Chapter 1

Midnight woke up feeling slightly drained. He normally slept late on weekends, so he was surprised to see it was 5 AM. No wonder I'm tired, he thought. Then, he looked at his calendar. He was surprised he had forgotten that it was his birthday. After seeing this, he, wanting to get an early start on the day, went downstairs quietly and went to go outside, but as soon he opened the door, he fainted at the sight of what was outside: an Absol.

An hour later, Midnight regained consciousness. He looked around. He found that he had been moved onto the couch. His mom walked in. "What happened?" he asked her, sitting up.

"You tell me," his mom said. "I found you out cold by the front door. What happened to cause you to faint?" Midnight hesitated then told her what he saw. As soon as he finished, his mom sighed. "I think you should leave on another journey."

"What! But mom, you know I let all my Pokemon go after my last one. I didn't want them to feel like their life was over, just because the journey part of mine was." Midnight said. "I know that, but didn't you let your Vulpix go in Bewilder Forest?" "You mean Flare." Midnight said before sighing. "She was my first Pokemon. We met on my tenth birthday. We quickly became best friends. It broke my heart, letting her go, but I had no other choice. Her Pokeball had been destroyed." "What happened to it?"

2 years ago

Midnight had just won the Sinnoh region's coordinating contest festival with Flare, and was almost home, when Flare heard something. "What is it Flare?" he asked, when a power Gust hit them hard.

"Whoever is doing that, show yourself!" Midnight yelled. He then saw a Staraptor flying for Flare. Thinking fast, he reached for her Pokeball. "Flare re-" was all he could get out before the Staraptor changed course and hit him square in the chest; the impact knocking the Pokeball out of his hand. The Staraptor then grabbed the Pokeball in its talons and pierced it with its beak.


"I saw an Absol that day, too, but I thought that it was warning me that I would lose in the contest festival. When I won I thought it was wrong. Little did I know, it was warning me about a far greater loss: my best friend," Midnight finished.

"Oh, so that's why you let her go," his mom said. "But if the pokeball was destroyed, why didn't you just put her in another one?"

"Because when I took the destroyed one to Professor Rowan, he said the when the Staraptor punctured it, it caused it not to release her and the only way to put her into a Pokeball was to put the identification chip from the old one in it into another pokeball, but I couldn't afford to do so." Midnight sighed. "I'm going to my room."

About an hour later his mom called for him. "What is it?" he asked.

"Well, you got a package from Professor Rowan," His mom said. "I think you be grateful for what's in it." Midnight opened the package and found a Pokeball with a note attached to it. Midnight removed it read it aloud:

Dear Midnight,

I know that you miss Flare a lot. That's why I took the liberty of placing the identification chip from her old Pokeball into a new one. I also engraved her name into it. Enjoy.


Professor Rowan