…''

''I can't do it now… I will try to find some time in Hawaii to be alone with her.''

''I just hope it all turns out ok…''

''Me too love.''

They continued to watch the movie and after it ended, Brandon washed the plates and glasses from dinner and Callie went to get ready for bed. When B got to bed, she was already deep in her book. A book warm she was, she was already on her fifth book since school ended and he loved how excited she would get with the new plot and stories. When Brandon came to bed he took his wife's book away and placed it on his nightstand.

''Hey, I was reading that!''

He turned towards her and smiled.

''I know!''

''Give me my book back!''

''No, Mrs. Foster…''


''No, you should sleep. We get up in few hours…''

''I can't… I am excited…Two weeks on a nice beach… Far from all the Stef crap and the uneasy feeling when she is close…I can't wait…''

He smiled at her.

''I love you Callie…''

''I love you too B..''

They kissed and she forgot about the book and all the things other than her husband and beloved lover. They did manage to get an hour or something of sleep and Callie was not happy when the alarm started to ring.

''Nooooo…. I want to sleep some more…''

''We'll sleep on a plane or in the cab…''


She turned towards her husband and kissed him.

''Good morning love…''

''Good morning… Go and shower and I'll make us some coffee..''

''YES! Coffee would be amazing.''

She took a quick shower and got dressed and he started coffee and prepared their travel mugs to pour the rest of the pot. Their flight was around eleven, so they had about seven hours to be awake. Callie came back in red two piece and red flats. Her hair was wet and curly. Brandon loved her like that. She looked so sweet and sexy at the same time. That was her ''thing''. She was trapped somewhere in between very sexy woman and a child.

''Go and shower… We are leaving soon…''


During his shower, she poured coffee in their mugs and traveling mugs. She also made them something to eat. They still had about twenty minutes before they had to leave. They had breakfast and watched something on TV when Robert came to tell them that the car would be there in a few minutes.

''Ok. I'll do the dishes and Brandon will take our things outside…''

B did what his wife told him to and Callie locked up their house when she got out. Her excitement was growing by the moment. Hawaii… Being in the foster system she never imagined being there and living the life she has now. She has a father, her real father who loves her, she has sister and amazing step mother, a lot of money, her own pool house and she was married to Brandon. Life was good for her and it was something that scared her sometimes.