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31st December 2014


"Wake up Dad." Seth says shagging Joey awake.

"Why?" Joey mumbles not even opening his eyes, "I'm off work and it's still early."

"It might be early." Seth replies calmly, "But if we don't leave soon you'll be late and Pap's will never forgive me."

"Late?" Joey asks opening one of his eyes. "Late for what?"

"Your wedding." Seth informs him.

"oh that." Joey mumbles opening his eyes again for a moment before sitting straight in his bed. "My WHAT? I mean today? You've got to be kidding me. I mean I know that I told Seto at the start of the year to organize it on his own and that he never mentioned anything again but honestly, he could have told me the day couldn't he?"

"He said to keep it a secret from you to ensure that you're less likely to bail on him." Seth explains. "I told him that the probability of you running off would be equally less if you knew but he still insisted to keep it from you since you wanted to stay out of preparations and to be honest I assume this to be pay back for you disinterest."

Joey looks at the time and sees that it is still nine in the morning. "What time and where will the wedding be?"

"The wedding is a bit outside of Domino and you still have a bit of time to get ready, just in case you want a bath or something before. Oh and Seto insisted that you'd pick your own suit which is why he had some prearranged for you to choose from. They're all in the guest room next to this one." Seth continues his explanation. "About the time and the exact place, I promised not to inform you of either but the car that is to drive you there will leave the mansion at 11 o'clock. You don't have to be dressed by then but I'd suggest to have some lunch before you leave since you won't have time to eat much until after the ceremony. You are also to tell me who you want as a best man since according to Yugi you either haven't asked anyone or he simply doesn't know about it."

"I haven't thought about it yet since I thought Seto would tell me the date and that would be soon enough to think about it and ask someone." Joey whines.

"Then who will you chose?" Seth asks.

"I don't know." Joey sights, "Who did Seto chose and please don't tell me that it's a secret."

"He hasn't specifically told me to keep it a secret." Seth said thoughtfully before stating, "He asked Mokuba."

"Then you could be mine can't you?" Joey asks.

"Sorry I'm too young to be anyone's best man yet." Seth informs him. "I would suggest one of your friends. But since all of those are invited and will be present you would still have a moment to consider while getting dressed and eat your breakfast before considering which suit you'll take with you to the ceremony, you can get dressed in it there to ensure that it won't get wrinkled."

"I have a better Idea." Joey says, "I eat my breakfast in my pj's, then have a bath and after that get dressed again in something before I choose my suit."

"I don't mind either way. Just make sure to think about your best man and inform me once you've chosen so I can pass that information." Seth reminds, "Unless you rather call whoever you chose yourself and ask then."

"I think about it." Joey promises before he walks towards the kitchens to organize himself and Seth something to eat while asking, "Did Seto take your sister with him?"

"Serenity picked her up this morning at eight." Seth informs him. "She'll get her to the wedding in time while I have to get you there in time."

"I could get myself there in time if I knew where there was!" Joey grumbles but starts to eat the cornflakes he prepared himself after putting a bowl of it in front of Seth.

"I'M sure you could." Seth replies, "But you mightn't because you could get cold feet."

"My feet are fine." Joey continues to grumble but knows that Seth could be right. He really is worried about the wedding especially since he doesn't know anything. Sure he didn't want to decide anything but that didn't mean that he wanted to go in blind.

It wasn't easy for Seth but Joey is in the limousine in front of the mansion at 11 o'clock sharply. the chosen suit is hanging inside too but unfortunately Joey still hasn't chosen a best man. At least he managed to narrow it down to two of his friends. Yugi and Tristan. And Joey is talking about the pro and cons during the drive until Seth get's annoyed and says, "Just throw a coin."

"Good idea." Joey says and get's out a coin before wondering, "But who is head?"

"Yugi." Seth replies.

"Why Yugi?" Joey asks surprised.

"Because if you keep considering who's what you'll never chose so I'm choosing at random." Seth insists, "And now throw the damn thing so I can let Pap's know."

"Fine." Joey says before throwing the coin into the air and looking at it afterwards he adds. "Head."

"Yugi it is." Seth says.

"But what if Tristan is upset about it?" Joey wonders.

"Then pick him instead." Seth suggest.

"But then Yugi might feel left out." Joey whines.

"Okay," Seth says, "this is it. I'm sick of this." And he get's out his phone and starts text-massaging his father, "I'll tell Pap's to tell those two to make it out between themselves that way you don't have to feel bad for whoever won't be your best man and I don't care anymore if you'd rather would have had the other then because then you should have just chosen him."

"That's a great idea Seth." Joey cheers. "Why didn't I think of it?"

"I'm begging you, sit down." Seth says sitting calmly in a chair by the window in a room in the small castle hotelwhere the wedding reception will be. The wedding itself is going to be in another small room there and Seto and Joey will stay the night there while the Kids will be taken care of by some of Joey's friends.

Joey's nerves are getting worse by the second and the main reason is the guest list. Seto tried to discus the guest list with Joey for weeks but eventually gave up after hearing "I don't care as long as you let my friends and family show up and you know who my friends are." more often then he like. Granted Joey already had told him that he doesn't want to organize everything Seto had tried to at least talk about that and now Joey is wondering if it was the right decision not to show a little more interest at least in the guest list. Who knows who'll be there. Especially after the last few weeks.

Seto never bothered to make a secret of his sexual orientation but since he never dated anyone, no one had really figured it out. At least no one who would have breathed a word to the press unless Seto had told them to. Now that Joey had lived there for a while and the kids as well and the excuse of the fire that had made the move necessary at the start wouldn't have worked anymore coupled with the fact that Seto was actually talking about his approaching wedding, the press was camping in front of the mansion for weeks and Joey is sure that there will be press at their wedding. The fear is only nurtured by the fact that the press was gone by the time he had left for the wedding.

On top of that Joey is sure that a lot of high society people will be there and Joey as Seto's knew vice president and new husband will have to look his best. But hey, no pressure. Everyone will think that Joey slept his way up if he messes up and while he's ruining his own reputation he's probably going to sully Seto's good name too but hey, who cares. With a sigh Joey is sure that it's good that he doesn't know who's invited. At least he can still try to tell himself that it won't be all that bad. Maybe some of the rich and powerful business people will have a more pressing engagement and can't participate in the so called wedding of the century as the press is calling it by now. Otherwise he might have begged Seto to fly with him to Vegas. And with that thought, he does regret that he never cared about the guest list, he might already be married and maybe won lots of money in Vegas, or lost some but at least it would have been more fun then running around in this stupid room and fearing a heart attack.

"Are you at least still hearing me or are you too far gone for that?" Seth asks calmly.

"Sure I hear you." Joey replies still pacing the room.

"Then please sit down." Seth asks again, still calmly reading his book. "You're driving me crazy."

Joey looks at him for a moment before saying with as much sarcasm as he can, "Yeah, you're obviously close to cracking. Seth I can't do this what if I embarrass myself or worth him?"

Seth looks up at Joey for a moment before returning his eyes to his book asking, "Clearly I am, since I'm starting to find it extremely hard to focus on my book."

"I'm so sorry." Joey grumbles, "I'm nervous okay. I can't help it."

"Are you intending to leave and forget about the wedding?" Seth asks with a sigh.

"No." Joey replies, "Seto would never forgive me. But I am wishing I'd run of to Vegas with him instead of sitting here."

"Do you Joey Wheeler want to marry Seto Kaiba?" Seth asks while turning a page of his book.

"Yes I do." Joey replies, "You know that."

"There you have it." Seth says without looking up. "You're not going to run, and you know when to say what so you're not going to embarrass him. And now stop pacing, Yugi should be here in a sec. Apparently Tristan and Yugi managed to chose much faster then you did."

"Can't I just hide someplace?" Joey whines.

"Of course," Seth replies with another sigh, "But unless you changed you're mind about the running away part, you'd have to come out again soon unless you want to marry him in jeans and sweatshirt. And don't worry as long as you say yes everything will be fine and you won't embarrass anyone."

"Yeah sure," Joey grumbles when he hears a knock at the hotel room and walks to open the door and let Yugi in, "I couldn't fall or say something stupid or whatever."

"I know I'm a little late and I'm sorry," Yugi says with a grin, "But that's still no reason to give yourself a pep talk, that's my job."

"Then you better get started." Seth says turning a page of his book, "So I can return to my reading."

A little later Joey is dressed in his suit and about as white as a ghost.

"You're sure you're all right?" Yugi asks. "You look like you're about to faint."

"I wish I could-" Joey replies, "If I could faint I could get out of this and Seto couldn't even blame me."

"Do you want to get out of this?" Yugi asks.

"Well, for today yes." Joey replies, "And tomorrow I could fly with him to Vegas."

Yugi has to chuckle a little, "Don't worry Joey, you're going to be just fine and trust me, you would regret going to Vegas instead. And Seto put so much effort into this to this to make it perfect just for you it wouldn't be fair to ruin it."

"I know." Joey sighs, "And it's not like I really can faint for real whenever I want. So I guess I have to go through with this since Seto would freak out if I run now."

Seth's mobile makes a quiet sound in that moment and Seth looks at the display before saying, "It's time."

"I'm going to throw up." Joey mumbles regretting to have eaten a sandwich on the ride here.

"Then I suggest you do that now rather then during the ceremony." Seth replies calmly putting his book down for the moment and looks up towards Joey who simply stares back. "Ready?"

"Not really." Joey says with a sigh, "But I guess we better go anyway."

Seth just turns and walks towards the small room where the wedding will be and everyone is already inside when Seth walks inside with Yugi followed by Joey.

At midnight when Seto and Joey are standing happily under the fireworks and kissed each other Seto asks, "Are you feeling better? Seth told me that you where nervous and about to get sick."

"I'm fine now." Joey replies with a slight blush.

"So you don't regret that you didn't drag me to Vegas?" Seto asks.

"I don't regret anything." Joey says, "But you could have told me that the only guests would be our family and friends."

"Who else did you expect?" Seto asks.

"I don't know? Some more from work then just V. Maybe even from other companies, and the press. How did you get rid of them? They weren't at the mansion to follow me here."

"I made sure that they would get some information's about our wedding happening around this time." Seto replies, "But strangely the guy I paid to pass my information's must have gotten the place wrong."

"And they believed it?" Joey asks.

"Sure, I made sure to have everything believable," Seto replied, "I even have a room for a ceremony and a reception booked at that other place on my name while this one was booked on Tristan's name.

The end

I hope you all liked this story and I don't know when I get around to write something else since it's still more or less crazy here.