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This is the sequel to Harry Potter and the Keeper of Power and Don't Fall Away.  You don't have to read them though, to understand this one.  Although, by all means, go read them if you want to.


Harry had been having the most wonderful summer that he could ever remember.  Of course, not having to spend it with the Dursley's was a great help.  Dumbledore had made sure that Harry never had to return there, after what his uncle had did to him.  He still couldn't believe he had broken his arm.  It was even more of a shock that Mr. Weasley had come to retrieve him.  Now he was living with them. 

Ron and Ginny were both sitting at the kitchen table when he finally dragged himself out of bed and downstairs.  Mr. and Mrs. Weasley were both standing by the sink, talking about something quietly.  He quickly sat down beside Ron and helped himself to some french toast. 

"Hey Harry." said Ron between bites of french toast. 

"Hi Ron." He replied and started shoveling food into his mouth.  He was so hungry.  As he ate, he realized that his stomach felt kind of queasy.  He slowed down in his eating, and took a drink of his milk.  That seemed to help a little, but then as he started to eat again, the urge to throw up became even greater.  He put his fork down on his plate and sat back in his chair, trying to overcome the feeling.

"Harry Potter, you've hardly touched your plate.  Really now, you're going to starve if you don't eat more."  said Mrs. Weasley, giving Harry a reproving stare. 

"I'm not hungry."  He said, pushing the plate of french toast away from himself.  He thought if he looked at food for one more second, he wouldn't last much longer. 

"Harry, you should eat.  You're going to hurt mum's feelings."  whispered Ron, who knew his mom had made this breakfast especially for Harry, because it was one of his favorites. 

Now he felt bad.  But he knew that he couldn't eat it without throwing up.  How would that make Mrs. Weasley feel, that he threw up her cooking.  But one look into her eyes made him want to crawl under a rock and die.  He had hurt her feelings, but she was trying desperately not to show it. 

"Really, its not that I don't like it Mrs. Weasley, it's just that I don't feel very well."  He hated admitting this, for the exact thing that was about to happen.

Immediately, Molly was at his side, checking his forehead for a fever. 

"You're warm.  You should probably lie down."  She grasped him firmly by the arm and pulled him into the living room.  "Here, lie down on the couch." When Harry hesitated, she gently pushed him onto it.  "Lie down, you need to rest." 

"I really don't think this is necessary." Said Harry, as Molly was throwing a quilt over his body.  He hadn't realized he was chilled until he was covered up, now he felt warmer.  He unconsciously pulled the covers up to his chin.  Mrs. Weasley had noticed this and bent down to tuck him in. 

"There.  Now why don't you try and get some rest, we'll be in the kitchen if you need us."  She dimmed the lights on her way out and then he sat quietly by himself in the living room.  Soon, sleep claimed him.


"He never gets sick."  said Ginny, who had finished her breakfast and was now helping her mother with the dishes. 

"I know, this is too odd." said Ron, who was currently sitting at the kitchen table, doing absolutely nothing to help his mother and sister in their chores.  Something he favored above all else.

"It's just a slight cold, it's probably just a twenty-four hour flu that muggle children are always getting.  Don't worry so much."  Mrs. Weasley had finished the dishes and was now sitting at the table with Ron.  "Now, why don't you two go outside for a while, de-gnome the garden, or make yourselves useful somehow, I don't want you waking up Harry."  She stood up from the table and went upstairs to make the beds. 

"How about a quick game of exploding snap?" asked Ginny, bored out of her mind.  Ron agreed and they took the game outside and far away from the house.  They didn't want their mother to have a tantrum if they woke up Harry.

After about an hours worth of playing exploding snap, they finally decided to go and see if their friend had woken up yet.  If not, they fully intended to inconspicuously wake him up, while keeping a careful lookout for their mother, they weren't especially keen on getting their heads chewed off today.  As they entered the house, they noticed that their mother was no where to be seen.  This eased their minds, and they slowly walked into the living room where Harry was still lying asleep on the couch.  Ron snuck up beside him on the couch, all the while telling Ginny to keep an eye out for their mother.  Decided that he looked well enough, he started poking him in the side.

"Harry, wakie, wakie.  Come on sleepy head, wake up!" he whispered out to his friend, who just rolled over on his side.     Ron rolled his eyes at his sister, who started giggling. 

"Try harder!" she whispered, still being the look out. 

He started to shake Harry a little harder, causing him to roll onto his back again.  His eyelids fluttered and Ron was sure he was waking up.  He smiled up at Ginny, pointing his finger at Harry to indicate he was waking up.  Ginny started to smile, but the grin was wiped quickly from her face.  She suddenly looked extremely terrified.  "Ron, look at his eyes!" she gasped.

Ron turned around so fast that he jarred his neck, and nearly fell back on his bum in surprise.  Harry's eyes were wide open, but they were glowing white, so bright that Ron had trouble looking at him.  This wasn't the first time this had happened.  In their fifth year, Harry had visions that caused this to happen to his eyes, but it also caused difficulty breathing.  However, this time Harry was breathing just fine, his eyes were just shinning. 

"Go get mum! Now!" Ron was getting really worried, he kept trying to wake Harry up, but he wouldn't.  Ron could hear Ginny in the distance yelling for their mother.  Then he heard his mother getting on to Ginny for disturbing Harry's peace.  He heard Ginny break into Molly's tirade and then heard thundering footsteps come flying down the stairs.  Molly came running into the living room, Ginny right behind her, and knelt down beside Ron.  She gasped in surprise, for this was the first time she had ever seen this kind of reaction to Harry.

"What's happened to his eyes?" she asked.  She too started to shake him, but he wouldn't come out of his deep sleep.  "Come on Harry, now isn't the time to startle us like this.  Please wake up!"  Molly Weasley was in a near panic.  She brought her hand up to her mouth and took in a deep breath. 

Ron suddenly shot up from his spot on the floor.  "I've got an idea." He said, and ran up the steps.  Molly looked questioningly at Ginny, but she too had no clue what Ron's idea was. 


Ron nearly burst the door down in his hurry to get into his room that he and Harry were sharing.  He quickly flung himself down beside Harry's bed, threw the covers up and out of his way so he could reach underneath the bed.  He dragged out Harry's trunk and tried to open it.  But nothing could be easy at a time like this, it was locked.  Disregarding rules, he grabbed his wand and whispered "Alohamora."  The trunk's lid popped open and Ron starting throwing things haphazardly out of it.  He found what he was looking for, grabbed it, and ran down the stairs at break neck speed. 


Molly was still trying unsuccessfully to wake up Harry when Ron came back into the room.  He sat back down beside his mother and uncovered the object he had in his hands.  It was a staff.  The Staff of Egis to be precise.  This staff contained knowledge, strength, and power.  Harry had acquired it when Prudence Grinnelfield, a renowned sorceress, came to Hogwarts, bearing the Staff.  It had bonded with Harry when Voldemort had attacked Hogwarts, and nearly killed them all.  The Staff had saved Harry's life, by absorbing the Avada Kedavra curse and sending it back to Voldemort, effectively ending Voldemort's reign of terror.  Or so they thought.  It was also because of the Staff of Egis that Harry had the deadly visions.  Ron hoped that bringing the Staff to his friend would somehow help him.  Hope was the operative word.

Molly knew immediately what the Staff was, and nodded her approval to Ron.  He took Harry's hand and placed the Staff in it.  There was an instant change in his condition, although for better or worse, they weren't sure.  Now Harry's entire body was glowing, a bright red color, that was engulfing the entire room. 


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