Summary: If there is anything Raenef is certain of, it's this... RxE

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"If there is anything I know"




Raenef recalled how he had easily fallen in love with Eclipse.

Easily, thankfully, and most of all happily, he became enthralled with the demon who was sworn to be his protector and servant.

His head lifted from the wonderfully fluffy feather pillow to gaze upon wisdom-engraved raven locks. How could they be anything but the creation of a most limitless creature?


When priceless jewels soon met his sight, a blush swept across pale skin.

"My lord, were you asleep?"

Shaking his head meshed all the beauty before him so much it was dizzying.

"Daydreaming then?"

He smiled shyly.

"Sire, certainly I need not remind you of the frivolity of such, especially for a young demon lord who should be studying the varied tongues he must use during this evening's meeting" chided his servant.

"Tilteariii", Raenef responded brightly.

"I commend your mastery of the pronunciation of the complex though gentle Tirvea language, however that word is one you mustn't use at any time tonight, as it means "Beloved". Likely you confused it with a the similarly pronounced Tiuuukith, meaning "Respect" or "One who is respected"".

Listening closely Raenef nodded. He grew in many ways throughout the past year, including as a student to the ways of a demon lord.

He knew the meaning of the Tirvean word, and pronounced it as intended, though Eclipse's judgmentwas also appropriate, for surely the elder demon was the most respectable being he ever encountered.

"Come to the dining room my lord, I have a foreign meal of "Eles in Bruet" ready. You must be at full strength of mind so as not to unintentionally infuriate the other lords", he suggested, smiling in a manner uncharacteristic of a demonic minion.

Though disguised by the smile, the meaning of his words did not go unnoticed.

Eternally loyal to this image of perfection who somehow called him "master", Raenef followed.

As a pacifist he had never employed one sort of Eclipse's dutiful teachings, but if this meeting turned out to be a plot of violence, he knew with certainty

*I'll draw blood tonight if somebody tries hurting you...




The end



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