Millennium Dark

Sj 2002

Disclaimer: Let's run down the list of what I own, shall we? A lion heart pendent, two pads of post-it notes, three pens, and a dead lava lamp. The only thing even slightly related to Yu-Gi-Oh that I own is a poster of Seto Kaiba with his Blue Eyes White Dragon and something which I think is Exodia.

Explanation: This is an Alternate Universe fic in which Shadi (with the Ankh), Yami, Bakura and Yami Malik form this group called Millennium Dark. I got this idea from a picture drawn by Lizeth, who's also planning a picture with Millennium Light (Yugi, Ryou, Malik and Shadi with the scales). Well, she threw out a challenge, and I accepted, so…yes. Here are the particulars:

Millennium Dark consists of:

Yami—Lead Vocals

Bakura— Electric Guitar and back-up vocals

Yami Malik—Bass Guitar

Shadi (Ankh)—Drums

Seto Kaiba—Manager and owner of the label MD is signed to, KaibaCorps.

Joey Wheeler—Millennium Dark's agent and spokesman

Millennium Light consists of:

Yugi Motou—Lead Vocals

Ryou—Bass Guitar

Malik—Electric Guitar and back-up vocals

Shadi (Scales)—Keyboards

Mai Valentine—Manager

Tristan Taylor—Millennium Light's agent and spokesman

Plot: Millennium Dark is a successful rock band, but their sophomore album process is putting a strain on them, especially the relationship of Bakura and Yami Malik. The pressure's on since a new band named Millennium Light has come out of no where and taken the nation by storm. Yami's hiding a secret from his band-mates; he's in love and dating the lead singer of ML, Yugi Motou. Will this year be the end of a relationship or a band?

Other characters that may show up:

Téa Gardener—Yugi's best friend, but stalks Yami

Mokuba Kaiba—Seto's little assistant ^_^ Couldn't resist!

Maximillion Pegasus—TV host of "Battle of the Bands" ß ooh look at me stealing names!

Well that about covers it. Let's get started! There is Bakura/Malik and Yami/Yugi Yaoi pairings!

Chapter 1              "Is it over?"

            "Remind me never again to agree to something as stupid as this publicity tour," Bakura muttered, as he flopped into the comfy chair in the band's hotel room. His angular-cut white hair fell around him as he sank into the chair. "I friggin' hurt in places I never knew could hurt before!"

            Shadi, who was the unspoken older brother of the group, shook his head as he tied his long black hair into a ponytail. "We're all tired, Bakura. But it's for—"

            "The good of the group. I've heard this shit before," Bakura finished for the older boy, rolling his eyes. "Our album hasn't even been finished yet! Why are we running all over the country promoting it?"

            "It's just one of those things that we as the band aren't supposed to understand," Yami replied, as he glanced over at Bakura. "I suppose it's just to let the entire world know we're not dead yet," he finished logically.

            Malik Ishtar rolled his eyes and leaned over the chair Bakura was sitting on, letting his tanned arms rest limply on Bakura's toned chest. "Whatever you say, Yami. Does anyone know what hell we're going through tomorrow?"

            As if on cue, the band's manager, Seto Kaiba walked into the room. They often joked about Seto's age, since Shadi was really older than Seto, but had to take orders from someone a few years younger than he was. "Listen up because I'm only going to say this once," Seto began, in his usual no-nonsense tone. "You've got three interviews in succession, starting with Kiss 92 FM at 6:30, then immediately after that you have one with the Rock Radio station, I forget the name…at 7:45. Finally, you've got to spend at least an hour and a half at Much Music, doing an Intimate and Interactive with George…his last name's too flipping long…"

            Shadi raised an eyebrow. "Stroumboulopoulos?"

            Seto snapped his fingers. "Yes, that was it. Anyway, after those three, you've got two meet and greets at a two malls, and then an hour and a half before we have to be on a plane to Tokyo from the Toronto International airport."

            "Tokyo! How long is this plane ride?" Bakura demanded, not looking too pleased.

            "17 hours," Seto replied calmly. "You'll survive."

            "Just barely," Yami Malik grumbled, letting the sunglasses that covered his violet eyes slide down his nose. Seto rolled his eyes and walked out of the room. "What a slave-driver we've got for a manager, hey guys?"

            Yami fingered the puzzle that he wore around his neck, slightly lost in the glow the object sometimes emitted. "He's just doing his job," he said to Yami Malik. "Granted, it does seem a little…"

            "A little too unreasonable," Shadi finished, nodding. "We should get some rest. We're going to need it tomorrow."

            Just as the four males were about to get up and change to sleep, Seto opened the door and poked his auburn coloured head in. "You've got rehearsal in half an hour."

            Collectively, as their manager closed the door, the band emitted a long string of curses that surely did not please their neighbours. "How the hell does he expect us to rehearse of all things when we can't even move!" Bakura hissed.

            Shadi put a hand on the younger boy's shoulder. "Well there's nothing we can do about it now. Rest your eyes for the time we have and pray that our rehearsal doesn't go on too long. Yet, knowing Seto—"

            Malik raised a hand. "Please, Shadi, for the sake of my sanity, whatever's left of it, please do not finish that sentence." Shadi laughed and nodded. Yami Malik grabbed the remote control and clicked the TV on.

            "There could be trouble for the rock group Millennium Dark," The reporter began, catching the attention of the four males in the room. "It seems there is a new band rising fast, their name, Millennium Light. They've taken over the UK and it seems, they are planning on doing the same to their home country of Japan and the rest of the world."

            "Couldn't they have least tried to be more original?" Bakura questioned, raising an eyebrow at the picture of the band. "They totally ripped off our looks too!"

            "The lead singer, a young boy by the name of Yugi Motou, may be short, but boy, does this little guy pack a punch with his voice and lyrics!" The reporter praised. Yami bit his lip, clutching the Millennium Puzzle in his hands tightly. "Now why he may have an uncanny resemblance to MD's Yami, don't be fooled, these two are quite different from each other."

            Malik raised an eyebrow to the reporter's last few remarks. "That kid may have stolen your hair, but he doesn't look like he's any better than you are. What kind of cheap drugs is this woman on?"

            "Shh," Yami commanded, holding up a hand as the monitor switched to an interview of the young singer. "Let's just see."

            'What do you think of Millennium Dark's Yami? You two do look remarkably similar. Are you related?' the reporter in the clip asked.

            Yugi shook his head with a smile. 'No, we're not. But I do respect him. He's got a lot of talent, and it clearly shows in his lyrics.' Yami's face blushed slightly and uncharacteristically when he heard this praise. 'And for the record, he stole my hairstyle, not the other way around!' Yami chuckled at this, then froze when he realise he did it out loud.

            Shadi was the only one who noticed, as Bakura and Malik were discussing how cheap and uncreative ML was. "Yami," he whispered, "did you just chuckle at what that Yugi Motou just said?"

            "Um, no, no I didn't," Yami denied, regaining his usual calm demeanour. "You must be hearing things, Shadi."

            The older boy didn't look so sure. "Right. Well I hope you haven't gone mad from sleep deprivation. We need you alive before the first leg of our tour starts."

            "I'll be fine," Yami said, waving his hands. "If you'll excuse me, I'll be right back." He got up, and exited the room, walking down to the lobby and to the payphones. Quickly he put a dime and a quarter in the slot, and dialled a number.

            Waiting after two rings, an eager young voice picked up. "Hello?"

            A smile came to Yami's lips. "Hello little one."

            Yami's smile became wider as gasp was heard on the other end. "Yami! I was wondering when you'd call! How was your day?"

            "Utter, utter hell, little one," Yami sighed, leaning against the pillar that was to the immediate left of the phone stall. "But I'm feeling better now that I'm talking to you. I saw you on the news just now."

            "You did? I looked like an idiot, didn't I?" Yugi said a little deflated.

            "You looked very handsome," Yami replied, a smile on his lips. "I just called to say I love you, Yugi. I have to go now. We have rehearsal soon."

            Yugi sighed. "I understand. We've got a lot of work to do since we're going on tour soon. I love you too Yami."

            "Good bye, Yugi." Yami hung up the phone and prayed that no one heard the conversation as he walked back to the hotel room. He entered the room and felt his face get hot when he met with Yami Malik's suspicious gaze. "What's the matter?"

            "Where were you?" Malik asked, one hand clutching his Millennium Rod. Shadi was sitting on the bed looking at his Millennium Ankh, while Bakura touched his left eye where the Millennium Eye made its residence. The four had been brought together, it seemed, by fate, as each of them had a Millennium item, and they shared a love of music. "You were gone for quite some time. We almost left without you."

            Crap, was I really gone that long? Yami thought with slight panic. Be calm, Yami. "I went down to the lobby to get some fresh air and I couldn't get away from the press that had sneaked their way into the hotel." There…that wasn't too pathetic. Now let's just hope Yami Malik believes it.

            Malik sighed, and smacked the lead vocalist upside the head. "What did we tell you about going down there alone? You know how many of those friggin' paparazzi stalk us just to get a stupid picture. Don't do it again."

            "I hope you know that every day, you're starting to sound a little bit more like Shadi," Yami muttered, rubbing his head.

            "I resent that," Shadi spoke up, a playful tone in his voice. He got up, and put the Ankh back around his neck. "Let's get going. Joey's going to throw another fit if we're late."

            Bakura rolled his eyes. "It wouldn't kill him to get some patience."

            "Maybe you should get some yourself before getting on Joey's case," Yami pointed out.

            "Shut up," Bakura muttered. "Let's just get this over with, all right? I want to sleep."

            "We may never get him up ever again!" Shadi joked, poking Bakura in the side. Bakura muttered some choice expletives under his breath and swatted at the older boy. After the ceremonial banter was over, the band was ushered out of their hotel room and went to the hotel's 'performance' room, where their equipment was set up.

            Yami took his place at the front with the microphone, setting it up to his height. Bakura and Malik picked up their respective guitars, and began to tune them up. Shadi took his own sweet time, getting behind everyone and sitting in his spot behind his drums. After a few moments, the boys nodded to one another, and began to play their smash single, 'Everyday' [1].

            The hours seem to fly by as the band played song after song from their blockbuster debut self-titled album. They showed no signs of slowing down, as Seto, his younger brother and assistant Mokuba, and Joey Wheeler, the band's agent and spokesman watched on. "Yami's improved," Seto murmured, as he looked at the electric-haired singer.

            "They all have," Joey added. "Do you remember when we were recording the first album? I thought they were all gonna kill each other."

            Seto groaned. "I'd like not to relive that nightmare. We almost didn't have a band left to finish the album, much less tour." He looked at Bakura, then to Malik. "And those two. I won't ever forget when they sprang on us that they were a couple."

            Joey chuckled in remembrance. "Oh yea, that wasn't exactly your finest hour. Fresh off a caffeine hangover and stressed beyond belief, I'm sure it wasn't the best time to find out that those two were together. But hey, what can ya do?"

            "Absolutely nothing," Seto replied, shaking his head. "This publicity is ridiculous. I know they hate me for getting you to booking them into all this crap, but it's not like I have a choice. They have to get the word out of their album since we're so close to finishing it. But Joey, those Millennium Light guys, I'm not liking this."

            "I know what you mean," Joey conceded, "It's bad enough they look almost identical to our guys, but they're becoming rapidly popular. Almost to the point that it's ridiculous. But I'm sure our boys will get the job done."

            "I hope so," Seto murmured, "I hope so."

            "Hey, relax a little, will ya?" Joey asked, putting a hand on Seto's shoulder. "You're gonna get wrinkles before Shadi, man!"

            Seto chuckled a little, and shook his head. "I can't afford to relax, Joey. There's too much to be done and too little time to do it in." Soon enough, the band finished their rehearsal, and the sweat glistened from the hot spotlights. "You guys did good," Seto called to the band. "You earned your rest."

            "Well thank God!" Bakura exclaimed, taking off his electric guitar and putting it gently back on the stand. Yami Malik looked on almost fondly as Bakura treated the guitar like a child. "Let's get the hell out of here."

            The rest of the band concurred, and walked out of the performance room, but Seto pulled Yami to the side as everyone left. "Yes, Seto?" Yami asked curiously.

            "You've got one thing to do that doesn't involve the rest of the band. I just got the call and I figured I should tell you now," Seto began, and Yami raised an eyebrow. "Much More Music wants to do a little interview with you and Yugi Motou. Together…at the same time."

            Yami's amethyst eyes widened, and he bit his lip slightly. "I see…"

            "This is after you do your Intimate and Interactive at Much Music since it's at the same building," Seto explained further. "We have an hour or so before we head to the malls, so you'll have enough time to complete the interview and sign a few autographs even. But Yami… there is bound to be a highly profiled rivalry between Millennium Dark and Millennium Light. I want you to—"

            "Protect the integrity of the band," Yami finished to Seto's confirming nod. "I'll do just that. Good night, Seto." Seto nodded once more, and Yami left the room, taking the elevator solo. Figures this'd happen to me…keep yourself together Yami. All you have to do is keep this from everyone else. They wouldn't understand. All it is one little interview. Keep your mouth shut and it all should be okay. I hope.


Author's notes: [1] Song is copyrighted to Bon Jovi. Please review, feedback is something I'd appreciate. And yes, I am working on "Scars and Tears" ^_^ Don't fret!