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Summary of the last chapter right quick:  Harry gets port keyed out of the Infirmary by a ring, which was brought by an evil black owl.  Harry and Voldemort battle and the boy realizes he kept getting sick because of the connection between himself and the Dark Lord.  Harry kills Voldemort by stabbing him in the heart and decapitating him, and then uses a spell to banish his soul forever.   Harry and Voldemort's dead body are waiting on a mysterious island, with no way of knowing how to get home. 

The Epilogue:

Ron and Hermione paced the Great Hall anxiously, not yet daring to hope that their friend was okay.  Only moments before, their Potions professor had cursed out loud, not entirely a shocking thing, but still, and went directly to the headmaster.  Their brief discussion had everyone in the room wondering what was happening. 

Standing from his seated position, Professor Dumbledore motioned for everyone to be quiet.  All students and teachers were currently in the Great Hall, mainly in case another attack happened.  The easiest way out of the Castle would be mass port keys.  Therefore, there were almost thirty port key stations in the Hall, in case such an emergency arrived.  

"Can I have your attention, please." asked Albus. 

The hall became deathly quiet at this, expecting the worst.  Albus smiled, which seemed to confuse the students more than relieve them.  "I'll get straight to the point.  We just received some vital information.  Voldemort has been defeated." 

Total silence followed by complete mayhem answered.  Many among them were wondering what had happened, and where was Harry Potter? 

"Silence!" yelled Dumbledore, and everyone grew quiet again.  Almost everyone. 

"What about Harry?" asked Ron, ignoring the glare he was getting from Hermione.  

Albus' gaze softened at the boy.  "We have no news on Mr. Potter, I am sorry to say." 

Sirius, Remus, and Harry's two best friends' spirits wilted visibly at this.  Surely Harry would have gotten back to them if he could.  What if he was injured, or what if he had gotten sick again?  Did he have his Staff to heal him?  These questions ran rampant through the two teenager's minds. 

"He'll be okay if he has his Staff, right?" asked Ron of Hermione. 

"I don't know.  He should be." said Hermione, wondering if the Staff would be powerful enough to heal whatever injuries her friend could have sustained due to that evil bastard.  Her mind was swamped with horrible scenarios. 

"He has his Staff?" asked Dumbledore, who had moved over to the four of them. 

"Yes.  I brought it to him." explained Hermione, quickly going into how she had written Prudence, asking her advice, and how she discovered the Staff had healing powers.  

"So, he's not dying anymore?" asked Sirius, incredulous, but hopeful. 

"He wasn't when last we saw him." said Ron.  "Do you think he's okay?"

"We can only hope." replied Dumbledore. 

"Is Snape's Dark Mark gone?" asked Sirius, suddenly, rationalizing this was how they realized the Dark Lord was destroyed. 

Dumbledore just raised an eyebrow.  "Yes, it is." 

They were all wondering the same thing.  Had Harry survived whatever he had done to destroy the monster in the first place? 

Ron, more worried than he could possibly stand, began focusing all his energy on his friend.  He hoped that if he could at least sense his friend, or something.  He still wasn't entirely sure how this whole 'Seer' thing went.  Just doing what felt natural, he concentrated on Harry and Voldemort, just for good measure, and got his first full blown vision.  He watched as a hazy image began to form in front of his very eyes.  He saw Harry fighting Voldemort.  He then watched in amazement, and some fear, as his friend wielded a sword with frightening accuracy, slicing and dicing the evil wizard.  As Harry performed some kind of ancient sounding spell, the vision began to fade.  But he knew one thing, Harry was alive, and he knew where he was. 

"Ron!" yelled Remus, shaking the boy's shoulders.  "Are you alright?" he asked, concerned. 

The red-head looked around and noticed that he was being stared at.  "What?" he asked, instinctually.

"You just kind of dazed out, and, I don't know, I could feel the power radiating off of you." replied Remus.  "What did you just do?" 

Ron nearly slapped his forehead.  "Oh!  Harry, I know where he is!" he yelled, excitedly.  Before anyone could stop him, he ran out of the Great Hall.

"Wait!  Where is he?" yelled Sirius, running after him. 

Ron slowed his pace so Remus, Sirius, Hermione, and Professor's Dumbledore and McGonagall could catch up with him.  "He's on an island, near an ocean.  I don't know the name of it or anything, but I know how to get there.  But, I'll need someone who can disapparate and such. 

Dumbledore knew Ron had had a vision, and wasn't going to waste anymore time.  "I suspect you'll all want to come." he stated, looking at the group surrounding them. 

"Of course." replied Hermione. 

"Alright, everyone grasp hands." said Albus, and with Ron's guiding influence, they all disappeared with a pop. 


Harry sat on the lush grass, picking up a few scattered flowers and picking off their petals.  He wasn't worried; really, he was just bored, and waiting for a way home.  He had searched the island, but no ways to escape were available.  So, he sat, quite far from Voldemort's nasty body, and played idly with the wildlife. 

As he sat there, he was startled to hear a succession of popping sounds.  Looking slightly behind his shoulder, he saw who had arrived.  He jumped to his feet.

"Sirius." he called, grateful to see his godfather, friends, and teachers.  Quite the rescue party. 

"Harry, are you alright?" he asked, enveloping the smaller boy into his arms. 

"Yeah, I'm fine, now." he said, and pointed to his left, where the corpse still lay. 

"How'd you do it, Harry?" asked Hermione. 

"Well, the Staff was helpful.  It turned into Godric Gryffindor's sword when I asked it to.  And, I…" he didn't know how to explain that he had cut someone up.  He had cut off someone's head.  Thinking back on it now, he realized how gross it had been.  What would everyone think? 

"He used the sword on him, and then banished his soul.  No more…Voldemort." said Ron, trying not to flinch while saying the name. 

"How'd you know?" he asked. 

"Vision." he said, which was explanation enough for Harry.  He knew his best friend was a Seer.

"Can we go home now?" he asked, he was literally so tired he could have fallen asleep right then and there.

"Sure, kid." stated Sirius, and they left in the same manner they'd arrived.  As soon as they got back to Hogwarts, Albus sent a team of aurors to retrieve Voldemort's dead body.  Finally, Voldemort was no more, and Harry felt free for the first time in his life. 


Hogwarts was closed for two more weeks, even if Christmas Holiday had just gotten over with.  The students needed time with their family, as did the teachers.  Harry was ecstatic.  He was finally going home, his and Sirius' home, with Remus as a secondary godfather of sorts.  They were constantly together, and Harry felt he truly had a family now.  

Petunia had stopped by their house a week after he had killed Voldemort, to check up on him.  She and Dudley were currently living in an apartment in London.  She was happy now, as everyone seemed to be. 

Sitting in his very own bedroom, Harry listened to the sounds of Sirius cooking dinner.  It was weird, having someone taking care of him, but he thoroughly enjoyed it.  Remus was coming over for dinner soon, so he went downstairs to help set the table. 

He passed a mirror on the way downstairs.  "Are you happy now, Harry?" asked Angel. 

Harry was startled.  He hadn't seen Angel since he had helped him escape the trunk of his Uncle's car.  "Hey, Angel." he said.  "Yes, I'm happy, I'm very happy.  I've got my family now." he said, and Angel smiled at him. 

Harry continued down the stairs, meeting Remus in the living room.  Angel could hear their laughter all the way upstairs. 

"I'm glad, Harry.  I'm glad." 


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