Sarah's eyes looked out to the endless void. Every star glowed in the distance accompanied by the one next to it. It made her think about what humanity had thought when they looked up at the sky on Old Earth. What did the humans think when they looked at the stars? Were there other worlds out there that were like their own? Did any of them contain a unique form of life to discover? Well they found out when the United Power's League sent the first settlers of the Koprulu sector on their way. After years of building a new civilization in the corner of the galaxy, the question of whether they were alone was answered. The Zerg showed up consuming anything in their way and the Protoss displayed their might with their destructive powers. The war swept the sector into a frenzy of bloodshed, unity, betrayal and blurring the lines between right and wrong. And now, it was happening again but with new enemies and more lines blurred.

For Sarah, it was a long journey. Abused as a child and used a pawn for corruption, she was freed and fought alongside the man who saved her. When she was betrayed, she was taken and made into a pawn of the ravenous creatures that threatened humanity. Even when her master was destroyed, she was still a slave to her own anger that the master's master brought out in her.

She continued to do what she did until that one person who truly believed in her came and freed her from that influence. But the happily ever after never came when he was taken and was said to be dead. Though the anger she had did not consumer her with the dark influence, she set out to do what the one person that mattered to her did not want her to do. She returned to the Swarm and regained her powers to fulfill her revenge. But unlike the creature she was before, she retained many parts of herself of what she was before. With these new powers and the reformed army that marched behind her, she had what she needed to take down the one that betrayed her.

When she learned that the one she cared for was still alive, she didn't feel surprised. She went out and saved him, enduring his reaction when he saw her. Without anything else that bobbed her down, she moved in on the Emperor's home world and unleashed her army on the planet. The only mercy that she showed was to allow the innocents that stood between her and the Emperor time to get out of the way.

After long hours of fighting, she made it to the final stretch between her and her goal. But the fight had a sudden and unexpected audible. The man who she thought she had all but left behind had returned to give her one last helping hand. She was capable of defeating the last lines by herself but she accepted his help. The men and women who helped lift the influence from the Queen's mind fought alongside her and her army. Together, they crushed the Emperor's defenses and she walked up to the Emperor's throne to finish the job. But the emperor had one final surprise for the queen. The surprise brought her to her knees and she would have been the one that was finished. But because he came back to help her, he was able to save her. He stopped the Emperor before he could kill her. Without anything to hid behind and the surprise useless, the Queen moved in, and finish it.

With her task complete, the Queen returned with her army to search the stars for the bigger threat that lurked over the horizon. But before she left, she gave a simple but meaningful "Thank you" to the man who she cared for. Not a thank you for helping her fight, or a thank you for saving her life moments before. But a thank you for the things that he had given her, both from the times when they first met and the recent weeks when they were back together. Those things, she realized, were what kept her from being the Queen she once was. And it was those that drove her to set out and find the enemy that threatened all life in the Galaxy.

But now, she was uncertain. It had been a week since the Swarm had crushed Korhal and killed Arcturus Mengsk with no body to put into a grave for anyone to pass by. She had explored several of the systems but the clues of Amon's location were scarce and few.

But that wasn't what bothered her. She was bothered by the future. On Korhal, she said that the fight against Amon would be futile and they would die fighting him. They would die, but they would die on their feet and not as slaves to his will.

But there was one complication that made her rethink her plan. When Jim came down to assist her, it meant that there was still something in Jim that accepted and believed in Sarah. When she set out to gather the swarm, she had nothing else for herself to do but finish her vendetta with Mengsk. When she knew that Amon was on the move when she face Narud, she accepted she had to fight him once her vendetta was finished. With Jim safe from harm, and the fact that she shattered what they had between them, she accepted that leading the Swarm to its glorious death was the only way to go.

But with Jim's actions of aiding her, it had become even more complicated. It meant that some part of him still believed in her. She couldn't go back to him when it was all finished. She had an entire species of aliens to look after. But if she died, Jim would blame himself again.

But where would she get help to fight Amon? The Terrans were already loathing the Zerg ever since they first appeared on their worlds. Not to mention she tore apart the bulk of the Dominion Military to get to Mengsk in the first place. That would have been helpful in fighting Amon. But considering that Mengsk was breeding the Hybrid army, they were on Amon's side.

Raynor's Raiders could be willing to follow Jim again like they did when they came down to take down the Emperor. But was it because they wanted to take down Mengsk only? Sarah doubted that many of the Raiders would follow Jim again and fight alongside her army just because he told them so. It worked once, but Sarah doubted it could happen again. And even if Raynor could do it again, their numbers were so few that it wasn't much help at all in the long run.

And the Protoss. It was almost a joke to even think they would ally with her. After all the pain she caused them when she was her old self, they would have a very hard time even accepting that she was the only hope for them. To top it all off, in her reformed state, an entire colony of Protoss was dead because of her. That ruled out any hope of redemption in their eyes.

It was only her and her Swarm.

"I'm sorry Jim." Sarah said to herself. The only solution that she could come up with is to send the swarm on their suicide mission and hopefully weaken Amon enough for the Protoss and Terrans to get together to finish the job. Jim would be a better person to unite the other Terrans and have the Protoss join them in the fight. It wasn't a good plan, but it was the only practical one she could think of. As for Jim, it would be better if she was the one that falls and not him. It would shatter his heart again, but in war, there had to be sacrifices. And under the circumstances, it was better to sacrifice herself than anyone else this time.

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