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This was a play called 'reality', and he was just an actor on a stage along with several others.
As of now, he played on his own tune, his own pace, and he was without a title.
He sang a song of anger and sadness, without a voice.
A blindfold was tightly wrapped around his eyes,
he was unable to see, unable to judge,
his mind tied down by words and sentences
With thick heavy strings bound onto his arms, he moved
accordingly to his 'masters' and unwillingly listened to their orders.
He did as he was told in order to gain happiness, in order to gain
acceptance, satisfaction.
He owned no charm in Heaven or Hell, and he was labeled several things.

With the devil of lust frowning at the boy, watching his repeated, familiar movements,
he danced on the stage, his dance horrible and macabre, given zero grace

The actor has several names, but really, owns only one:
Eren Jaeger

Eren Jaeger was half asleep in his bed, his whole body scrunched into a fetal position as he hugged the pillow between his legs dearly, his clutch tight around the soft, clothed bag of bundled feathers. The only two things which kept him awake were the loud voices downstairs, and the small knocking next door, where he had noticed Levi stayed at. The voices downstairs would disappear momentarily, and would reappear yet again, unless the knocking next door had gotten louder. Eren figured that Levi was probably hanging something onto the wall, which would explain the sounds of the harsh thumping against the wall. It was annoying really, and it irritated Eren almost to the point where he wanted to sit up and scream for Levi to stop making loud noises.

Ah, yes, then again, it couldn't have been Levi next door. It could be one of his acquaintances fixing his room for him or whatnot, but those footsteps which began from down the hall a couple minutes ago, leading down to Levi's room, were a bit too familiar to Eren's ears. He could have sworn he heard someone's voice though, someone not from this manor. A visitor? Guests, perhaps? Or he could have been becoming delusional over fatigue. He only remembered hearing Levi's footsteps and none other than his.


Eren's interest piqued at that sole word, his eyes set ablaze with confusion as he lifted his head up slightly and inclined it towards the wall across from him, his gaze set on the wall separating his room from Levi's room. "What..?" He whispered to himself, bewildered. That was Levi's voice, alright, and it was clear from the firmness and strength of that voice, but who was he talking to? He wouldn't say 'move' to a painting, right? Unless it was magical, and of course, unless it was Hanji-related somehow. After a few more long seconds of listening, the house remaining dead quiet to his ears, he decided to sit up, and get out of bed with a sigh, giving up his sleep in order to make himself more sane. His body wanted sleep, yet his mind was wide awake, ears open to any voice, or any sound which dared to welcome him. Eren rolled his shoulders and head before slipping his given boots onto his feet, his hands flying to the royal blue cape which seemed to be laying comfortably on the bedside table. Once his fingers caught the fabric, he latched onto it and pulled it over himself, buttoning the single button which helped the cape rest on his shoulders.

He then took the initiative and began to walk towards the exit and entrance of his room, a weary look on his face, his lips forming a small frown, his forest green eyes looming with exasperation. The moment he took another step out of the door, he froze yet again, his ears catching Levi's voice yet again.


Eren was now taken aback. Was Levi talking to him, by any chance? At first, telling him to move, which upon seeing that he has done so, now saying that he was doing good? "No way," Eren snickered at his own idiotic thought, "he can't even see me," he pointed out blandly to himself before deciding that he was becoming delusional and moving on. Stepping down the hall way and passing by Levi's room, he paused yet again upon hearing a female's giggle. Confusion and curiosity began to pile up in Eren's chest, piling up more and more as he continued to stare at the brown door which led to the interior of Levi's room.

"I want to enter," Eren thought to himself with a childish tone of voice echoing in his mind. Slowly, he turned his whole body to face Levi's door, a rough hand prepared to wrap around the silver knob which radiated of nothing but sharp, crisp coldness. Just as his hand was almost touching it, he stopped. His actions were stopped by a feminine shriek which emitted from a voice downstairs. It seems as though all his actions were being stopped by voices. Quickly, Eren scurried down the hallway, making his way down the stairs which he knew would lead to the unknown scream. Just as he made it down the second level, he heard a vaguely familiar voice.

"Ouch!" The woman's voice hissed in pain, the voice followed by the sounds of something like a dish clattering and falling to the floor. Eren slowly took his time to approach the voice, still remaining completely unsure of who it was. He knew only two female occupants of this manor, and Levi had told him that other than the fine feline outside, these were the only two females residing within the mansion. With careful footsteps, Eren curved around a corner, finding a room wide open with lights gleaming onto the rich, lust red carpet he walked on. The brunet slowly peered into the room, his voice small and curious as he queried the orange haired female out of genuine worry, "Are you okay?"

Petra's honey brown eyes shot towards the male, her mouth being covered by the innards of her elbow, her coughing visible to Eren's ears. She quickly nodded, her soft, tangerine colored hair bobbing up and down along with her head. She was laying helplessly in a corner of the kitchen, her position fragile as she continued to cough heavier and heavier to the point where she had to close her eyes.

Eren's eyes traveled south as his nostrils picked up the smell of a certain wave of caffeine, seemingly unsweetened. On the floor a few feet away from where Petra sat was a puddle of freshly brewed coffee, wasted to onto the floor, and a few fine sets of porcelain tea cups comparable to China tea sets, smashed and broken into small pieces. The young Jaeger allowed his body to move by itself, pivoting to its own accord as he led his way into the room, eyes set onto the puddle. He took a nearby kitchen cloth and bent down, cleaning the mess before realizing that had accidentally pricked himself with one of the shards which belonged to one of the four porcelain cups. Droplets of deep crimson fell into the puddle of hot, steaming coffee, and for a moment, Eren's mind went blank.

Petra Ral then began to crawl her way to the male, picking up a fallen dish cloth along the way and swiping up the sharp shards of porcelain. Her honey eyes focused onto the pale, white tiled floors as she continued to pick the broken pieces up, "Eren," she softly began, "you can go back upstairs. I can handle myself here, it's my responsibility anyway." Almost letting out a hiss of pain once her leg scraped against one of the shards, she sat down with her bum on her feet.

"No," Eren shook his head, "I'll help you. You're sick, right?" Eren tentatively questioned, his forest green eyes blazing with determination as they met her own pair of eyes, "You're in absolutely no condition to work then, and from what it seems to my eyes, you seem really damn sick." His gaze traveled back to the steaming puddle below him, ignoring the cut on his finger, which was already quickly healing up.

"I've been sick for a long, long time," Petra smiled halfheartedly, blowing into her cold hands in order to regain some heat, "and besides my sickness, Eren, I'm perfectly fine!" She cheerfully laughed, a wide smile on her face, "The King wouldn't want you hurting and troubling yourself, and don't worry, I can handle this myself-!"

"You burned your leg, didn't you," Eren's voice projected not as a question, but as a firm statement, "don't even bother lying. I saw it, the coffee on your right leg," feeling the burning coffee under his touch, he gritted his teeth and let out a small hiss of pain, cursing under his breath as he picked up the wet, dirty, coffee stained cloth and headed over to the sink, near the female, who looked rather surprised. "Please," Eren pleaded, turning to look at her to reveal his caring eyes, "I can do this myself. Just attend to yourself, please.. if Levi asks about this, or anything, I'll say I did it."

Petra's honey brown eyes widened in shock, "Don't lie to him," she whispered, as if her words were supposed to be a secret, unheard to ears other than Eren's own, "he can get really mad." She pursed her lip, pausing for a moment. "At least let me help you pick up the shards-!"

"No!" Eren huffed, "I'll do it, and should I brew the coffee for you?" He queried before pausing, "The coffee," he then proceeded to turn his whole body around to face Petra, "was for you, right?" His voice was unintentionally sharp, coming out rather rude, "Or was this for someone else?"

"T-That," she stuttered, gritting her teeth as she stood back up, the burn on her legs seemingly not getting better as she held onto one side of the clean counter for support, "was meant for King Levi.." Petra slowly responded, clearing her mind of anything, "why?"

The brunet paused for a moment, his motions stiffening as his breath hitched. Levi. Just the mention of the damned name gave him empty shivers, tickling his spine with the odd sensation. He wasn't really in the mood to see Levi right now, he needed some fresh air- a place to be at least a few meters away from Levi, and the air he breathed, but he would be doing Petra a well favor if he journeyed up to pass the coffee to Levi, right? She was sick, after all.. even if she was a demon, she was rather kind to him. Kind ever since the beginning. Eren quickly gulped before brushing his own thoughts away. He best not become deceived by such first impressions anymore, not after what Levi had done to him.

Finally, upon deciding on what to do, Eren let out a breath of air. "I'll do it," he stated firmly, voice unwavering as his eyes met Petra's honey colored once yet again, "make and deliver to coffee to Levi- no," he paused, correcting himself, "King Levi." They were no longer close like they used to be, anyway.

"E-Eren," Petra looked rather taken aback by Eren's act of kindness towards her, her eyes wide as she stared into the hopeful green eyes, "w-would you really? Even for a demon like me, you, an angel would give help?" Petra was almost absolutely sure that Eren had a strong distaste towards demons in general, kind or not. Something about the spark of disgust in his eyes whenever he would look at one of them told her, and really, everyone who could see that antipathy which marched in his eyes could understand.

Now, it was Eren's turn to look taken aback. Wasn't it natural? To help someone in need- wasn't that.. natural? Or maybe this is feeling was what the supernatural beings, which surrounded him left and right, called: humanity. Was this it? The human side of him.. his father's figure, was this it? He replayed Petra's sentence in his mind, "Eren, would you really? Even for a demon like me, you, an angel would give help?" He found his breath hitching in his throat at the word 'angel'. Was he really just called an angel? In such a realm, and with all the things he had done, it felt almost.. inappropriate to be called an angel after all he had done, diverging away from a trainee's pathway to become a full fledged angel. Being called an angel here.. was so.. tasteless, but some odd side of him enjoyed it.

Letting out a pleased hum, Eren nodded and smiled slightly, "Of course! What kind of angel wouldn't do this?" He halfheartedly laughed, knowing very, very well that if he was in Heaven and he was in Petra's position, he would not be treated kindly. Not even the least fairness given to him, not a token, not a heart. No one, other than his friends, or those who pitied him for being a nephilim would help.

"I know several," he could've sworn he heard Petra say such words, but his hearing seemed rather obscure in that moment. Eren quickly shuffled his way to the mess and began to clean it up, taking all the shattered porcelain shards off the ground, and into a dustpan, piece by piece. Petra helped by cleaning up the coffee stains, and she wiped and wiped until only the bare smell of dried up coffee beans in the air could be smelled, not a single droplet of coffee on the kitchen floor to be spotted.

"Thank you for helping me," Petra smiled in a relieved, thankful fashion towards Eren, before coming up with a coughing frenzy, which sent Eren to a slightly worried state. The tan skinned male quickly rushed to her aid, asking her if she was alright, and once she was done, she only sent him a small smile. This small smile sent Eren's heart into a beating fever.

Eren then, quickly pulled away and stood back up, wiping himself off of any invisible trace of dust, feeling the tips of his ears go red as he casually turned towards her and asked her a question, "Do you have any ground coffee beans?" He queried with an eyebrow risen, his heart's quick, unusual paced beating slowly becoming slower and slower by each second which dared to pass.

"Ah," Petra shook her head, "no, I'm sorry. King Levi likes to have his coffee beans fresh, and he could always tell whether it has been freshly ground or not- something about the taste, or so he says," Petra laughs lightly to herself, "I would never understand, because I don't particularly like coffee." She adds a small fact about herself, hoping that Eren would feel a bit more comfortable with her. If he became comfortable with her, then he would be able to get comfortable with everyone else, no? Perhaps, one day, he would consider them family. Even though that idea was far fetched, it didn't seem all too impossible to be done.

"That's fine," Eren hums with approval as he turns around, looking for a bag of beans to grind into powder using the heavy stone grinders, "although that is quite troublesome to have to grind these instead of using premade powder, just for one person," Eren huffed as his hand latched onto deep purple bag filled with dark beans inside it. He took a cup of beans and dumped it into the stone grinder before quickly using his muscles to grind them into powder.

The tangerine haired female smiled softly at Eren's back, "It's fine," she sighed, "you get used to things like these really quickly, or well, I did, anyway." She crept up closer to Eren, watching his work to see if he knew what he was doing.

The young Jaeger let out a humorless laugh, "I hope never to get used to this, and pray that I get released from this prison shortly." His voice was dry, completely lacking the humor Petra wanted to hear. Petra bit her lip from biting back at Eren, feeling slightly insulted. She understood how he felt about this, being captured and all, after all, she herself wouldn't be all too happy if she were in Eren's position, but she couldn't help but feel his words sting her. This was her home, a home of peace, her humble abode, and it felt as if she were forced to drink poison, and was not allowed to sputter it back out when Eren called her- no, their home a prison.

Finding a quick conclusion, Petra decided to hastily change topics, "You seem to be skilled with this. Have you done it before, or did they force you to do work back in Heaven which included things like these?" Her voice was surprisingly soft, even after hearing Eren say such rude words. She was sure he meant no harm with those words, and he probably didn't know they did harm.

"Ah," Eren nodded, realizing quickly that the beans were already changed in state. He poured the contents of the heavy bowl into a medium-sized, clean, thick glassed coffee pitcher before replying to Petra, "I did this often back in my home," he huffed as he looked for a kettle to make hot water.

"Oh," Petra gasped in realization, "I believe there is still some hot water left in the kettle by the stove," she meekly began, "if there isn't any, I can make some more." The light skinned female offered as Eren rushed over to the kettle, shaking the handle to see whether it was still full with water or not.

Glad to hear the sound of liquid stir inside at his quick motions, he walked over to the glass pitcher with the kettle in hand, away from his body in order not to burn himself as Petra had done to her leg. He then chose to acknowledge her question, pouring in the heated water into the pitcher, "There is some left, so it's fine," he answered her, allowing the aroma to flood into his nostrils. He scrunched his nose at the smell. It didn't smell sweet, and it wasn't to his taste. As he was about to take a few cubes of sugar, Petra stopped him.

"Levi doesn't like sugar in his tea very much," Petra sharply began, her voice softening once Eren pulled his hand away from the jar of sugar, "he prefers the original bitter taste over something sweet."

Slowly registering her words, Eren blinked and nodded twice, telling her that he understood. He inwardly kept note of this, thinking that it might be important for something later on. He then stirred the coffee with a large spoon before placing a lid onto the pitcher. Eren took a cup and began to tilt the pitcher sideways, letting the dark liquid flow into the cup, the coffee steaming with burning heat. He placed the coffee mug onto a given tray and slowly turned around, turning towards Petra, who looked rather content.

"Your leg," Eren bit his lip, looking at the red, irritated skin on her leg, "will it be okay?" He was curious to know, and just seeing how large the burn was, it seemed as though she would be in a lot of pain However, the smile on her face never faded.

"Of course," Petra laughed, "I won't let such a small thing bring me down. These things always happen to me, or well, have been, ever since I became sick a couple million years ago." She simply shrugged the pain off, thinking that she was well resistant to pain like this after having to experience such a thing over five thousand times, "Plus I know how to nurse myself. I'm practically the doctor around this house, so if you ever get hurt, come find me, okay?" Petra's eyes gleamed as soon as she found a small spark of interest in Eren's eyes.

Eren tossed her a small smile and nodded, "I understand, but please, tend to yourself quickly." Eren clicked his tongue at the large burn, "It looks like your skins going to peel off, or something, it's really damn scary."

Petra nodded, "Yes, I have this situation in my hands, Eren," she reassured the male, "I believe you should head upstairs by now. Levi doesn't like it when people are late, especially when it comes to his coffee breaks."

"I'll be off then," Eren hummed before taking the platter and parting, leaving Petra to her own accord.

Thinking she would finally be alone, Petra let out a small huff of disappointment. Yet again, she failed herself by letting her sickness take over her body. Then again, she really couldn't help it, right? "I should really go back," she whispered to herself, feeling her body slowly become weaker just by standing up before realizing that another presence was appearing in her senses. She straightened herself out quickly, walking towards the door. Petra almost let out a scream as she met with Oluo's chest, backing away a few steps as the gruff man scoffed.

"You really need to watch out, Petra," Oluo snickered, "I mean, from far away, I could already tell someone's coming, so why can't you do the same?" His tone of voice, as always, was rude and sour, but at times like these, especially around Petra, a small, almost invisible sense of humor could be heard from his voice.

"Come on, now," Petra rolled her eyes, knowing that they would start a whole conversation revolving around the same topic they have been talking about for centuries, "you always try to act so cool and high and mighty. Going as far as stealing King Levi's sense of fashion with that cravat of yours!" She accused him with a small smile, her eyebrows slightly furrowed. She always had fun with Oluo, talking to him about things like these. It was rather annoying at first, but slowly, she had become accustomed to talking to him about this sole topic, and she began to have fun doing so just by chatting away.

"Stealing?" Oluo guffawed, "What do you take me for? This is a fashion, Petra, and I don't have to act cool. Can't you tell that I already am-!" He was about to continue on before he took a step back, resulting in his sad habit of biting his tongue.

"Again!?" Petra panicked for a brief moment, seeing the amount of blood which escaped the light blonde haired man's lips, "Why does this always happen!"

Eren Jaeger slowly ascended up the stairs, being careful not to spill any of the coffee in that one mug he held on a platter. He had put effort into that, and it would be a damn shame if even a little managed to splash out onto the silver platter. Besides, he figured that this might as well be a token of appreciation for Levi allowing Eren to sleep on him instead of allowing him to sleep, leaning on the tree with no neck support. Finally making it to the top of the stairs, a the sound of thumping suddenly became established to his ears. The thumping seemed to be coming from none other than Levi's room, seeing that every other room on this floor remained vacant, or without anyone living within them, other than his and Levi's room.

The sounds piqued his curiosity and something churned in his stomach. Anxiety, was it? No, it was just a horrible feeling that Eren found himself unable to brush off, no matter what pleasant thought came to his mind. He had a rather raw feeling in his stomach, and that feeling became worse with every step he took closer to Levi's room. It was a horrid feeling, and it felt like a common scene which were seen in horror movies, freshly pulled out, except this was reality. Carefully stepping towards Levi's quarters, he hummed a silent tune to himself.

Once he had made it to Levi's chamber, he shook his whole body in order to readjust the cape wrapped around his shoulders. He was quiet for a moment, unsure if he should knock or not. It would be polite to knock, he knew, but..

Suddenly, a female's giggle erupted from beyond the door, startling him slightly. Confused, Eren carefully placed his ear onto the door, successfully eavesdropping. Were there people over? Demons, maybe? More importantly, why were they in Levi's room? Or.. was Eren just going crazy..? Unsure, Eren knocked at the door twice, hearing the the voices of females stop all together.

"Come in," the voice was clearly Levi's. No one else had that same, deep, sultry voice in his tone other than Levi. Not that Eren knew of, anyway.

Placing his hand on the doorknob made the feeling in his stomach become worse, and he could have sworn that he smelled a strong scent of perfume waft from within the room as soon as he twisted the knob, allowing the air from inside to flood outwards, and the first comment Eren could think of when he smelled the air was: 'disgusting'. Sweat, sweat, it smelled of sweat in his room, and the explanation to the smell lied before Eren's very own eyes.

With Eren's eyes widening in shock, face paling and draining of all color, he eyed the humanoid-looking woman which sat naked on Levi's four poster bed, peering over at him with eyes which told Eren otherwise, that she was, indeed, inhuman. They were a sharp crimson, pupils wide- and it horrified Eren, really, almost enough to the point where he could drop the tray in his hands. She sat on male which Eren recognized to be as Levi, who much like the demon on him, stared at Eren with a gaze of electrifying shock. Another female with cyan blue hair sat beside Levi, seemingly 'waiting for her turn'. Her blue lips tilted into a small smile upon seeing Eren.

Perhaps he had expected the visitor to be Petra, who was used to seeing things like these.

Eren's shock and disbelief slowly merged into one emotion, confusing Eren, and causing the emotion to bubble up into acid, developing into a well known emotion, especially to Eren himself. Anger- no, rage flooded his senses, blinding him completely. What the fuck was Levi doing. Was Levi really doing this to Eren? It was unbelievable, really, this sight, yet at the same time, to Eren's eyes, very expecting coming from Levi. It angered Eren to know that he was Levi's 'mate' and that this was happening, and to fuel his distress, he remembered Levi's small confessions towards Eren, telling him that he would 'treasure' Eren.

He really should've ran, but he was far too out of control to bother.

Finally snapping, Eren rushed towards the demons in a state of surprise, carrying the silver platter along with him, uncaring for the large spills he was causing while stomping his way towards the bedside table. He slammed the tray onto the table and turned to glare straight at Levi, who gave him a blank expression, although his eyes told him otherwise.

"Would you care to join us, maybe?" The raven haired female smile seductively at Eren, her voice heavy with lust as she bounced on Levi. Levi's hands wrapped around her hips, stopping her completely from doing anymore. She made a small whining noise at this.

Eren quickly turned his eyes to the female on top of Levi, "Can you get off," his voice was harsh, not a string of kindness entangled into his tone. He did not care to answer her question. His expression should have told both females everything, anyway. His eyes were glowing inhumanly, turning into a bright, spring green color. He then glared over at the light blue skinned female to the side, smiling at Eren.

Her eyes sparkled dangerously, "His eyes are very, very pretty," she commented with deep interest, "prettier than yours, King Levi," she cooed as the black haired female on Levi slowly peeled herself off of the King of Lust, licking her lips at the sight of Eren's bright eyes.

"He smells delicious," the crimson eyed succubus hummed in a rather pleased fashion, "and hes shaking, isn't that cute? He's so mad," her voice was irritating Eren, "I guess he has a crush on our King Levi?"

"Shut up," Eren barked, his eyebrows furrowing as his fists shook. His gaze turned towards Levi, who looked as though he wanted to say something. "What," Eren scoffed, "you look constipated. Are you going to make up a shitty excuse, hm?" Eren laughed dryly, "Oh, I don't know, something like 'this isn't what it looks like', maybe?"

"No," Levi shook his head, closing his eyes as he slowly positioned himself to sit up, pulling a blanket over his lower half before looking at Eren, "I won't say that, because if I did, I would be the most idiotic liar the world, and I'm not a liar."

"Oho," Eren huffed, "not at all! After all, I would know first hand that you definitely aren't a liar," sarcasm was painfully clear in his tone, "otherwise, I would be having the time of my fucking life in Heaven. My life is a bag of literal shit right now, and I like- no, love, how you add to it. Yes, play with me more," Eren hissed as he pressed his hands onto Levi's shoulders, his hands like claws, digging into Levi's skin, "because that's all I am to you, right? A toy? A fucking playmate- is that what you meant by 'mate'?" Eren smiled falsely, unable to control his speech anymore, "Because it would make so much sense then, wouldn't it?"

"Eren-," Levi was about to speak up before he was cut off by none other than the angered brunet himself.

"No, you shut the fuck up. It's my turn to speak. I don't want to hear any of your shit talk," Eren interjected, uncaring for the women who eyed him with interest, "every word that comes out of your mouth is a fucking lie. You're practically spewing out poison from your mouth, did you know that?" Eren huffed, "Then again, you're a demon, and all demons are exactly like you," if possible, Eren's grip on Levi tightened, threatening to break Levi's skin to draw blood, "lying assholes, are what they are. Do you know what you just did to me," the tan skinned male hissed, his voice dark, "do you understand that you just fucking tried to convinced me that I could actually be your mate, and now you turn around and you son of a bitch, of course you would fuck other people behind my back, and of course all this shit has to happen to me in one measly day! You couldn't even wait until I became more fine with your bullshit."

"Eren, let me-!"

"I will not have this! I won't let you, do shit like this-!" Eren screamed as he jumped onto Levi, sitting on top of him with his fingers still buried deep into his back shoulders.

"Eren!" Levi screamed, letting out his side of frustration, "Let me fucking speak!"

"Fine, fine," Eren rolled his eyes, "come on, spew it out. Sweet talk me into liking you again, like you always seem to do-!"

"Ladies," Levi began, turning his head to look the the pair of succubus, giggling lightly to themselves, "would you please come again tomorrow-!"

"Come again tomorrow!?" Eren laughed, his hands flying to his face, "You plan to fuck them again tomorrow!?"

The females laughed joyously before getting off Levi's bed and heading to the door. The raven haired female smiled towards Levi, feeling rather intrigued with Eren's and his relationship and chemistry. "An angel in hell, huh?" She sighed happily, "How interesting!" She chirped.

"We won't be back tomorrow," the woman with blue lips smiled at Eren, "we'll give some time to you two."

"Perhaps you two could keep this as a secret?" Levi sighed, feeling annoyed slightly at the fact that he couldn't even massage his temples to relax himself, "The fact that he's an angel, I mean..."

"Of course, of course," the crimson eyed woman giggled before opening the door, "we wouldn't want our King to be angry, now would we?" And with that, both females disappeared out of the room, and merged into the hallway, their small giggles echoing throughout the corridor.

Silence flooded Levi's room for a brief moment, Eren's face being covered by his hands as he continued to sit on Levi's stomach, wanting so badly to choke him as he had tried a few hours earlier, but he was tired. Too tired. Tired by everything happening around him in one day, tired with the way he was always treated, tired of seeing people, tired of talking- he was tired of just being alive.

Levi let out a short sigh before asking Eren in a calm voice, "Are you mad at me?" He is stressed out, but surprisingly cool at this time. He had thought that maybe Eren would sleep for a bit more, but maybe they had woken him up. Now the poor, innocent boy has witnessed such a thing, and for a moment, it made Levi wonder: "How could the poor boy even bear this?" After all the things he has done, he knew Eren was through with him, and he knew Eren didn't want to be near him, but something about this boy.. the fact that Eren was.. Eren made him attracted to him.

"Yes," was Eren's stiff response.

"..I'm sorry, if that makes it better," Levi apologized with a soft voice, wanting to soothe the male before him, who looked as though he would crack open with madness if he had said one more word which would trigger Eren's break. He made sure to stay careful with his words.

"No," Eren shook his head furiously, swaying from left to right, "I don't accept it." Eren's hands fell from his face, revealing his bright green eyes, sparkling with tamed anger, "I want something more than that." His voice remained undaunted, "I don't want your shitty, meaningless apologies, especially when I know for sure that you would do it again."

Levi didn't say anything, although he desperately wanted to bite back, but knowing Eren deserved more than this, he urged Eren on further. "Go on," Levi smoothly replied, "tell me. What is it that you want, I'll grant your wish," Levi could feel Eren's warm hands on his bare chest, pressing down on him.

The brunet pursed his lips for a moment, a flash of emotion rushing through Eren's eyes, "Freedom," the word seemed unfamiliar to his tongue, and lips. It didn't roll out casually, it seemed almost.. forced? He didn't know how to explain himself, but this is what he wanted. "I want freedom," Eren tentatively changed his tone of voice to something more serious and fitting to their current demeanor, his anger remaining bright in his eyes, "I don't care if I am restricted from leaving, I'm fine with this.. but I want freedom."

"Freedom in general?" Levi queried, "Because I cannot give you such a valuable thing. I cannot give you freedom. You can give it to yourself, but someone like me- no, anybody other than you yourself can't give you freedom. It is you, who decides whether to be free or not, anyway."

"I know," Eren gulped, his throat suddenly feeling dry. "I know you can't give me true freedom," Eren nodded slowly, "but that's not the freedom I want right now," the brunet spoke firmly, his dark eyebrows furrowing as he leaned in a bit closer to Levi, his green eyes blazing with fire, "I want freedom. The freedom to get away from you, and the freedom to stay away from you."

Levi felt a pang of emotion land a cue on his heart for a brief moment, "To stay away from me," he slowly spoke, giving Eren time to register his words as he slowly slithered his arms out of Eren's tight grip, placing his hands on Eren's, and much to his surprise, Eren didn't even flinch. Nor did he bother to take away his hands from Levi's grasp as Levi pulled them off his chest, and moved them closer to his neck, "you've always had that freedom, have you not?" Levi pressed Eren's hands onto his neck, his eyes remaining on Eren's own and never moving elsewhere, "Kill me, if you want it, because otherwise, I would never stay away from you, even if you wished for me to do so."

"No." Was Eren's immediate response to Levi's request, "Why would I?" Eren shook his head, "Killing you.. isn't even worth my time. You've done all these things to me, and even though I'm so mad that I do want to choke you, but.." Eren trailed off, pulling his hands away from Levi's neck as he slowly fell limp to a side, his shoulders sagged along with his form. His eyes were no longer on Levi's own, "It's just not worth it, and you don't understand Levi," Eren dryly chuckled, his laugh humorless and without emotion, "I've never had that freedom. I was bound to stay close to you from the very beginning," the boy confessed, "that was the plan; the mission I was meant to succeed in order to gain my Wings.. but now, I feel as though I don't even deserve my Wings. I feel.. cheap."

"You've tried to choke me a few hours ago, so why can't you now?" Levi questioned, unable to help the feeling of slight curiosity.

"What you said during our lunch.. really hit me.. and I can't help but feel as though.. I'm being used, yet at the same time, being saved. I don't know how to explain myself, Levi," he answered Levi, "and I'm unsure whether to feel thankful or not."

The look of emptiness in Eren's eyes made Levi feel sad, but Eren's words.. he couldn't put on a finger on what made them feel so.. sharp, but, to Levi..

Levi looked at Eren, eying the male from below. Disheartened, happy, energetic, dreamy, enraged, there were so many interesting emotions in this one boy. Was it because he was human? Humans were known to feel a lot more than supernatural beings, such as angels and demons of course. This many emotions, so many ways of expressing it, and yet Eren chooses to do this. Simply to talk it out. Simply, to say, to speak his mind.

Eren, being so complicated, yet at the same time, so simple, so easy to read, so calming and at the same time, so maddening.

Levi found a good word to describe Eren then and there.


Eren was beautiful, and this was why Levi found himself liking Eren.

Levi smiled. "You're beautiful, did you know?" He rose a hand up to touch Eren's face.

"Don't touch me," Eren gently slapped away Levi's hand, seemingly ignoring Levi's comment, his eyes averting back to gaze into Levi's, "I hate it when you do that. Please, stop," Eren's voice seemed calmer now, more relaxed, even, "are you going to stop now?"

"Stop what?" Levi shot back, unsure of what Eren was trying to imply, "Stop touching you?"

"Both.. stop cheating," Eren softly replied, "or I will never consider you to be my mate.."

Levi bit his lip. Would he take the risk, unable to restore any of his power for Eren's sake? But if something were to happen, and people were to find out about Eren.. they would attack his home, and although he crew could handle the attacks, he should be the one fighting along with them. It was his household to protect, and they were all his people to keep under his wings. "I have reasons for doing these things," Levi began, "you know that, right? You should know that in order to regain my power, I am to gain it quickly by fucking other people, unless," Levi seemed hopeful for a moment, and Eren could almost laugh sardonically at this, "you would want to stay in their place?"

"I refuse," Eren shook his head, "I do not love you, nor do I like you," Eren replied as he slowly rolled off Levi, sitting on Levi's bed with his feet on the ground.

"How cruel," Levi sighed.

"Which one of us is more cruel, I wonder?" Eren then stood up, walking away from Levi and heading out the exit, "You should drink your coffee," he said in a matter of fact tone as he fixed his cape, pausing for a moment, taking a quick glance to his right where the eerie, dark painting of a forest lay.

Levi sat up, an arm out and reaching for the coffee mug placed on the silver tray which Eren had delivered, "What happened to Petra?" He queried as his hand latched onto the very top of the mug, pulling it closer to his body.

"She burnt her leg," Eren began, "and I'm kind of disappointed in you for not rushing downstairs to help, but then again, I guess you were.. busy with other matters," Eren rolled his shoulders casually.

Levi chose to say nothing, but took a sip of his coffee. He blinked twice at the taste of it, "Why does it taste slightly sweeter then my norm?"

"I made it," Eren replied as he walked to the door, "and I hate bitter things, so behind Petra's back, I put a cube of sugar in it just to make you suffer," Eren huffed as placed his hand on the doorknob.

"Wait, Eren," Levi sharply began, watching as Eren slowly turned the door knob, "would you allow me to screw around behind your back just until I at least get most of my powers back?"

"..I won't talk to you too much," Eren replied as he opened the door and prepared to exit the room, "and it doesn't really matter to me. I'm not your mate. I don't like you, either. Just keep the noise down to zero, please," and with this, Eren left.

Levi watched the door close, his eyes meeting Eren's own for a brief moment until the young male disappeared. Levi sighed. The look in Eren's eyes told him not to do it, but.. he would be risking the lives of people who lived in his manor. 'Looks like it would take some time,' he thought to himself as he took another sip of coffee, 'making him mine.. this has suddenly become more challenging. I didn't plan on becoming this intrigued with him, and nor did I plan to harbor feelings.' The taste thick taste of bitterness coated Levi's throat, flooding down his throat as he swallowed the rather plentiful sip.

Ah, he must have started to go crazy, because even the coffee he drank itself reminded him of Eren. Bittersweet.

All he wanted in the beginning was this boy to fuck into, but now.. he wanted a bit more than just that.

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