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Warning: Angel!Eren and everyone else is the same but either categorized as a mythical being of some sort.

"They've caught him!"
"One of the Seven Kings in the
"Really!?" A panicked gasp
"Which one? Ooh, probably Gluttony!
That selfish pig!"
"No, I believe it is the King of Lust..."
"Heh. Well he's locked up in a cage now,
where he's supposed to be, that wretched,
disgusting, vile beast!"

"He's been here for a while now," a small voice began, "he's been kept down there for a hundred years now!"

"Yikes!" A male's voice started up as the line of trainees passed by them, ambling down the hall in a perfectly uniform line, "I wonder how he lasts so long..."

"Well, he is a demon king..."

The word 'demon king' was caught in the web of a certain brunette's attention. The tan skinned trainee turned his head as he continued to walk in the line, being careful not to bump the other trainee in front of him. Lime green eyes glowed in fascination as he looked at the angels to his left, noticing their large wings. He closed his eyes and swiveled his head once more with a long sigh. Oh, how badly he wanted large wings like those. He was absolutely determined to earn large wings like that, and maybe, he could become an archangel! His eyes gleamed at the mere thought. A large, resolved smile made itself known on Eren Jaeger's face until he felt a small tap behind his back. He blinked and looked over his shoulder, curious.

"Did you hear about that?" Armin Arlert, a part of the trainee group began. He bit his lower lip anxiously, thick eyebrows curling upwards in worry, startling blue eyes looking nervous, "They're holding a demon king in here.. Isn't that scary..?" He shivered slightly. A female's voice caught both of them off guard.

"It's the King of Lust," A charcoal colored, long haired girl replied from behind Armin, her steel-like gaze traveling from Eren's own to Armin's. "We get to see him today as a part of our tour around the castle," She continued with a little smile. Once Armin shivered, she gave him a reassuring pat on the shoulder.

Armin clenched his fists, "I-I'm fine, really, just a bit nervous.. I mean, what if he manages to reach one of us and-!"

Eren caught his wind and cut him off in mid sentence, "It's not," he sharply began, thick, dark brown eyebrows furrowing, "going to happen, Armin." His facial features suddenly softened, "Besides, there are angels here to protect us. It's not like Sir Shadis would let someone like him lay a finger on us. The higher-up angels are keeping guard of all the demons in the basement, so none of them could even touch us if they wanted to!"

Before Armin could reply, Keith Shadis, leader of the 104th Trainees Squad of rookies who want to become angels spoke up from the front, startling the trio.

"Listen up, trainees!" Keith hollered from one end of the long, beautifully decorated hall to the other. His voice seemed to bounce from one cream colored wall to another, echoing its way down to where Eren, Mikasa and Armin were. "We will be visiting from the lower class kind of fiends and up when we head down to the basement, so don't fucking piss yourselves, got it!?"

Most people stayed silent while some others responded with a respectful "yes sir!"

Eren shivered. This would be his second and Armin's first time meeting a demon. Mikasa and himself had already gotten a head start to know what a demon was like and looked like long ago. Demons killed Mikasa's family, and Eren had managed to break into her house just in time to kill one of them with repeated stabs to its head and chest. Mikasa was fearful at first, but once Eren told her to stand up and fight, she immediately took action once the demon had caught Eren, killing it swiftly.

Armin took in a deep breath as the line suddenly began to move once again, slowly descending down a long pair of stairs which lead to the four levels which were flooded with nothing but screamed danger. He prepared himself for what he and the rest would see as their end slowly began to descend down the stairs as well.

The first group of demons didn't seem as scary the trainees had thought they would be. They were only imps, malevolent ghosts and other kinds of creatures. Even though they didn't seem scary, they, however, did look odd. The second group of demons had mutated to psychopathic kinds, ready to kill at any moment, and they were mostly a various amount of imps. The third levels scared people shit less. Nephilim were introduced along with all kind of demons: succubus, incubus, supposedly "regular" demons, ghoul and such. Some were already seduced by the followers of Lust, the succubi and incubus. Some of the trainees had already left during the first and second stages, but a large majority left during the third level, leaving very few left. Demons who tried to reach out for the trainees were stung by the unforgiving swords of angels, and as a warning sign, one who actually bit a trainee much too close to the cage was beheaded and shown to the rest of the demons who dared to disobey.

The cruelty of both worlds of the evil and good slowly became more known to the whole group upon seeing the execution.

"Weaklings," Eren made a disappointed noise, "why do they even bother showing up if they can't bare the look of demons."

The two behind him decided to stay silent, not wanting to speak, for Armin was frightened as well, and because Mikasa was too busy examining all the demons and what they looked like.

The small group continued to travel down to the last and lowest stage; the finale.

As soon as they arrived to the most dangerous level, the security had seemingly lessened to nothing. Blue, purification candles lit the room brightly, illuminating the circular room in its blue tones. The air seemed to be much more crisp and cold in this certain level. Everyone eyed the cells. There were seven, large cells. Six were unoccupied, the second to last one on the left lit.

"Alas, we arrive," Chief Shadis pointed gestures towards the cells. "These cells are meant only for the Seven Deadly Sins themselves for they can restrain the most demonic power. The cells suck out all their demonic magic for the mean time being while they are in Heaven. They cannot be unlocked by a regular cell key. There are specific kinds of keys for each cell, and as you can see," Shadis jutted a thumb out towards the occupied cell, "we have captured one of them."

"Wow," someone gasped in amazement as they looked at the dimly lit cell.

"Lust," Keith Shadis began in a commanding voice, snapping a finger as he ambled closer to the cell along with the mixed emotion trainees behind him, "reveal yourself to these new set of trainees."

A dark, ominous chuckle resounded throughout the room.

"Another group?" The deep, masculine voice scoffed with a small his to accompany shortly after, "I can't wait to find out how many will give up and die this time around." Sarcasm laced the savagely attractive voice. Suddenly, the lights in the occupied cell grew brighter, exposing the man who was once hidden in the shadows.

Eren's eyes widened in shock. Compared to the demons he had met with dirty, tattered, revealing clothes and odd colored skin, this one was different in particular. The man was dressed in pristine white, clean, long sleeved, button-up, collared shirt along with a pale white cravat and black dress pants. He wore long boots which covered his legs from his lower knee down. The man owned a pair of sharp, narrow, silver eyes and black, silky-looking parted hair. He sported a dark scowl which slowly morphed into a devious, knowing smile once his eyes caught Eren staring.

"Interested?" The King chuckled, eying Eren carefully.

Everyone turned to look at Eren in surprise.

"S-Sorry?" Eren's voice came out like a high-pitched, embarrassed squeak, a small blush on his face.

"Are you," The silver eyed man shifted and neared the bars of the cell, "interested in me?"

"N-No, sir," Eren calmly responded, wanting to tell the demon honestly how he felt, "I was just.. taken aback that you weren't dressed like.. the other demons we've seen."

The people beside him nodded in agreement, murmuring upon each other.

"Silence!" Shadis shouted, forcefully shutting their mouths.

The raven haired man hissed, narrowing his eyes dangerously, "Do not call me a regular demon, I have a name and title. Of course I wouldn't wear something normal demons would wear, I prefer my clothes clean, unstained with filth and orderly."

Eren's eyebrows furrowed, his own eyes narrowing, battling with silver ones, "Sorry, Sir Lust. I expected you to wear nothing but a simple robe around you due to your name."

The demon rolled his eyes, annoyed, "Is that what you pesky newbies call me? Lust? That is my title." He snickered before glaring at the whole patch, eyes glowing a bright red for a brief moment, "I am Levi, and I am one of the Seven Kings of the Abyss."

A short blonde female tightly gripped onto a dark skinned woman beside her in fright and alarm of the red glow.

"It's okay, Christa," The woman whispered in a small voice to the girl beside her, "he's behind bars anyway. He can't touch you," she softly spoke, her brown eyes looking into crystal-like blue ones.

Christa nodded slowly, continuing to gaze worriedly at the man behind the bars.

"So," Mikasa sharply began, "you want us to call you Levi?"

Levi darkly chuckled, "No, of course not," he ceased his chuckling and smirked, "you are to call me King Levi, or just King," he sighed and placed his hands on the bars, pulling himself closer. He reached an arm outside of the bar and pointed at Eren Jaeger, "Other than you," he stated.

Eren blinked, taken aback, "..What?" He pointed at himself dumbly, a questioning look on his face, "Me? What about me?"

"You," Levi's smirk widened, "you interest me. And her," he nodded his head once to where Mikasa stood, "it looks like you both have seen.. things. Especially the green eyed brat," he snickered at the ferocious look in Eren's eyes.

Eren flinched, and Mikasa continued to stand still. Mikasa latched onto Eren and Armin's hands, "What would you know?" Mikasa hissed, her grey eyes set ablaze in alarm at Levi's statement.

Shadis continued to eye the demon, wanting to see if this conversation would lead to the better or worse. He- no, they needed information into the underworld, and this certain demon, being one of the Seven Kings, would definitely know things more valuable than the average.

"You," Levi pointed at Eren, "what's your name?"

Eren furrowed his eyebrows, "Why would I tell you?" He clenched his fists and ripped his hand out of Mikasa's grasp. Armin quietly glared at the King in front of him.

"No need for the attitude," something about Levi's voice beckoned Eren to tell him, whether it was the sultry undertone or the genuine curiosity. "Just tell me," Levi eyed the other troops, who then took a step back from the bars, "come on."

Eren hesitated for a moment as people around him hissed, telling him not to tell the demon his name. Telling a demon your first and last name was like selling your soul, and Eren knew this, but nevertheless, being a very curious eighteen year old, he responded: "Eren.. Eren Jaeger."

"Idiot!" Jean Kirschtein scowled, glaring at Eren, "What do you think you're do-!?" His jaw was suddenly forced shut.

"Hush," Levi made a circular motion to Jean's mouth. He smirked at Eren once more, "Eren, huh?" He enjoyed the feeling of how the name familiarly rolled out of his tongue, "Brat will do just fine," he smoothly replied before beckoning Eren to come with his index finger, swaying back and forth, "come here, brat."

Eren's body began to move unsuitably, and Eren began to panic. "W-What!?" He shrieked as he vainly tried to pull himself away from getting closer to the bars, "What the fuck!? I-I can't-!"

Mikasa immediately took action and sprang forward, about to grab Eren's shoulder until Keith Shadis stopped her. Mikasa's eyes sparkled with anger as she looked at her chief, "Let go of me!"

Shadis only gave her a look.

"I thought that the demon's magic would be stored!" A skin-headed male replied, eyebrows furrowed, "Why is he still able to use it?"

"That," Shadis began as Eren continued to struggle, "is only the amount he is able to use. Little amount of demonic energy such as this, we don't care for. The cell is only meant to store the greater amount of power."

Jean tried to speak, but couldn't open his mouth. Instead, he only made odd noises.

Eren gasped as he was thrown forward, sending everyone to a state of alarm.

"You," Levi gripped at Eren's white shirt, pulling him down slightly, silver eyes peering into deep green, "will be my new mate."

Eren registered the words a bit too late, his eyes widening , eyebrows furrowing upwards in fear as he was pulled closer until the demon's lips were right next to his. Levi quickly nipped Eren's cheek before Eren got a hold of himself again. Eren pulled away from the bars, frightened. He fell flat on his bottom, arms sprawled to support him look at the demon in shock, eyes still wide.

"Y-You sick.. bastard!" Eren held his cheek, "What the fuck was that for!?"

"This," Shadis began, "is an example of how a demon's power works. Certainly, the powers of demons are stronger when they are not confined behind bars and when their true powers are not refrained, so this is just simple tricks they pull."

Levi harshly chuckled as Shadis continued with his explanation.

Armin pulled Eren up and said with a shaky tone, "C-Come on, let's go..."

Eren was still in the state of shock, and he trembled ever so slightly.

Levi licked his lips at the sight of Eren shivering in fear, taking some sadistic pleasure from such an act. He narrowed his eyes at the charcoal haired female who was glaring at him. The woman patted Eren's back reassuringly, her glare not fazing the demonic king.

"This concludes our tour in the basement," Shadis pointed up at the stairs, "now, we must head back."

A few trainees groaned.

"Shit," Connie, the skin-headed male swore, "we have to see all those again!" He shivered.

The girl beside him shivered as well, "I-I just need food..!"

"Now, head up the stairs, trainees!" Shadis screamed in a commanding voice.

With that, Armin and Mikasa began to move towards the stairs with Eren. Eren ripped his hands out of their grips and clenched his fists, "I'm fine!" He half-shouted, eyebrows knitted.

Armin gave Eren a look, "E-Eren..."

"I'm fine," Eren calmly responded, closing his eyes, "I was just.. startled."

As the trainees began to step up the stairs one by one, going back to the third level, Eren stopped himself. A dark chuckle resounded throughout the dimly lit room, the occupied cell dark.

"Well, I'll see you again, Eren Jaeger..." Levi smirked, his tone seductive and knowing.

Eren turned around to look at the cell, finding himself looking into crimson, lit eyes. Eren frowned, his own eyes brightening inhumanly, "Bye," he simply replied before racing upstairs to meet his friends.

Levi's smirk widened, stretching across his face, "Is that any way to talk to your mate?" He scoffed once more. He smiled as he seated himself down on a comfortable chair gracefully given to him my the head of the angels himself, "Maybe I could sweet-talk and act my way out of here using that gullible brat." His eyes glowed red once more, "This will be entertaining." Levi stretched his arms out, "Damn, I really need to fuck a few people already, I feel old. Well," he sighed as he played with the silver ring embedded with a dark jewel in the center on his middle finger, "once I get back to my mansion, I can fuck whoever I want."

"Female or male?" A woman's voice chuckled, seemingly being emitted from the ring.

One side of Levi's lips curled upwards, "Does it really matter at this point?" he sighed, "I feel absolutely needy."

"Yeah, whatever," the girl giggled, "what do you need from me anyway? I'm doing an experiment!"

"Hanji," Levi began, "prepare the gates."

".. Already?" Hanji halfheartedly laughed, "You've only been there for a few years! Who'd ya find?"

"A boy brat to play with," Levi responded as he continued to caress the ring.

"Ooh, can you bring him here? I wanna experiment on him! Is he an angel?"

"A trainee."

"That's even better! Question is: will he be able to last down here? When do you plan on pulling him down?"

"As soon as a week," Levi shifted as he closed his eyes, "so get ready fast. I'm coming home."


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