Hi guys! So, this story has gained quite a few followers recently (and thank you so much!), so I just thought I'd post here to let all of you know that this story is complete and the sequel is up (and more than half way done!). You can find 'The Hat and the Heart' on my profile!

I just want to thank every single person who has read this story, as well as the people who have favourited it! I also want to thank everyone who reviewed since I last updated (ChainofPaperclips, Nouqueret, fox24, LadaHathaway, Conan in love, AnonForNow, Anvistern, Rosepink4140, Nataliesmiley6, swishandflickwit, ScapeArtist, Anne Nonymus, Mrs-N-Uzumaki and QuiteTheTrueLove) And, as always, I want to thank BlackDragon733, who must have spent hours beta-ing this story!

I hope you all enjoy the sequel - I'm having a lot of fun writing it!

-ArtjuiceRP (also known as thejeweloftherealm on tumblr)