Hey guys! So, we're now in Australia for our honeymoon! It's like early in the morning here, but we wanted to walk on the beach before it got busy! Mitch and I wrote this on the plane ride here. This will be my next multi-chapter fic! I know. I should finish Jersey Style first, but I just can't wait! Some aspects of the story may be similar to other stories or shows you may have seen, but I promise, I'm not plagiarizing! This came to as I was thinking about Danny's claustrophobia and it kind of grew into this idea for a story. Hope you guys like this!

"Hey, Danny. Where are you? We got a case." Steve asked. He thought it was odd that his partner hadn't shown up for work yet.

"Sorry, traffic is a killer this morning. Why don't I just meet you there?"

"That works. The body was found at Waimea Bay."

"Alright, see you s-" abruptly, Danny's voice dissolved into the screech of crunching metal and shattering glass.

"Danny? Danny!" Steve yelled into the phone. There was no reply. "Danny!" he tried again, but with the same result. Heart pounding now, he burst out of his office and ran towards his teammates. "Kono, get a trace on Danny's phone right now!" She did as she was asked without hesitation, but her eyes reflected the fear she felt. Chin voiced this fear.

"Steve, what's going on?"

"I think Danny's been in an accident. He was driving and I heard what sounded like a collision and now he's not answering."

"Got it! It looks like he's at the intersection of the Pali Highway and South Vineyard Boulevard." Kono said, already grabbing her keys. Moments later, they were on the road, sirens blaring and racing towards their friend. The body at Waimea Bay completely forgotten. When they arrived on see, it was clear that the Camaro was beyond repair. The car lay upside down and smoking. Steve ran through the crowd and slid to his knees next to the driver's side window.

"Danny!" he yelled, but when he looked down, he was the window was gone. The shattered glass around it had been disturbed already. He crouched lower and peered into the vehicle, but only Danny's blood remained where the driver should have been. Steve's heart was ready to beat out of his chest at this point. Trying to stay calm and think objectively, he ran up to some of the more coherent looking witnesses.

"Where's the driver of the car? What happened here?"

"Some giant truck with like a grate of some sort on the front just slammed into that Camaro. Then two guys got out of the truck and hauled him out."

"What did they do with him?" They put him the backseat of their car. The driver of the Camaro was still unconscious."

"You saw him? Can you describe his injuries at all?" The man nodded.

"Uhh, I think his head was bleeding. Probably smacked it on the window or something. His arm also looked kind of funny. I'm no doctor, but I think it might've been broken." Steve took a deep breath and tried to quell his rising panic.

"Ok, can you describe the truck?"

"Sure can. Big F150. Dark blue, I think. Like I said before, it had this weird metal thing on the front. The truck took like no damage because of that thing." Steve nodded. He had seen attachments like those used before. Ruined whatever they hit, but the truck usually made it out without a scratch.

"Alright, just give your statement to one of the officers over there." The man nodded then walked towards the group of cops trying to form a barrier.

"Steve!" Kono yelled, running toward him. She and Chin had only just arrived. Their slower arrival may have had something to do with the fact that they followed the laws and Steve drove on the sidewalk part of the way to avoid traffic. "What happened? Where's Danny?" Steve swallowed painfully.

"Someone intentionally rammed into his car. Then they dragged him out. Danny's been kidnapped." Kono covered her mouth and Chin's eyes widened.




Danny came to slowly. His head felt leaden and his taped shut. What finally brought him into consciousness was the sharp, stabbing pain in his right arm. He winced and tried to bring it up to his chest, but it hit something hard before it made it that far. Once more, he tried to move, but he found that his movements were restricted by the cramped space he was in. Gathering enough energy, he peeled open his eyes and what he saw terrified him. He was in a small, wooden box. Pine, by the smell of it. The tiny space was lit only by a small digital timer mounted near his feet. Willing his eyes to focus, he stared in horror at the seconds ticking down in front of him. 12:30:28…12:30:27…12:30:26. Panic bubbled up within him as he read the words around the timer, scrawled out in blood.

"Burn your fears in the eyes of death

collapsing dreams, dominating power

summoning lightning storms under silent breath

burning the weak under the church bell tower.

Armies of god rumbling in the distance

through the forest seeking my radiance

shining into lost souls of the all mighty one

dark rivers of blood streaming toward the sun .

Sun rises full of memories , enchanted stories

as carcasses disintegrate into the earth's crust

death became my living glory

until I meet my fate I'll be swirling up the dust.

Taking satanic rituals into society's eyes

re-writing the holy book of lies

creating a new path for man kind

where only honor you can find."

He remembered those words. Not by choice. No, they were seared into his mind. The last time he had heard them…he couldn't bear to think of it. The walls of the box were closing in on him now, threatening to crush him. The light cast the shadows of his worst fears onto the sides of his prison. His breathing sped up and it seemed to him the timer did too. With the strength of a desperate man, he pounded on the sides of the box, ignoring the pain in his broken arm. He scratched at the lid until his fingers came away bloody. The fear that had been swelling inside now consumed him as he screamed in terror.

"Help! Somebody, please! Help!"

Interested? Poem is "My Fate" by Demonic Inferno. Or that's what the website said, anyway. Title translates to 'Fear' by the way.