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Chapter 2: Start of a Bond

'What's the matter? You're acting like your sword just talked to you or something.'

Yoruichi's eyes widened at the sound of her Zanpakuto speaking to her. She gazed at it, observing the dark orange glow that seemed to surround it. The glow felt warm and comforting, and felt like it was protecting her, like it was meant for her. She smirked slightly at the fact that she still had a chance with her spiritual partner.

'Glad to see that you're willing to give me a chance. Any hope of me hearing your name right now?' she mentally asked even though she knew it wouldn't happen.

"Let's see… My name is…"

Yoruichi sighed and replied, 'Nope, it didn't reach me…dammit.'

"That's a shame. I guess our bond is still new. Well, I should be able to hear your name."

'Yoruichi Shihoin, Taicho of the 2nd Division of the Gotei 13 (13 Court Guard Squads). It's nice to finally speak to you.'

"Likewise, Yoruichi… Let's see if I can do this right…" Naruto stated before he went silent.

Yoruichi was confused at the silence and was about to question her Zanpakuto before she began to feel lightheaded, her gaze becoming unfocused as she was dragged into her mindscape.

The view changed from her office to a small island that was surrounded by multiple whirlpools of various sizes, from the size of dinner plates to the size of a village. On the island were what appeared to be the ruins of a lost civilization, pillars lying on their sides along with abandoned housing. Yoruichi noticed that the island seemed to radiate calmness and serenity while the whirlpools felt disorienting and seemed to project her swirling emotions.

"Amazing isn't it? Albeit somewhat saddening."

Yoruichi turned behind her and gaped at the sight of her Zanpakuto spirit. The spirit assumed the form of a blonde teen with blue eyes and whisker markings on his cheeks, dressed in an orange and black jumpsuit, black sandals, a red coat with black flame designs on the hem and sleeves, and a necklace with six red magatama (comma shaped beads), and a black headband with a leaf shaped design on the metal plate. His hair was her favorite part, wild and spiky, no rhyme or reason to it except for the two horned pieces of blonde tuft that grew to frame his face.

"Nice to officially meet you face to face, Yoruichi. Welcome to the once great village of Uzushiogakure, now known as your mindscape."

Yoruichi once again turned her sights to the surrounding area. She felt at home here for some reason and was surprised that her mindscape was an actual place. But she never had any recollection of this place or any place of this kind. "You said this place was once a great village… What happened to it? And why did my mind make this place into its image?"

Naruto gave a sad smile before he sat on a piece of rubble and gestured his wielder to do the same. Once she complied, he answered, "This place was once the home of many people and a destroyed clan, a noble clan. That clan was known as the Uzumaki Clan and they were famous for their incredible longevity and abilities in the sealing arts, along with their unusual amounts of energy and vitality. They were able to seal vast stores of energy into simple slips of paper, create seals that allowed one to heal almost any wound, and even seal demons within willing participants, the key word being 'willing'. They were a peaceful people that wished to connect with the world around them." Yoruichi noticed his eyes become angry and filled with crimson fire, yet he still spoke calmly. "Unfortunately, two of the five great nations that existed around them saw their abilities as a threat and formed an alliance with one goal in mind: the destruction of Uzu. The people of the village were caught unprepared for the dual assault and many fled their home in search of safety, as useless as the gesture was. Only a few survived and started new lives in slight peace. Over the years though, the once great clan of Uzu dwindled down to only four members. Two women, a man, and a teenager. One of the women died giving birth to the teen while the other's fate is unknown to me. The man became engulfed by the pain inflicted upon him and his loved ones and became one of the world's biggest threats. The teenager became many things: a sacrifice made flesh, a pariah to his people, a hero to others, and the one who showed the man of pain the light."

Yoruichi was silent as she heard the blonde tell the history of the Uzumaki. The simple fact that they were destroyed simply because of the fear that their potential showed angered her on a very personal level. "What happened to the teenager; the one who became a hero?"

Naruto smiled at her question and looked directly into her eyes, azure meeting gold. "He died in a sacrificial strike against the one who turned his family towards the path of darkness. Yet, his journey did not end there. Oh no, it has only just begun."

"What do you mean? Did he become a Shinigami?"

"No, he became your partner," Naruto answered with a foxy grin and a small snort of laughter.

Yoruichi's eyes widened in surprise. Whatever he was going to say, she was not expecting that. "How is that possible? How could you become my Zanpakuto after your death?"

Naruto kept his grin at her shock and confusion. "That secret will stay with me for now." At her pouting face, he laughed and commented, "You're cute when you're disappointed. I also approve of the abundance of spandex."

She unconsciously blushed at that before she gave him a playful glare. "Alright, keep your secrets then. Will you at least tell me why my mind represents your ancestral home? Shouldn't it represent something more personal to myself?"

"I would assume that it is due to my newly formed bond with you. My mother's home was said to be one of incomparable beauty. I just wish I could've seen it in its prime. But, one shouldn't dwell on the past. Only the present and future should be the focus of the people. I know that from experience."

Yoruichi nodded before she questioned, "So, what exactly happened before you sacrificed yourself?"

Naruto's eyes became distant and unfocused for a slight moment before they dulled and he answered sadly, "A war happened… One that cost the lives of many innocent people…A war that should have been easily avoided. Yoruichi cringed slightly at his answer before she placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. Naruto turned to meet her gaze and was entranced by the golden sheen of her eyes. He also saw that she was concerned for him and was touched at her worry, although he wasn't used to it.

"I'm sorry that happened to you," she stated solemnly.

Naruto placed his hand on hers and gave a small smile before he began walking towards the center of the island. He beckoned her to follow, which she complied to. The trip was silent until they reached an open training ground. He saw her eyes gleam in anticipation and he stated, "This is where we will begin our training. I realize that you mainly focus on unarmed combat, however we need to get you used to using me or else the results may not be pleasant. Besides," he grinned before finishing, "I don't plan to be a spectator in your fights. I'm a warrior through and through and fighting is what I live for. Seeing that body of yours stretch it just added incentive."

The werecat grinned back and jumped to one side of the marked area that represented a border for mock battles. "Well then, let's get started! I'm curious to see what you're capable of, Blondie."

Naruto chuckled before he disappeared in a swirl of wind and lightning and reappeared on the other side of the ring. "Alright then, let's see what you're made of Yoruichi!"

Yoruichi pulled out her sword while Naruto took out a pair of kunai from his leg holsters before dropping into a relaxed stance. The werecat was slightly surprised at his choice of weapon, but she had no time to think about it as he charged at her with incredible speed. She easily blocked his initial strike with her blade and gripped his other wrist that held a kunai in a thrusting position. They both jumped away from one another before Naruto threw his kunai and held up a cross-like seal, confusing his wielder.

"Kunai Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" he cried as the single knife became ten before multiplying again into twenty, those twenty into forty.

Yoruichi disappeared in a Shunpo (Flash Step) outside of the ring and was suddenly yanked back in by the back of her Taicho Coat. She was dropped on her ass in the ring and turned her gaze to a serious faced Naruto. "What? I only dodged… It's a natural reaction."

"Yes it is, but you left the area of combat which results in your loss. I don't have anything against evading enemy attacks, but the border is there for a reason."

"And that is…?"

"To limit your combat options. Something that could happen many times out there at the most unexpected of times. You won't always be fighting on large grassy plains or huge, empty expanses of land. We'll be fighting in cities, villages, places where finesse is required above all else. I'm trying to get your senses and reactions to a level that they expect anything and everything." She nodded in understanding before she readied herself for another round. Naruto held up the same seal and a perfect copy of him appeared next to him. He nodded to the clone before it disappeared from the arena. "That clone is going to observe our fight as well as launch surprise attacks every now and then to keep you on your toes. He'll also make sure you stay within the area of combat. Understand?"

She nodded again before she used Shunpo to try and catch him off guard. She went for a swing at the back of his head, which he ducked under and retaliated with a mule kick. Dropping and twisting, she dodged the strike before she sensed a flight of kunai flying toward her unprotected flank. She turned to face them and expertly deflected them all. The hairs on the back of her neck stood, throwing a block behind herself she clashed against the real Naruto's kunai strike. They were caught in a deadlock before they pushed one another back.

Naruto gave her a small smirk before stating, "Not bad… Not bad at all, Yoruichi. Now then, let's do it again, but faster!"

Yoruichi smirked back and readied for another round. She was glad that her partner was putting her through this. She knew that the bond between them may be small now, but she was determined to make it stronger over time.

Outside Mindscape (Morning)

Yoruichi slowly opened her eyes after a long night of sparring with her Zanpakuto spirit. She smiled at how much fun she had during the spars. She never fought against someone who had the abilities Naruto had. The man himself surprised her as well. She didn't think that one as young looking as him would be able to fight against her so efficiently. Even though she still couldn't hear his name, she still knew that the bond between them was steadily growing stronger.

She was interrupted from her musings by a knock on her door. When she granted entry, she was not surprised to see her student Sui-Feng step in. The petite woman had black eyes and dark blue hair that almost seemed black. She was dressed in an all-black suit over a fishnet one. She bowed to the werecat, causing her to roll her eyes slightly at the unneeded gesture.

"Yoruichi-sama, we are ready to begin today's training."

Yoruichi nodded and replied, "Fine, get them all assembled since I have an announcement to make. Make sure everyone shows."

Sui-Feng nodded before she set off to complete her task. On her way she passed a man that irritated her immensely. He had sandy blonde hair, grey eyes, and some stubble on his chin. He clothed himself in the standard Taicho attire but wore traditional geta instead of the standard sandals. This was the recently appointed Taicho of the 12th Division and long-time friend of Yoruichi, Kisuke Urahara.

Urahara noticed Sui-Feng and gave her a friendly smile that was not returned.

'Meh. She's got her bitchy-pants on' Urahara mentally sighed.

Sui-Feng did not like how close Urahara was to Yoruichi, but she knew that her superior had no problems with the man. Still, she refused to be friendly with the man. She will act civil, but no more.

Urahara himself sighed at the once again failed attempt to try and get on Sui-Feng's good side. He knew that her respect for Yoruichi was incredibly high, bordering on adoration, but he also knew that she felt he was not worth the werecat's time. He was brought out of his thoughts by his friend stepping out of her office, but what surprised him was the sight of her sword strapped to her waist. It had been so long since he'd seen her carry it that he forgot she even had one.

The katana had a black sheathe, a circular guard in a spiral-like design, and an orange clothed handle. It also pulsed reiatsu every now and then.

He smiled to his friend and greeted, "Good to see you, Yoruichi. I'm surprised to see you armed this morning."

Yoruichi smiled back and replied, "Good to see you to and I felt that it was time for a change. I've ignored my partner for too long, Kisuke. It's time I stopped and got to know him better."

Kisuke raised an eyebrow at her statement. "Him? So, your Zanpakuto is male?"

She nodded while she headed for the training area followed by her friend and fellow Taicho. "Yes, I was able to contact him last night and had a real eye opener. He really knows how to push someone to their limits and I found out something that I would like you to look into for me."

"Oh? And what is that?"

She turned to him and had a look of pure seriousness on her face. "This must stay between us, Kisuke. Not even Yamamoto-dono can know." At his slow nod she answered, "I want you to see if there have ever been any records of deceased souls becoming Zanpakuto."

His eyes widened slightly at that. "Is that what happened to your Zanpakuto?"

"Yes, but he won't tell me how exactly that happened. He says he will eventually but not now. I'm mainly curious if I'm the only person this has happened to."

Her Zanpakuto chuckled and said, "You won't find out how this happened to me, Neko-chan. After all, very few know of the one who allowed me to become a Zanpakuto."

'That doesn't mean I won't try, Blondie. Besides, my curiosity is peaked and I can't ignore it.'

"Ever hear the phrase 'Curiosity Killed the Cat'? I don't want this habit of yours to be a negative influence on you," he chastised playfully.

'Yea yea, I won't let it go too far. Just let me satiate it this time.'

"Fine, but I'll be waiting to say 'I told you so'!" he replied with a laugh.

Yoruichi scoffed with a grin before she noticed Kisuke giving her a knowing grin. "Have fun talking to your partner?"

"Actually yes. He's much more fun to talk to then you, Kisuke," she responded jokingly.

"Oh, you wound me so! GAH! It burns!" he cried out overdramatically. "Anyway, as for you request, I'll look into it."

Yoruichi nodded with a smile. "Thanks Kisuke. I'll wait for you to find out anything." He nodded before he left for his own barracks leaving Yoruichi to head out alone.

"Hey, you're not alone! I'm here, aren't I? I still count as slightly human!" Naruto whined playfully.

She rolled her eyes before she responded, 'Alright alright, don't throw a tantrum Blondie.'

"I don't throw tantrums, I throw massive attacks of death and destruction. I just express my anger through training, and massive explosions. Speaking of which, we should probably get to your Division's training session. I'm curious to see how well you raised them in skill."

Yoruichi smirked again before she increased her strides towards her subordinates. Today's training session would be an interesting one.

'Oh, yeah. I'll make it interesting.'


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