A Family Affair

Arthur sighed as he walked out of the lecture hall. The lecture he had been attending would have been less boring if Merlin had been there, but seeing how far ahead he was the younger boy had been permitted to skip the lecture in favour of self studying. Suddenly there came a loud bang, accompanied by the sight of said person falling flat on the blonde haired man snorted at the sight of a pale lanky boy somehow managing to trip over his own feet.

"Honestly Merlin, it's a wonder they let you into this place!" Arthur chuckled, offering a hand to the boy in question.

"It's not my fault," whined the teenager, who accepted the hand up and began trying to grab his various scattered textbooks.

"Oh I'm sorry, it must have been the floor's fault," Arthur said jokily.

"Precisely," Merlin declared, before looking at his watch and swearing as he noticed the time.

"I'm late for a study session with Gwaine, I'll see you later!" he yelled, running towards the main campus.

"Don't you mean a session of trying to prevent Gwaine from drinking on site?" Arthur called back, eliciting a response of 'Clotpole!' as Merlin turned the corner, papers scattering out of his arms as he ran.

Arthur chuckled to himself a moment more, before turning to go. Except something hit him on the back of the head before he could , and the world turned black.


Arthur came to in the back seat of a car. He jolted upright, aggravating his raging headache further as he whacked his head sharply on the roof. He looked around him. There was a woman sat opposite him, typing away on a phone. Perhaps a ransom note, Arthur thought as he rubbed the back of his head.

Being the son of a rich man, Arthur was used to attempted kidnappings. In fact, until he had come to university, they had been a fairly frequent occurrence. I wonder why they stopped, Arthur pondered to himself, completely unaware that it was down to the work of his gangly roommate.

"Finally awake are you?" came a voice from the woman, startling Arthur out of his thoughts. "I was beginning to worry that I'd hit you too hard."

"So it was you who kidnapped me?" Arthur said, more of a statement than a request.

"Think of it as more of an appointment," she replied, before going back to typing.

"Well, why don't we start this so called appointment then," Arthur said, folding him arms.

"Oh, the appointment isn't with me Mr Pendragon," the woman said, surprising Arthur. "I'm just the secretary."

Arthur scoffed, before turning to look out of the blackened window. "Secretary. More like bloody psychopath."


What felt like hours jolted by, until the car turned into what appeared to be a warehouse a and ground to a halt.

"He's in there,' the woman said.


"Don't keep him waiting," she replied, before opening the door and gesturing for Arthur to get out, then shutting the door and leaving him seemingly alone.


"So this is the Arthur Pendragon," came a voice from the room next door to where Arthur was stood. He walked through to find a man stood with an umbrella, staring at some TV monitors. "I must say, I was expecting more from the son of Uther Pendragon, CEO of Pendragon Limited."

"So this is just some ploy to get to my father," Arthur said.

"Don't be such an imbecile Pendragon, not everything revolves around Uther Pendragon contrary to his belief."

"So it's to do with money then?"

"I suppose, Mr Pendragon." The man turned around and looked Arthur in the face. "I brought you here because I want to make you an offer."

"So you kidnapped me to ask me something?"

"Don't be so blasé Pendragon, I couldn't very well go onto your campus without arousing suspicion. Now, I will offer you £2.7 million, if you keep an eye on Merlin Holmes."

"What?" Arthur gasped. Who the hell offers that kind of money to spy on a guy? "Why do you want me to stay away from Merlin?"

"Let's just say it's a matter of the government. So do we have an agreement?"

When recalling the events later, Arthur would tell Merlin he was sorely tempted to accept the money. In reality though, it only took the man a few seconds to reach a decision.



"No, I'm don't need the money, to be quite frank I don't want the money. But Merlin trusts me, and I'm not going to break that trust."

"Interesting," said the man. "Fine then, I'll let you return to your university."

Arthur was confused, but walked out the door. The woman from earlier was stood by the car and was about to open the door until the man called out-

"Anthea wait a moment. Arthur," the blonde turned to face him again, "if I find out you've hurt Merlin in anyway, anyway at all, a kidnapping will be the least of your worries." He added a predatory grin at the end, before gesturing towards the car. "Until the next time Mr Pendragon."


The car journey back was silent, Anthea typing on her phone as Arthur just sat there trying to make sense of what had happened. As it pulled up at Queen's college and he stood up, Arthur noticed Merlin exiting the library, waving goodbye to a man with long rugged hair. Dwaine or Twaine or something, Arthur thought.

Suddenly Merlin looked over and spotted his roommate. "Where have you been! I was looking all over for you, it's been 3 hours!"

"Merlin, you're not going to believe me but I was kidnapped."


"Yeah, it was weird, there was a car with this creepy woman, and a man with an umbrella and something to do with a matter of government-"

At this point Merlin scowled, pulling out his phone and began typing.

"-and he offered me money to watch you, and... are you even listening to me?"

"Of course I am Arthur, I'm just sending a little message to my brother Mycroft telling him to stop harassing my friends and that I don't need a babysitter."

"Oh right... Wait, what!"

Okay, so this update is 5 months late. There are no excuses I know, and so I'm not even going to try and make one. The only thing I have to offer is that the real world became very very busy and I had to put fanfic on hold. I'm currently on the last leg of a two week trip around China, which has really let my creative juices flow, and so this was the result. I know it's not the story I said I'd write but I'm currently working on that. Also, I've written the first chapter of the sequel to The Game We Play, but I have no clue how long it'll be till I post it, and I'm not going to put a date knowing I won't stick to it. But keep your eyes peeled! Until then, feel free to send me ideas for either the sequel or shorts to add to this, and for all those of you on summer hols have a happy hols! Thanks for reading and please review! This is unbetaed so sorry for mistakes, I felt I should get this up while I can!