Head Gamemaker Arevan

It was a stormy night in the forest of District Seven.

Apparently, we had a little… mishap, if you will, with the governor. To keep it short, he wasn't too content with how the new President was running things, and to show his opposition, began to train a few of teenagers who showed potential.

Well, we couldn't have that, could we? Trained tributes from Seven?

No, we could not. That would disrupt the Hunger Games altogether; Careers would fall, outers would win, and the influence of the victors would shift. So, to reprimand this man, we dealt with him accordingly.

Besides, he had it coming all along. The Capitol takes the training of tributes very seriously, and if District Seven were to think that they could simply train teenagers for the Games, then they were mistaken. Very, very mistaken.

As we finished up the job, I paused, taking in my surroundings. Perhaps it was the crisp air, a certain cent of pine in it, that made me adore this place. As the Peacekeepers passed me, the governor with a bag around his head, I was inspired, if you will. I was inspired to do something more with my life.

Inspired to become the Gamemaker. Not just any Gamemaker, but the Head Gamemaker.

It was easy, if I may say so myself. President Snow was recently inaugurated into presidency, overseeing the whole mission with the District Seven governor. President Snow personally asked for us to take care of him. He gave us full authority over how we wanted to take control of it, and so I offered to be the second-in-command.

Being one of the leading Peacekeepers just wasn't enough for me after that. Sure, controlling a massive army of brave men who are dedicated to their country was thrilling, but I wanted more. I didn't get it at first, but after a while, President Snow warmed up to the idea of letting me be the Head Gamemaker.

Although it wasn't my purpose, President Snow's had an intention with placing the role upon me. I wouldn't just be a Head Peacekeeper anymore, I'd be more than that. By being the Head Gamemaker, it would instill new fear into the Districts. There's always this stereotype with Peacekeepers – cruel, insensitive, brute – and if the Districts believe it, I have to play the part. I'm here for my country, not for person gain or for personal satisfaction.

By taking the role of Head Peacekeeper, I dedicated my life to Panem. To protect, preserve, and unite Panem.

And now, as a Head Gamemaker, I can do that. I will run the Games this year, and with the help of other Gamemakers, we can prove to the Districts that the Capitol shouldn't be something to mess around with.

A Head Peacekeeper as a Head Gamemaker. It has a sense of ominous quality, does it not?

They all think I'll do some training-facility arena. Or maybe a battlefield, or a bombed city, or even an over-sized hovercraft. No, no, those are too trite. Too similar to past arenas.

For this year, I'll go back to my roots. To what inspired me to become a Head Gamemaker in the first place – the day when I was in District Seven. It was a stormy night, with thunder clapping above and lightning coming down right before my eyes. The way the fog seeped throughout the tree-line, the darkness around me seeming like an arena itself.

That is what inspired me.

New year, new Gamemaker, new arena. All up to me.

Perhaps there's an underlying reason for all of this. To show that a governor from District Seven cannot get away with treating the Capitol like that. By disobeying the law, to completely go against what was ordained by the President himself. The laws are a way for a reason.

They aren't meant to be messed with. And, if someone takes the risk of opposing the Capitol, they will pay the price. They will pay the price just like the rebels all that time ago did.

Anyone who opposes the Capitol will regret it. It's as simple as that.

I'm not here to prove that I'm going to be the best Gamemaker. That I'll be the one who will steal the limelight, go down in history, or prove some overarching purpose. No… I'll save that for someone else. Another Gamemaker in ten years can get the simple satisfaction of the esteemed reputation as Head Gamemaker.

Me? I want to stay true to my country. To stay true to Panem.

The Capitol has made me the person I am today; disciplined, head-strong, and astute. I was trained to protect the nation, to go to any means necessary to ensure its preservation and to ensure its safety. And if it means becoming a Head Gamemaker, so be it.

I'm here to protect my country.

The country that has raised me.

The country that I will go down fighting for.

Not just as a Head Peacekeeper anymore, I am now something much bigger than that. I am the Head Gamemaker.

And as that role, I pledge my allegiance to the Capitol.

Not just to the Capitol, but to Panem.

Author's Note:

Well, hello, again. As you can see, I'm onto another SYOT.

This time – Shot in the Dark.

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