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150 word challenge #2.2 This was for a challenge on the Bludhaven yahoo group. but it's a little more than 150 words (go fig).

Things That Go Bump In The Night **

The hollow sound of dripping caused every hair to stand on end. As awareness came back to Robin, it was the one thing he could fixate upon, the sallow, metallic sound of liquid pounding upon smooth cement. A moment more, and he realized it was his own blood, crashing against the ground beneath him.

He was kneeling, his hands upon the floor, not quite sure how he'd gotten into his current situation, but he knew this left him at a serious tactical disadvantage.

One eye opened, and then the next, and the lack of barrier between his eyes and the site of the bloody ground beneath him confirmed that he wasn't wearing a mask. It was fair to assume that both of his lives were now destroyed.

His sight focused on the bloody grey slab beneath him as he swallowed, his mouth overly full of spittle. Sensing no movement around him, he dared to pick up his head and try to focus on his dim surroundings.

A hand grabbed his shoulder, hauling him to his feet. Perhaps his senses were more dull than he realized. If that were the case, than he was in more trouble than he knew.

"Are you ok?" a feint baritone asked.

"Da-Mr. Drake?"

"Shit. Look at me, young man. How many fingers am I holding up, son?"

The young man's eyes attempted to focus on his father. The hand before him was little more than a dark blur. "A bunch. Wha-happ."

"I think you bumped the shelves when you were putting the lawn mower away. The whole top shelf collapsed and you got whacked." A dirty cloth was pressed to Timothy's forehead. "I guess you need looked at by the doctor."

"Sounds. fair."