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Chapter 2.

Scene 14: Fade into a noisy train.  There are sounds of people talking, and the background engines from the train as it races through the underground. It's dark in the corner where Cloud and Barret are sitting.  Cloud is staring out into the dark tunnel beyond the glass windows.

BARRET: (talking quietly to himself) The upper world... a city on a plate... It's because of that goddamn piece of shit that people down here are suffering. The slums are full of polluted air… the reactor keeps drainin' up the energy.

Cloud finally turns around and looks at Barret.  Barret has turned his attention to his gun arm, turning it over and polishing some of the rough surface.  The other members of AVALANCHE are in the nearer background, huddled together and talking quietly.

CLOUD: Why don't people move up on the plate?

BARRET: There's no money. No one lives in the slums because they want to…

Cut to: The train racing through the tunnel.  And fade into darkness.

15: Music: Dr DRE: What's the Difference, plays loudly as the camera zooms in to a monolith sized building at the center of Midgar.  Zooming in, the Shinra Logo becomes visible. Zooming through a window high up near the top of the building, the screen shows a set of offices, all clean and well kept.  Although the desks are empty, there are all sorts of high tech equipment placed on shelves, the computers are on, and there are full inboxes.

The camera keeps moving until it runs into Tseng, played by Viggo Mortensen.  Tseng is a tall and imposing man, with a stern face and cool brown eyes.  He has black hair that hangs straight past his shoulders, and a black dot on his forehead.  He's wearing an immaculate blue suit. 

The camera changes to Tseng's POV, and moves as Tseng walks down the corridor.  Through a closed glass door we see a rumpled figure asleep at his desk.  This is Reno, played by Stephen Dorff.  From what Tseng can see, Reno's asleep, face down on his crossed arms.  His red ponytail contrasts against his blue jacket.  Tseng sharply bangs on the door, causing Reno to jerk awake.  Tseng walks on, people beginning to occupy the corridors and offices.  They all regard Tseng respect and fear, all clearly staying out of his way.  A bald man walking past nods to him.  It's Rude. Played by Vin Disel, the quick shot of him shows that he's tall and well built under his blue suit.  He's bald and wears black shades.

Tseng walks into the elevator as a young blonde woman hurries out.  The elevators are situated on the outside of the building, and you can see the darkening city through the glass walls.  The elevator is already occupied, by a young man with short blonde hair and bright blue eyes.  It's Rufus Shinra, played by Brad Pitt.  He's wearing a white trenchcoat under tailored white pants and black turtleneck.  He looks rich and well presented, but currently has a scowl on his face.  The music quiets as the elevator doors close.

RUFUS (in a dangerously pleasant voice) The Sector One reactor has been completely destroyed.

TSENG: I know, Sir.

RUFUS: Father is placing the Turks in charge of-

TSENG: (firmly) This isn't our problem.  Leave it to SOLDIER.

RUFUS: (his scowl deepens as he glares at the head Turk) This IS your problem if my father says it is.  You take your orders from him!

Tseng is silent. Rufus leans in, grabbing hold of his shirt and hissing into his face) Is this clear?

Tseng doesn't change his impassive expression.  The elevator stops with a chime.  Rufus releases him, and the door opens.  They begin to walk out, Rufus' voice fading as they get further away from the elevator.

RUFUS: Good.  We're pretty sure the perpetrators are the terrorist group known as AVALANCHE…

The elevator closes.

Scene 16: Sector 7.  Like the rest of the slums, this place is a hovel of crowded, stacked houses, with narrow dirt streets and broken lamps flanking either side.  Most of the lights don't work, although a few of them flicker on and off in sporadic moments, casting flickering shadows in the darkening suburb.  There are groups of kids running around, chasing a barking dog, and parents on porches watching them.  Cloud walks through them, the shouts of the kids circling around him.  He makes his way to one of the larger buildings, a two storey wooden flat.  There are saloon styled doors, and 'The 7th Heaven' written in chipping gold letters above them.  The lights are bright coming from inside.  Cloud treads up the stairs and walks in.

17: Music: The Sneaker Pimps - Velvet Underground begins playing softly.  The bar looks inviting and warmly lit.  Biggs, Wedge and Jessie are sitting at one of the round tables, each with drinks.  A young girl is standing behind the bar, with shoulder length brown hair, and wearing a pink dress.  This is Marlene, played by Emma Watson.  She keeps looking nervously at the doorway behind her as Cloud approaches. 

18.  The door opens, and Tifa Lockhart steps out (played by Catherine Zeta-Jones).  Tifa has very long, dark brown hair, with a tie near the end.  She's wearing a white midriff top and a short brown skirt.  She smiles in relief at seeing Cloud, and reaches over and clasps his hand.

TIFA: Cloud, welcome home. (she sees the flower in his jacket pocket and smiles) Flowers? 

Cloud hands it to her, and she takes it and smells it's fragrance (assuming it has one)

TIFA: Thank you Cloud.  It smells wonderful.  Maybe I should fill the store with flowers…

A loud thump is heard from behind them. 

19.  Barret has entered the bar, the saloon doors slapping against the walls from the strength of his stride.

MARLENE: (from behind the camera) Papa!

Marlene runs over to the doorway, and Barret picks her up and sets her on his shoulder.  Barret ignores Cloud, and turns to the rest of AVALANCHE.

BARRET: Get in here, it's time for the meetin'!

He walks over to the back door, and the members of AVALANCHE follow, Jessie giving Cloud a sympathetic look before closing the door behind them.

20. Cloud sits down on one of the bar stools.

TIFA: You want a drink?

Cloud nods.

While busying herself at the bar, Tifa keeps talking.

TIFA: Make sure you get your pay from Barret.

Cloud nods, and takes the drink she hands him.  Tifa watches him while he downs the short glass quick.

CLOUD: I'd better go back there.

21: The back room is full of a mixture of different electrical goods, mostly stolen.  There's a punching bag in the corner, which Biggs and Wedge are mucking with.  Jessie is watching the television, which is reporting about the explosion.

REPORTER:  (softer voice in background)... today the No.1 Reactor was bombed. The terrorist group AVALANCHE has claimed responsibility for the bombing.  It is expected that AVALANCHE will continue its reign of terror. But citizens of Midgar.... there is no need to fear...

Barret is sitting at the desk, Marlene beside him.  He stands up and glares at Cloud, who stares back.

BARRET: There's somethin' I wanna ask you.  Dya think there were any SOLDER fighting us today?

CLOUD: None.

BARRET: (sounding skeptical) How're you so sure?

CLOUD: If there were any SOLDIER down there, you'd be dead.

BARRET: (scowls as Marlene looks at him in concern) Don't think you guys're too special.  You're with AVALANCHE now.  Don't forget it.

The Television silences as Jessie suddenly switches it off.  The room is silent and full of tension.  Tifa runs in, and looks at everyone in surprise as Cloud moves towards the same door to exit.

TIFA: What's going on? Cloud?

BARRET: Let him go.  Look's like he's still got ties to Shin-Ra.

Tifa looks at Cloud in surprise

CLOUD: (turns around) Don't get me wrong.  I don't care about Shin-Ra or AVALANCHE.

He brushes past Tifa and slams the door behind him.

Wedge gives an audible sigh.

TIFA: I'll go talk to him.

Sorry that was so short, but more's coming up soon, I swear!  I'm sticking a lot (well, the scenes I'm not creating) to the script, but it'll probably change after a few more characters turn up.  And yes, I thought that Rufus and the Turks deserved a bigger part.

I'm trying to make the music as similar to the music from FF7, so the lyrics and tune fit as much as possible.  The Dr DRE song is uuber- evil empire jazz, and Velvet Underground sounds a whole lot like Tifa's Theme.

I hope you're all liking it so far. Comments/Criticisms are welcome!!