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* Unusual request*

Headmaster's office, Hogwarts, GB

Dumbledore was sitting at his desk looking through the window, enjoying the summer breeze so common in the Scottish highlands during the season, while patiently waiting for his guests to arrive. Stroking his beard he looked back inside, his gaze skimming over the shelf of various silver instruments, lingering on two in particular. With a slight smile the headmaster opened the letter he had been fanning himself with – the letter that was the cause for today's meeting.

There was a slight noise from down below signaling the arrival of his guests. Smiling slightly Dumbledore put the paper on the desk in front of him and straightened himself in his high chair.

Just before he expected a knock he made a casual looking wave with his hand and with his strong voice said "Enter."

The door opened and revealed a strict looking older woman who pursed her lips in slight annoyance. She was followed by three strangers who inclined their heads in greeting. Two of the strangers that were dressed in what was certainly a uniform held back half a step, allowing the third guest to speak. The leader of the group was a huge man well over six feet with a mane of spiky white hair and red markings under his eyes. Dressed in green and vibrant red he stood out of the trio.

"Good afternoon! As professor McGonagall surely told you I am the headmaster Albus Dumbledore. Welcome to Hogwarts" he greeted the group with a twinkle in his eyes.

The oldest of the trio grinned "Good afternoon. Indeed she did Dumbledore-dono. I'm Jiraiya of the Sannin, the ambassador from Konohagakure no Sato. My companions are the Clan Head of the Uchiha clan Uchiha Itachi, jounin of Konoha and Uchiha Saeko, chuunin of Konoha."

The headmaster's gaze turned to the youngest visitor and the only woman. Girl more accurately. She was tall for her age which Dumbledore knew to be 11 and serious looking. Dressed in a dark blue uniform with a light green vest she calmly returned his gaze. Her youthful face was marred by a long scar that started an inch up her eyebrow and extended to the middle of her cheek, thankfully skipping her eye. A long braid of charcoal black hair brushed her waist while her bangs were held at bay by a piece of metal on a long black cloth. The girl held many similarities with the last member of the group which he presumed to be her brother.

The Lord Uchiha had smoother hair than his sister, tied in a small low ponytail and a sharper and more angular face. He was dressed identically to Saeko only with his uniform´s vest being a darker shade of green.

"Nice to meet you both" the headmaster said with his usual twinkle, "So this is the young lady that wishes to enter Hogwarts? How do you like the castle?"

Saeko arched her eyebrow but answered promptly "It is quite beautiful, it reminds me of our Daimyo's palace. It is certainly a different than usual style, western I guess. But I'm obviously more interested in the education the castle might offer. Oh, and the library!" At the last sentence the young girl abandoned her stoic attitude and looked positively giddy.

The headmaster smiled and professor McGonagall relaxed, taking on a softer look. Meanwhile Jiraiya rolled his eyes, grinned and said "Nerd!" Itachi remained stoic but finally a corner of his mouth jerked upwards a little.

Dumbledore chucked "Well, who are we to deny a young student's education. But you must understand our curiosity as to why. Why Hogwarts, why even come to the British Isles at all – it is well known that eastern wizards tends to isolate themselves. This goes twice for you ninjas. I know you already talked to the Ministry about it but as you are well aware, school's admissions are entirely my jurisdiction."

Jiraiya nodded "Of course. Well the first question is for Saeko-san to answer. Saeko-san here asked permission from Hokage-sama to apply to Hogwarts, she is a bit of a knowledge hound and since she finished her education in Konoha he agreed. If Saeko-san has the ability to do magic it would be a shame not to learn it. She would be more of an asset for Konoha with this added ability."

The headmaster frowned at the explanation, as did McGonagall but before they could say something Lord Uchiha spoke for the first time "My sister has a dream, an ambition and that is to become Hokage, the leader of Konoha. She already mastered shinobi…. magic and made a name for herself. Mastering your kind of magic would be quite a feat and it might be what would tip the scales in her favor when the time for the new Hokage comes. That aside I would wish for her to enter for a simpler reason – Saeko is hailed as a prodigy back home, a genius. Our father pushed us to succeed at every cost so she graduated from the academy at 7, made chuunin at 10, far sooner than normal. You know what our work entails, I would wish for Saeko to have a more normal childhood, one more appropriate for her age while also enabling her to achieve her dream."

All the eyes in the room were turned to Itachi who once didn't lose his stoic attitude and stone face. The Brits were surprised but could see where the elder Uchiha was coming from.

The girl smiled slightly "My childhood was and is just fine but I could use come calm and less missions every now and then." Turning back to the bearded professor she said "But the rest was correct. Back home we have this legend about the originator of magic, the Rikudou Sannin, the Sage of the Six Paths. According to the story his sons inherited only parts of his vast magic, being the forefathers of different branches of the art. The biggest split was between the East and Western magic. The Uchiha were said to direct descendants of the second born son. Maybe it's just an illusion of grandeur but I would like the opportunity to emulate the Sannin and learn magic outside my circle. It would be quite fascinating experiment!"

Jiraiya gulped at that and face palmed. Itachi actually sighed. Saeko looked around and saw the disturbed expressions "What? I know people with weirder hobbies, look at Maito Gai for example." At that both shinobi nodded sagely.

"Who?" asked the bewildered Scottish professor.

"Don't ask!" the ninja trio said in unison, looking horrified.

"Alright then," Dumbledore said clearly amused, "you are clearly interested in the education we provide."

"But," interjected the transfiguration teacher, "we are still concerned about you being a shinobi. You are in fact a trained soldier and letting you in the student population concerns us."

The Gama sannin just shrugged "That should not be a handicap, we are perfectly capable of controlling ourselves. The only difference would be that Saeko-san here is considered an adult in our country. You could look at it as additional protection. I heard your current Dark Lord is still alive…"

The Hogwarts professors sharpened up at his statement. Jiraiya continued without pausing "That actually is one of the reasons your minister allowed our and especially Saeko's presence here – looking at your country's history and your tendency of producing dark lords on a regular basis, minister Fudge was quite happy to form a friendship with our shinobi force."

Dumbledore narrowed his eyes "So if a new dark lord, or old for that matter, arises, Great Britain could count on Konoha's support?"

"If we are paid. We are shinobi after all. But it would be a first for us to get ourselves involved outside the Elemental Nations, especially with something this big" Jiraiya trail out.

The Scottish woman frowned but nodded. Dumbledore smiled instead in acknowledgement. "If such situation arises I assume Saeko here would be the liaison between us?"

The old ninja chuckled "A general more like it. Or if Saeko-san should succeed, even our Hokage. Chuunin Uchiha certainly has skill to command our forces and quell a civil war." Saeko, who returned to the stoic Uchiha self still couldn't help to grin.

Dumbledore looked appraisingly at the young kunoichi "Hm, I see. I'm more than sure the Ministry would appreciate any help in these matters as we have no professional soldiers, only the auror corps and hit wizards."

Before the headmaster could continue Jiraiya interjected "I hear that you yourself were a great player in the last two uprising and quite the hero and commander. As such it would only be appropriate to put you on Konoha's potential client list here in the West. The Hokage would gladly accept any mission request on your part. Oh, and we are quite famous for our client's confidentiality" he finished with a cheeky smile.

The old headmaster repeated "I see. Well, as I said before who are we to deny a young student's education." At this the Scottish woman in the room looked sharply at her boss and friend but at the sight of his slight smile she relented. Dumbledore continued "The last issue to be settled is the magic. I am sure you are quite proficient in your kind of magic but ours is clearly different. The question is – can you do spell as well as you do your…. eh, jutsu?"

Jiraiya smirked "Been reading up on us, eh? Smart. We did too. Saeko?"

The chuunin nodded "I obviously don't have a wand but I read about wandless magic. The scroll I read that from was written by the Rikudou Sennin himself. It had listed some spells and explanations on the mechanics but not enough - I like to know the background and working of every jutsu I learn. I think I can do the simple light charm without any magic conduit but if you let me borrow a wand and show me a simple spell say twice I…."

"That is impossible. It is not possible to learn a spell just by seeing it twice" McGonagall said sternly.

"They say that about jutsu too, but Saeko-san, Itachi-dono too for that matter, are not considered geniuses for nothing. And chuunin Uchiha said that she already knows the light charm somewhat" Jiraiya waved his hand.

The scot went to reply but was interrupted by the headmaster "Minerva, if Saeko says she can then why not. Would you mind letting her borrow your wand? The incantation is lumos and such is the wand movement."

Saeko subtly hid her eyes with a small genjutsu and activated her Uchiha birthright, closely observing the headmaster's spellwork with her fully matured sharingan. Without looking at the transfiguration professor she took her wand and thanked her.

Dumbledore repeated the charm again. "Once more?"

"If you would Dombledore-dono, I wouldn't want to embarrass myself after that introduction" Saeko smiled politely. McGonagall huffed as the headmaster obliged.

"Well, here we go" said Saeko and weighted her borrowed wand, finally grasping it lightly she cleared her voice and intoned "Lumos" The tip of the wand responded and indeed lighted up.

"Well, it seems everything is in order and your spell work just fine. Welcome to Hogwarts" Dumbledore said with a grandfatherly smile.

Jiraiya grinned while the Uchiha sibling bowed slightly and thanked him.

"Usually we send the acceptance letter by owl post as well as the list of school supplies but since you are already here" said McGonagall and handed Saeko two pieces of parchment.

"Thank you" replied the brunette and quickly surveyed them.

"Usually we send a teacher along for those that are new to our magical society and take them to Diagon Alley – the shopping district - but I assume the Minister arranged that for you already" said Dumbledore.

"Yep, we've got an escort. An armed one, lucky us" Jiraiya grinned.

The elder Uchiha spoke up "As the Lord Uchiha I formally thank you for accepting Saeko into your school. Konoha is grateful as well."

"Oh, yeah" said Jiraiya and scratched the back of his neck with an embarrassed grin.

Dumbledore smiled in response "We are glad to have miss Uchiha here coming september."

"If I may interrupt our goodbyes I would have a request. No, a favour for which I would be most grateful" said Saeko who folded her letter, looking positively distraught.

All the people in the room looked at her with question in their eyes. Saeko knelt on one knee and bowed "I would ask to be given the option to wear the man's Hogwarts uniform. As a shinobi just cannot war a skirt" The last words were said with a whine.

Dumbledore's eyes dimed a little. "I'm afraid I cannot allow that" he begun but Saeko looked at him pleadingly and knelt completely.

Itachi seeing his sister's plight bowed deeply "I would consider it a great favour for the Uchiha clan, the founding clan of Konohagakure no Sato."

Jiraiya added his two cents "Ninjas always wear pants. Even the women. Every kunoichi would look at it as you are looking into diminishing her achievements. I would go as far as diminishing her honor. Surely it is not such a major request…"

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