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Prologue***November, 1952***

"Your sister looks beautiful."

My mother's voice sounded softly in my ear as she took a seat in the chair next to mine.

I nodded, watching as my baby sister, her eyes shining, swept past us in Paul's arms, sharing this, their first dance as husband and wife.

"Your father and I still wish they'd waited another year or so to get married. Frances is so young…" My mother's voice trailed off then; no doubt she had noticed the way Franny and Paul were lost in one another's gaze.

So much in love...

Mom sighed. "Ah, but you know your sister. Headstrong and impulsive that one… No one can tell her anything." She giggled, sounding so carefree, more like a schoolgirl than the grandmother she was.

It was a nice change to see her this way. Maybe now, with this wedding behind us, life would return to normal. Our home had been in complete disarray for months while preparing for today.

Just as it had been earlier this year for Laura's wedding, and last year for Alice's…

I looked down at my lap, picking at the nonexistent lint on my satin skirt.

It was official. All my sisters were married now, and I … wasn't. And it didn't appear as if my status as a single woman would be changing any time soon.

Twenty-five isn't that old…

So why then was I the recipient today of so many sympathetic looks from our friends and family?

Probably because all of my sisters married before the age of twenty-two…

I'd been a bridesmaid a total of four times and had yet to be a bride…

"Bella, smile," Mom whispered. "If not for yourself, then smile for your sister." She leaned in to kiss the side of my head, still whispering. "Your day will come mo stór."

She sounded so sure of herself. I only wished I could share her confidence.

I took in a shallow breath before forcing myself to smile, "Thanks, Mom." I whispered before grasping her hand, tears threatening.

It wasn't that I was envious of Franny, or of any of my sisters for that matter. Goodness knows I didn't want any of their husbands for myself.

No, there was only one man for me, and despite the fact that I hadn't laid eyes on him in over two years; he would forever own my heart.

I blinked the tears away as I took comfort, remembering his parting sentiment in each and every letter; "All my love, Edward."

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