Hey guys, soulful here with Spiritual Bonds. A pain17ification fanfic that I adopted along with Naruto of the Dead. I'm really grateful to him for allowing me the chance to bring this fucking awesome story to you all.

The story is a Naruto/Bleach Xover that I will title "Spiritual Bonds". The story will feature Naruto and Yoruichi. This has Naruto sacrifice himself to end the 4th Shinobi War which earns him the Spirit King's (aka the Shinigami of Naruto's Realm) respect. The Spirit King decides to give Naruto a second chance; but not as a Shinigami, Hollow, or Human. Find out by reading, okay? Note that the Xover begins in the "Turn Back the Pendulum Arc".

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"Higher Being Speech"

'Higher Being Thoughts'


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Chapter 1: Death is not really the End

The smell of death, the sounds of metal meeting flesh, the screams of the dying all around him.

It was total chaos to the Kyuubi Jinchuriki, Naruto Uzumaki. That was the only possible phrase he could use to describe this war. The army of undead shinobi and the seemingly endless Zetsu soldiers kept causing mass destruction for the Shinobi Alliance. Naruto was in his Kyubi Chakra Mode facing off against the man responsible for all the horror: Obito Uchiha. It made the blonde's blood boil at the fact that a man who did not care about the bonds he had in his past would do all of this.

Rin, Kakashi, even Naruto's own father had held bonds with him. For him to throw it all away was unforgivable.

All of Naruto's friends were either dead or dying, and the 16 year old Kyuubi host was at his wits end. He tried everything against the Uchiha, but nothing worked! Kakashi's Kamui (Authority of the Gods) was extremely helpful at first, but his old sensei died by using the remainder of his chakra to help Naruto hit Obito with a Bijuu Rasengan (Tailed Beast Spiral Sphere). Kirabi also sacrificed himself to take down the revived Madara Uchiha in an explosion of both chakra and youki (demonic energy).

Naruto cursed as a couple tears leaked from his eyes. He was losing every one of his precious people and it was all because of this red-eyed bastard. He glared at the Uchiha while forming another Bijuu Rasengan and a single Kage Bunshin (Shadow Clone). He remained silent as his technique increased in size and power.

'I'll kill you. I'll KILL YOU!' Naruto howled in his mind.

Tobi said nothing and paid the clone no mind. Why would he when the clone just needed a single hit to dispel? Instead, he ignited his right hand with the flames of Amaterasu (Illuminating Heaven) and charged at Naruto. Their techniques reached their full power as they reached one another. With twin roars, both jutsu clashed and met at a standstill. However, while that was happening, the Naruto clone went through a long series of handsigns, and it prepared for the technique that his father used to stop Kurama's rampage: the Shiki Fuiin.

With a tired grin, Naruto prepared.

Little did Obito know, the 'clone' was actually the real Naruto who substituted with it the moment it was made. This was all part of Naruto's trump card. As soon as the two jutsu in the power struggle cancelled each other out, Naruto would use the Shiki Fuiin (Reaper Death Seal) on Tobi to end the war. Obito may have a seemingly impenetrable body, but Naruto believed that no one can have their soul be out of the Shinigami's reach. Naruto saw the end of the clash right as he finished the last handsign and rushed at the Uchiha while the clone dispelled itself to create a smokescreen. When he reached the bastard, Naruto gripped his shoulders and used the last of Kurama's chakra to give him the strength to not let go.

Obito's eyes widened when he saw the purple face of the Shinigami and he grew fearful. He had no idea that this brat was able to perform such a feat. The entity of death took the dagger it had out of its mouth and stabbed the blade right through both the Jinchuriki and the Harbinger of Death. Naruto merely smiled through the pain and said, "Your time is up, teme. I hope you enjoy your stay in Shinigami-sama's stomach!"

Obito began to feel his soul being ripped away from him. He desperately tried to stop it, but it kept pulling away.

His final words before his soul was completely ripped away were, "Damn you, Uzumaki! You've destroyed everything! Curse you to the lowest levels of Hell!"

And with that last, enraged cry, Obito, the catalyst for the 4th Shinobi War, had finally been defeated. Naruto collapsed, his chakra depleted and his end of the bargain to keep up. He believed that he performed his 'last' act as a warrior perfectly; however, the Shinigami had other plans.

Between Life and Death

Naruto slowly opened his eyes to the sight of a white area filled with a dense fog. Hesitantly, he stood and looked about the fog for anything that could be of aid to him. He was brought out of his searching by someone clearing their throat. He turned to look behind him and was not so surprised to see the Shinigami behind him.

Naruto decided to break the ice. "So, this is your stomach? It's…definitely not what I was expecting…I was expecting more…death."

The God of Death chuckled as he replied, "That's because we are not in my stomach, ningen (human). We are in a realm outside of Life and Death. Kami-sama and I are incredibly impressed with your endeavors throughout your life and we agree that one such as you does not deserve an early death."

Naruto was shocked to hear that. "I've impressed Kami-sama?! T-That's insane! How could Kami-sama be impressed with someone like me?"

"Perhaps it was because of the incredible amount of sacrifices you've made for the world? Or maybe it's the drive and determination you showed during the war? I wouldn't know, seeing as I'm not Kami-sama. However, we have agreed that you are more than worthy to receive a second chance at life." Naruto smiled widely at that, but the smile fell when the Death God finished, "Unfortunately, it won't be in your realm. Second chances do not work that way. Those worthy of them must have their second life in a realm not their own. Luckily for you, your new life is in a realm is one that I personally reside in."

"And what realm is that, Shinigami-sama?"

"The realm I speak of is the Life/Death Realm, a realm that is inhabited by beings both alive and dead. Those that are dead are one of three things: regular souls, Shinigami, or Hollows."

"What do you mean by 'Shinigami'? I thought you were the Shinigami? And what the hell are Hollows?"

"Patience, young soul. I will explain now. The Shinigami in this realm are basically souls that have spiritual power, otherwise known as reiatsu. They are like me, since they help other souls pass on, but their power pales in comparison to mine. Think of them as my personal task force, seeing as I am known to them as the Spirit King.

Hollows are souls that have become corrupted by dark forces over time. They fall into despair over their deaths and have some 'hollowness' in their souls. This 'hollowness' forms a hole straight through them while their despair forms a mask of various designs over their heads. They become beings of darkness and despair while having nothing more than basic instincts to go off of. A Hollow's instinct is to consume strong sources of reiatsu to try and fill up the 'hollowness' they constantly feel."

"Whoa… That is some real heavy shit right there… What will I be for my second life? Will I be human again, a simple soul, a Shinigami, or a…Hollow?" Naruto asked anxiously.

"None of them."

"…What? What do you mean by that? What else is there?!"

"I wasn't finished explaining what gives a Shinigami their power. Now, a Shinigami's power is mostly kept within them, much like chakra for shinobi. However, that is not all the power they possess. They may also wield a sword that has a reiatsu source all its own. These swords are known as Zanpakuto (Soul Slayer) and each one holds a spirit within the blade that is partnered with a Shinigami. It is always amazing to me to witness the bonds between Shinigami and Zanpakuto. This is what you will become, Naruto; a Zanpakuto Spirit. Your partner has never even gotten to know their spiritual partner, so this is perfect for you since giving you to some newbie would be counterproductive."

"Wait, if they never even bothered to get to know their Zanpakuto, why are you giving me to them?" he asked in slight irritation.

"Because I have seen that the one you will be partnered with is beginning to realize just how important getting to know their Zanpakuto really is. Once you are placed into their sword, the bond between you two will begin to grow."

Naruto nodded in understanding and acceptance before he asked the question that was nagging at him. "Who exactly will my partner be?"

The Shinigami smirked and replied, "She is a Shinigami Taicho (Captain) that has earned herself the name 'Shunshin', or Goddess of Flash, due to her incredible speed that would make your father's fabled Hiraishin (Flying Thunder God) look like one was moving in slow motion. So far, she has only relied on her hand-to-hand combat skills in her career, but she is beginning to see that her Zanpakuto deserves to be used and connected with. That is where you come in."

"Alright, I understand. Anything else I should know?"

"Yes, she will not be able to hear your name at first due to the connection between the two of you just beginning to grow. However, she will be able to hear it over time. Also, a Zanpakuto has three states.

Sealed State is when the sword is not emitting reiatsu and when the bond between Zanpakuto and Shinigami is not high enough.

Shikai (Initial Release) is available when the Zanpakuto and Shinigami have reached a decent level of bonding and understanding. It usually increases one's reiatsu output and power by about double, but it may be higher depending on the bond.

The final state is Bankai (Secondary Release). This shows a complete bond between a Shinigami and their Zanpakuto and usually takes at least ten years to accomplish. The time needed to do so is definitely worth it since power output increases from five to tenfold."

Naruto was amazed at this information and his mouth was left agape at it. When he shook himself out of the shock, he asked, "Do the releases just increase power?"

"No, usually a Zanpakuto will change with each transition. You will be no different. But, I will leave the transformation and abilities a surprise for now. All I will tell you is that your name is also the name of your sword form; Naruto (Maelstrom)."

Naruto nodded at that and said, "I assume Bankai has a different name. But, I won't ask you what it is. All I will say is that I'm ready for this."

The Spirit King saw the determination in his eyes and smirked. "Very well. Now then, Naruto Uzumaki, as Spirit King and God of Death, I pass on my judgment to you!" he yelled as he plunged his clawed hand into Naruto's chest. The blonde felt power surge within him and was transformed into a glowing orange orb of reiatsu. The Shinigami then created a portal to the Life/Death Realm and flung the orb into it. Giving one last smirk, he turned to the new inhabitants of the realm between: Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki.

"Thank you for giving our son this chance, Shinigami-sama," the blonde said gratefully. "I know he'll find a better life there."

"I do not need your gratitude. Kami-sama made this decision and granted your son this chance. I am merely following orders."

"Still," Kushina stated, "we thank you. If he never called for you with the Shiki Fuiin, he would have never received this chance. I just wish we could have talked to him one last time."

"You will… Not for a long time, but you will…"

Seireitei (Court of Pure Souls); Second Division Barracks

Yoruichi Shihoin sat in her office with her Zanpakuto rested across her lap. She spent her entire Shinigami career without using it, but she began to notice that she was not getting anywhere by ignoring it. She was taught that Zanpakuto were partners, and she respected the ideal of camaraderie. So, she decided to try and finally contact her sword's spirit.

'I know I never took the time to get to know you, let alone talk to you, but please let me know that I still have a chance to. I want to see how strong our bond will go. Please…'

It was silent for what seemed like an eternity to her. With her eyes closed, she failed to see her sword give a faint orange glow. She did however hear a male voice speak to her. What struck her as odd was that it seemed to be the voice of a teenager.

"You're not too late. I'm here…partner."


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