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Chapter 1

Back and forth in time

Midnight in Go City. People are sleeping peacefully, knowing that their heroes are always ready to protect them. Even now, monitoring system is working within its full capacity from the top of Go Tower, where their peacekeepers are currently lives. Five siblings, that vowed to serve and protect, five humans with extraordinary abilities. Who would've guess what dark path is prepared for one of the members. Yes, she is serving people as a hero now, but seeds of doubt are already planted in her heart. At her age of sixteen she already fought countless villains and henchmen, but they were always come back with new plan and in fresh state, they lost meant nothing for them in a long run. But heroes don't have a right to lose. There are always responsibilities to hold on their shoulders. And she was a hero, part of a team, always doing her best, always trying her hardest. But it was tiresome, both physically and mentally.

A blue portal appeared on a little Go Island. A female figure in a green and black catsuit jumped out of it, and it closed behind her. She looked at device attached to her wrist.

"Year is right, month is right, day too. And the place…" she turned her head toward tall GO-shaped building. "…precise. Must give some props to Nerd Linger Looks like this prototype passed the test."

She went toward the door, and looked at the palm scanner near it. Her palm lit itself with an emerald-green glow. Door to the tower opened as soon as she touched the panel.

"No matter in what year, i still feel sick from this place."

She entered a badly lit circle hall room, with circle table in a center of it. Around table were different colored chairs, red, purple, green and two red ones.

"Well, let's start another stupid family reunion." she said with slight irritation in her voice, and shot a blast of green plasma right at the ceiling above the table.

An alarm went off, loudly proclaiming about damage in central room throughout the tower. Several seconds later, in all their sleepy glory, Team Go entered still badly lit room, from different doors.

"Stop it villain!" Hego proclaimed, still wearing his pajamas. "I don't know how you entered our stronghold, but that was your first and last mistake! Show yourself and taste a fist of justice!"

"Turn on the lights dumbass." an intruder growled.

"Gee, pushy enough?" a 12-years old Mego said and flipped the switch on the wall.

As light filled the room, making an unexpected visitor fully visible for Team Go, an expression of surprise appeared on all five of their faces. An adult version of Shego stood near circle table, looking at them with irritation.

"Another sister?" 6-years old Wegos asked together.

"What the hell?" teen Shego asked out loud.

"Must be still dreaming." Mego rubbed his eyes.

"Are you an illusion? An evil clone, who was send to us by our nemesis?" Hego boastfully asked her.

"Geez, only two seconds in your presence and you already giving me a headache." Shego commented with a growl. "I'm Shego, from the future. Ten years from now to be exact. "

"Do you have any prove of your identity?"

"Well, firstly, i came from the front door, and secondly…" She lit her head with green glow and shat it toward Hego's knee.

"Ouch ouch ouch." he comically jumped on his healthy leg, holding an injured one in his arms. "Yep, this is certainly a Shego's glow, no doubt."

"Wow!" Wegos said simultaneously. "A Sis from the future!"

"And why are you…well, i , here?" teen Shego asked.

"Isn't it obvious Shego?" Hego loudly proclaimed. "To warn us about a terrible villain!"

"Oh yeah! Terrifying villain. With warrants for arrest in eleven countries. This villain is…" she smiled deviously. "Me!"

"Our sister is a villain?" Wegos were shocked.

"Why it doesn't surprise me?" Mego sighed.

"Wait guys that must be some misunderstanding!" Hego tried to control the situation. "She didn't mean herself, it's probably just some villain named Mee!"

"No numbskull, i did meant myself." Adult Shego interrupted him. "I am the villain!"

"What?" Hego was shocked by that revelation. "But how? Did they shot some good-bad turning ray?"

"Urgh!" she growled again. "I don't have time for that!"

She pulled out a folded paper, put it on a table, and went toward her young self.

"In this paper are instruction what and when to do Hego, don't mess it up! Capish?"

Adult Shego pushed a button on a device on her wrist, and a blue portal appeared near her.

"Time to go!" she said and pushed teenage Shego into it, and jumped in right after her.

Seconds later, they both landed inside some house, unknown to younger Shego.

"What the big idea?" she shouted. "Where the hell am i?"

"Middleton, six years into future from your point of view." adult Shego explained. "This house should be yours, if Hego followed my instructions right."

"Bring Me Back!" teen Shego said through her teeth, her palms glowed emerald green.

"Can't do missie! Chrono-manipulator's batteries are almost dead." she pointed to device o her wrist. "No more time travels for you. In ten minutes it will use back-up battery to beam me up into my timeline, but other than that it useless at the moment."

"FUCK!" young Shego shouted and put out her glow. "Why are you doing this?"

"To save you from becoming me! If you stay at Team Go, you'll become a villain. And i'm trying to change it."

"Why? Is it that bad to be a villain?"

"No, it's quite fun actually." she shrugged her shoulders.


"It is fun. Do what you want, go where you want, tons of money, all time in the world you need."

"Why then you try to change me? It's seems like you actually enjoy to be bad."

"I do." adult Shego's eyes become sadder. "Well…did."


"Answer me this, and don't try to lie, i know you, i am you. How often do you think about becoming a villain?"

"I…" she stuttered a bit. "Constantly."

"And you will become one. You'll go so far with it so much you wouldn't be able to quit. There is nowhere to quit. You won't back to be a hero, you are already sick of it, you won't be able to live a civilian life, it's too boring for you, plus you have a freaking reputation that brings you down. In the end you will be angry at yourself. It's an easy life, but with its price."

"Great! I can't even become villain, without fucking up my life! What fucking option do i have then? A civilian?"

"No, you'll be a hero again."

"Excuse me?" young Shego raised her brow. "Wouldn't i become villain if i continue the whole hero thing?"

"If you stay in Team Go, yes, you do. But there is one guy, who'll help you stay on a good guy's side."


"His name is Ron Stoppable. He should be around your age now."

"And where do i found this Ron Stoppable?"

"Middleton High school. You will attend it starting from tomorrow, again if Hego managed to follow instruction i left for him."

"What's so special about this guy anyway?"

"Well..Ouch!" chrono-manipulator exploded and fell from her wrist. Red-purple portal slowly opened in the room.

"What's happening?" teen Shego asked.

"Nothing good, kiddo. Remember, find Ron Stoppable, he is the only one!"

With this words, adult Shego jumped into opening portal. A soon as she entered, it disappeared. Teenage Shego stood in the room alone, with zero idea what just happened. Suddenly phone ringed through the house. Shego looked around and found it on a little black table near the green sofa. She picked it up.

"Hello?" Shego said, a little hesitantly.

"Shego?" familiar voice said.


"Oh thank god you alright, sister!"

"Glad to hear you too, how did you know where i am?"

"Uhm…instructions, that the other Shego left on GO table."

"What ARE these instructions anyway?"

"It said to buy you a house in Middleton, make it habitable, buy you some clothes from certain catalogs, she even pointed out id codes for each item in it, some make up, from the same catalogue, laptop, some other things, and also arrange you to the Middleton High school."

"And you guys did ALL THAT?" she was surprised.

"It's been six years since you disappeared on us. That note was the only hope to found you again. I wanted to meet you in that house, but note said that it will be bad idea."

"I see…so it's actually six years to the future…great" she rolled her eyes. "Is Hego and Wegos with you?"

"Hego is on work, Wegos are in school. They don't know that i called you yet."

"How did you know when to call anyway?"

"Instructions…they said to call this year, february 26th after 1 pm. We wanted to call later together…but i don't have enough patience to wait so long."

"I see."

"I got to go now, turn your laptop on, we going to videocall you this evening."

After she hanged up the phone, she went to explore her new house. It was two-story house with kitchen, living room, bathroom, her bedroom, colored in green and black, and two guest bedrooms. Also there was training room in the basement, with fitness equipment and practice dummies. House also had a garage in it, but it was empty, to Shego's disappointment. After her little tour through the house she went to her room and turned on the laptop. She connected it to the net and started surfing through news and media sites for information about last six years. All changes in governments, technology, entertainment, and many other things that she missed out will take hours to research. After surfing around for some time a box with a message 'Team GO calls you' appeared on a screen with options to accept or decline the call. She clicked to Accept call.

"SHEGO!" a man's voice came from laptop speakers.

"Good to hear you too Hego." Shego lowered sound on laptop.

"Sis!" Wego shouted in a glee.

"We missed you!" other Wego added.

"Damn! You are so grown up now! By the way, who is that sad Goth guy behind you?"

"Haha, very funny Shego!" Mego commented. "By the way, I am older than you now!"

"I can bet that i'm still stronger than you Shrimp!"

"Yep, same Shego." Mego gulped.

"Shego!" Hego shouted in tears. "Cruel fate broke you apart from our team! We will pick you up as soon as…"

"No!" Shego said, deadpan.

"What?" Hego was confused.

"I need to stay here, away from you all for some time."

"But why? You are part of Team Go! We can't be apart!" Hego said to the screen.

"Do you want me to become evil." She showed them her palm, blazing with green aura.

All her brothers shook their head horizontally.

"That what i thought." Shego turned her powers off. "I will call you time to time. Don't worry, i'm not going to disappear again."

"But Team Go…" Hego started to complain, but was immediately stopped by Hego and Wegos, who was covering his mouth."

"Ok, Shego." Mego said. "We will wait."

"Bye!" Wegos waved to her and finished the call.

She closed her laptop. Shego never felt herself so free in her life. Smile appeared on her face. She knew that if she would stay in Go City she was doomed to live in that tower for many years, always under eyes of her brothers. But not anymore. Now Shego has her separate, almost independent life, away from that damn tower. She loved her siblings, that is true, but at the same time they were driving her mad, especially Hego.

Shego looked at the clock near her bed. It was quite late already, and considering that she needed to go to school tomorrow, she decided to take a nap. Before she fell asleep one thought quickly ran through her mind.

'Who the fuck is Ron Stoppable?'