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Chapter 6

Unexpected visitors

Ron and Kim were at Bueno Nacho, at their usual, a bit shabby, table. It was special day for a team, so obviously they waited for its new member to appear. A ringtone, playing Naked Mole Rat Rap, came from Ron's pocket.

"It's from Shena." he said, looking at the screen. "She'll be in five minutes. And she asked to order a burrito. BRB!"

He quickly went toward Ned, while Kim guarded a present box, wrapped in green paper and had a black ribbon on top. About two weeks passed since Shena entered their lives, and though they didn't know much about her, they still wanted to show her their welcome, and this present would be perfect for it. It was Kim's idea to make it. Two days ago, the evening after they beat Bebe at bologna factory, she contacted Wade with a favor to ask. He happily agreed and today's morning a package with it was at Possible's porch. Ron was back at their table, so the only thing left is to wait for their new friend to appear.

Shena entered the building couple minutes later, a bit out of breath. It was always a trouble for her to wake up in time during week-ends. A bunch of broken-twisted- melted alarm clocks would confirm it.

"Hi!" she smiled to them and sat at the table.

"Hiya!" Ron said.

"Hi!" Kim smiled to her.

"Hello and here's your order." Ned put the tray with food on the table nonchalantly and went back to his working spot.

"Sweet!" Shena swiftly grabbed burrito and took a bite.

"Wow, someone is hungry!" Kim looked at her with surprise.

"Hey, i love burrito in this place. Also, didn't have time for breakfast. Can we eat first and have a meeting after?" she took another bite.

"Oh, ok. In that case..." Kim stole a potato from Ron's plate.

"Hey!" Ron shouted.

"Oh don't be a baby, it just a potato." she ate it with smug expression on her face. "And you also have a bowl of nachos, so, no big."

"Those are not for me, it's for Rufus!"

A pink rodent dived into the bowl and started to munch that snack from the bottom.

'Cute AND gross…' Shena thought, while munching another bite of half-eaten burrito.

Most of the fast food was successfully consumed ten minutes after, leaving slight discomfort in a stomach and delightful aftertaste on a tongue.

"So…" Shena started. "What's the meeting is about?"

"It's about this." Kim smiled again and handed her a present box.

"Since you are an official member of our team for around two weeks already, we decided that you'll need it." Ron added.

Shego took the box from Kim's hand and started to slowly unwrap it with her slightly shaking hands. There were several items inside it, but the most important of them was a handheld device painted in green with a black diagonal stripe across it.

"It's a communicator." Shena picked took it with still shaking from excitement hands. "Is it for me?"

"Yep." Kim nodded.

"A sheenanicator." Ron proclaimed.

"Let's just call in a communicator." she commented, with a happy smile on her face. "I…i don't know what to say."

"You can say 'thank you.' " a voice came from device, and Wade appeared on the screen.

"Thank you!" Shena said to him, and looked to other two at the table. "Thank you guys!"

"No big." Kim and Ron said together.

"There are also some gadgets that Kim using during missions, like elastic constricting lipstick, a lip-gloss knock-out gas and alarm-hacking comb."

"Awesome!" Shena said with glee in her voice.

"Also…" Wade typed something and an image of a mansion appeared on screen. "After cracking Bebe's code i found the location of Drakken's new lair."

"You rock Wade!" Kim said.

"I know." he answered humbly. "It's near Lowerton, so i'm gonna do some transport arrangements for you, it will pick you up in an hour."

On that note the screen went black. After that, team went to their houses to prepare.

Shena was on a peak of excitement and it wasn't just because of new gadgets. She never participated in mission like that before. With Team Go it was always the same, wait for villain to strike, and then react, but this was a whole other deal. They were going to infiltrate villain base, strike him before he could do another step, beat him on his own ground, without any collateral damage for civilians.

She was waiting outside her house, wearing a mission gear. A bus stopped near her lawn and opened its door.

"Shena! Get in!" Ron waved her energetically from it.

"We are taking a bus? To Lowerton?" she asked and stepped into the transport.

"Yes we are." Kim said, leaning on the back of one of the seats. "Carl will get us to Lowerton in no time, trust me."

"Thank you miss Possible." an old man with thick mustache said from the driver's seat.

"Don't forget to fasten the seat belt." Ron said nervously and followed his own advice, while Rufus dived into his pocket and close it from inside.

Shena found it a bit weird, but after seeing Kim doing the same thing, she decided to do it too. As soon as she did doors of the bus became shut, an engine roared and suddenly everything outside became blurry. It was like an amusement park ride for Shena. Sudden turns, high speed, occasional bumps, all of it made her lose a sense of time.

As soon as bus stopped, as suddenly as they took off before, Ron ran out outside to a nearest bush and threw up.

"THAT. WAS. FUN!" Shena happily proclaimed, walking on slightly wobbly legs out of the vehicle.

"Thrilling experience indeed." Kim said and followed her and turned toward the driver. "Thanks again for a ride Carl."

"Everything for you miss Possible." old man nodded, and drove away.

"So, will he come back?" Shena asked.

"No, local police will drive us back after we deal with Dr. Drakken." Kim answered and went toward Ron. "Hey, are you ok?"

"Nope." Ron said a bit sad. "I wasted all nacos i ate earlier."

"Come on, pull yourself together." she petted his back. "Now let's go, Drakken's lair should be around the corner."

They went into an old mansion nearby. Front doors were unlocked for some unknown reason. The building looked old and shabby, some of the paint cracked, revealing wood behind it. Inside of it wasn't in a mint condition too. A thick layer of dust could be found on everything here. Thanks to that a trail was seen on the floor, someone certainly was here recently. It lead to a big hall on the base floor, but suddenly ended in a middle of it.

"Looks like there is some secret passage beneath" Kim said. "Knowing Drakken, there is some sort of switch nearby, let's search for it and do it quickly. This place gives me major creeps."

"Agreed." Ron said, as Rufus jumped out of the pocket and started to search around.

"Really? I actually like an atmosphere here." Shena went toward the old paintings on one of the walls.

Kim investigated a bookshelf, sliding every book out and in again. Ron checked all light switches and walls, while Rufus was checking floor tiles.

"Hey!" Shena waved to the others. "I think i found something."

They gathered near a panting of the field, with cows eating grass during the sunset. Sides of it contained almost no dust, and had visible hand imprint. Shena took the painting from the wall, revealing green button behind it. A mere second after they pushed it, floor starting to move, opening an entrance with a staircase right in a middle of the hall.

"Bingo!" Shena smirked.

"Good job." Kim nodded.

"Nice!" Ron smiled, and Rufus gave her thumbs up.

After going down the staircase, they found themselves in a large hangar-like basement area, full of different crates, boxes and piles of machine parts. In the farthest part of it a blue figure were watching a TV, with a full plates of sandwiches in his hands.

"You go girl!" a voice echoed through the hangar. "You know you deserve better than this washout brible-blaber!"

From a mere sound of this voice Shena's head starting to hurt, but she ignored it, thinking that it's just an aftereffect from that crazy ride before.

"Ok, here's the plan." Kim whispered. "Drakken might don't know about Shena yet, we can use it to our advantage."

"You want me to sneak behind him?" Shena asked.

"Yes, while me and Ron go straightly to him as a distraction."

"Take Rufus, he's good at sneaking." Ron said to Shena. "And try to look for a big red button and push it."

"Big red button got it." She nodded, and Rufus climbed on her shoulder. "And what will happen after that?"

"Boom." Ron made a gesture of explosion with his hands.

"Drakken always has a self-destruct button installed nearby" Kim explained.

"Ow, ok. Let's do it."

With this words spoken, Shena and Rufus, quietly and stealthy, went behind stack of crates and disappeared around the corner. Kim nodded to Ron, and they went straight ahead toward Drakken.

"Oh come on!" blue-skinned scientist exclaimed after taking a bite from the sandwich. "It's so obviously a set-up, open your eyes already!"

"Watching soaps Drakken?" Kim loudly asked and went toward him.

"Seriously man, that's a new low of lame for you." Ron mocked him.

"Kim Possible? And the buffoon? What are doing in my house?" Drakken asked angrily, accidently dropping a plate with food on the floor. "AH! My hot-sauce sandwiches!"

"Give up Drakken, you are outnumbered here." Kim said.

"Oh really." he showed a smug smile. "Well, in that case, let me get my back up. Hey Monty! I have a job for you here!"

A loud sound came from the now broken crates, as Shena was kicked through it toward the others.

"Already on it, Drakken." a monkey-man stepped over broken wood crate.

"Shit." Shena stood from the floor, holding to her head with one hand. "Bastard took me by surprise."

"Are you ok?" Ron appeared beside her.


'Just having a monstrous headache.' Shena thought. 'It's too disorienting.'

"Why is Monkey Fist here?" Ron asked with confusion.

"He works for me these days." Drakken boastfully said.

"Really?" Kim raised one brow. "Why?"

"Well, it's not like he had an option. Either he's working for me or standing still as pigeon toilet." Drakken answered.

"DRAKKEN!" Monkey Fist roared.

"What? Is it supposed to be some secret?" he shrugged his shoulders. "Anyway, why you just standing there? Attack Kim Possible, her buffoon and…wait a second, who are you supposed to be?"

"Shena Go." she lit her hands with green glow. "New member of team Possible."

"Oh, nice to meet you…Monty, be a lamb, ATTACK!"

"Me and Shena will take Monkey Fist." Kim said to Ron. "Try to find the button."

"Yes, mam." Ron ran toward Drakken.

Monkey Fist leaped toward him, but was stopped by a green plasma shot, that flew right before his face.

"Not so fast." Shena and Kim now stood before him.

"Oh bollocks." Monkey fist muttered under his nose.

Drakken pulled out some kind of gun and pointed towards Ron, who now stood several steps apart from him.

"Don't dare coming closer buffoon!" Drakken smiled smugly. "I have my stun-gun fully charged and operational."

"Stun gun? Really?" Ron blinked. "That the best you could come up with?"

"I would be better equipped if i knew Kim Possible is coming. As you can see i didn't unpacked my lair fully yet."

"Or you just stuck as a mad scientist maybe?" Ron looked at his own nails nonchalantly.

"What?" Drakken's eyes became round.

"I mean, in addition of lame weapon and soaps on TV, i can't even see a self-destruct button anywhere! Lair without it is not a lair at all."

"HA!" Drakken laughed confidently and hit a panel nearby, which flipped around itself and revealed a big red button. "Here's where you are wrong boy! I installed it as soon as i got this place!"

"But is it working?" Ron continued calmly. "Who know, maybe you messed up with wires or something."

"I'll show you little brat, i don't mess up ANYTHING!" Drakken's hand almost hit the button, only to stop in last moment. "Oh ho ho. I see what you were trying to do. Playing mind games to me? My mind is the best mind on the planet boy, no buffoon can outsmart me. I won't push this button, and neither do you."

"I agree." Ron smiled and pointed toward it. "He will."

Drakken turned his head and saw a pink rodent, leaning near self-destruct button.

"Hello." Rufus waved to him and press it.

Whole place started to shake, crates and boxes fell on the ground, scattering its content all around.

"NO! What have you done? I need to get out of here. Monty, retreat!" Drakken ran toward the exit.

Ron quickly picked a plate with sandwiches from the ground and threw it right into mad scientist's head.

"Mommy…. i see fishes….with legs…." Drakken dropped on the ground.

"Booyah!" Ron happily exclaimed.

'Need to save that idiot, or i'll become stone again.' thought Monkey Fist.

He was tired, fighting with these two girls was a harder challenge than he thought it would be, not helping the fact that his time was running out faster because of it.

Monty jumped toward Drakken's unconscious body and tried to lift it, but was stopped by a kick in the back by Shena.

"You little wench, i don't have time for you…"

"How about time for me?" Kim said before jumping behind him and making a nice kick right in Monty's head, successfully knocking him out.

"Nice!" Shena commented.

"Thanks." Kim gave her a smile and grabbed Monkey Fist by the collar. "Now let's get out of here before it goes boom!"

They were able to get out of the mansion before whole basement collapsed, forcing the building to lose several more layers of paint from its façade and making a large amount of dust burst through every window.

Police were on a place in a short time to pick up the villains and drove our heroes to their homes. Comparing this ride to the one they had to Lowerton is like comparing rollerblades to motorbike. Several hours later a police van stopped near Shena's house.

"Thanks for a ride home." Kim said to policeman as all three of them went out the car.

"Our pleasure miss." he nodded to her and drove away back to Lowerton.

"Good job team!" Kim said happily. "We manage to take out two villains at once!"

"And allow me to say this again." Ron cleared his throat. "BOOYAH!"

"That was certainly thrilling experience." Shena smiled.

"I'm glad you joined us Shena." Kim said. "I probably couldn't hold Monkey Fist on my own for that long."

"Yeah, bastard knows how to show a girl a good time." she answered sarcastically. "Anyway, i'm really tired."

"Yeah, me too." Kim sighed.

"Rufus is sleeping in my pocket since Lowerton." Ron yawned.

"Let's call it a day then." Kim waved. "See you tomorrow."

"Bye." Ron waved too.

"See ya."

As they walked away, Shena entered her house. Her head was still in pain, it never stopped actually, but she didn't complain.

"Damn, i need to lie down."

With these words she dropped herself on a couch in the lounge and, almost instantly, fell asleep.

Instead of dreams, which rarely visited her anyway, something different appeared in her unconscious mind.

She was looking at blue-skinned man with a scar under his left eye and a thick unibrow, who were reading from a paper in his hands.

"Hmm… wanted in eleven countries, proficient in combat, stealing, sabotage, etc. etc…hmm, yes, i like your resume …emm, excuse me, you didn't wrote your last name?" a blue-skinned man asked her.

"I don't have one." she answered. "You can call me – Shego."