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Rias watched her brother pace around the throne room, wondering what had upset him this time. The war with the vampires had been very intense of late, so there was no doubt that something had developed within the latest battle. "Five hundred soldiers!" Sirzechs snarled, glaring at his captain. "Five hundred soldiers were dispatched by just the royal family! Only one of which was male! Your men were defeated by four women, two of whom were underage! This is unacceptable."

"I am sorry, My Liege, but we were unaware that they had the fabled Shinso blood. We thought-."

"Only two have the blood of the legendary Shinsos," Sirzechs hissed. "Two! The other two were regular vampires. One trained in the Jigen Tou that Touhou Fuhai refuses to teach us and the other simply had a lot of strength and a shapeshifting bat!"

"I am deeply sorry, My Lord," the captain murmured.

"Brother, what is going on?" Rias inquired, tired of eavesdropping. Strolling into the throne room regally, as was expected of her, the Devil Princess watched her brother curiously.

Sirzechs turned to her with a small, weary smile upon his face. "It seems the Vampire Lord's royal family is stronger than I anticipated. They defeated five hundred of our soldiers with only their two young girls, their adult daughter, his wife, and himself."

"It sounds troublesome," Rias cocked her head to the side, concern in her gaze.

"It is a minor setback, yes. But it is not something we can't overcome in due time."

"But brother, what if we can't overcome them? What do we do then?"

Sirzechs' eyes flashed unhappily. "We are Gremorys. We do not admit defeat against lower beings. How are your studies?"

Rias lowered her head unhappily. "I am doing well in my studies," she sighed.

Satan's eyes softened considerably at his sister's obvious sadness. "I know you miss your friends and servants on the surface, but the earth is the domain of the vampires, and if they were to catch you… that is something that could make or break this war."

"But why are we at war, Brother?" Rias asked despondently. "What are we even fighting for?"

"We are fighting because father fought and grandfather fought and so on," Satan knew what was coming next and resigned himself to it.

"But why are we fighting when we can't even remember what we're fighting for? There is no point in fighting if there is no reason."

"It is our duty to win this war," Sirzechs told her. "For our family."

Rias shook her head and turned away, heading to her bedroom. Sirzechs knew that she did not enjoy being cooped up in the castle and wanted the war to end so that she could go out again, but he also knew that her heart was in the right place. She wanted their soldiers to stop dying because of the war as well. They both knew the vampires were incredibly powerful and this newest defeat has proven just how powerful the royal family alone was.

Sighing to himself, Sirzechs left the throne room and made his way to his own bedroom, deciding that having some time alone with Grayfia may make him feel a bit better.

Later, Rias stared over the castle grounds, watching the guards switch off. She had switched from her long royal dress to a shorter one, the skirt of it coming just to midthigh in order to allow free leg movement. In doing this, she secured her ability to sneak from the castle like she did every night.

Scaling down the wall, Rias raced for the nearest cart, which always left at the same time each day. Walking on one side of the cart where the guards couldn't see her. Waiting for the cart to stop next to another one, Rias climbed into the next cart and waited until the driver whipped the horses to get them to start moving. Once she was certain that she was out of the gates, the Devil Princess leaped from the cart and set off into the woods as she normally did, heading up to the surface.

Upon coming to the exit into the woods that mirrored those around her, Rias took in a deep breath of earth air and smiled, beginning to walk along the land. The forestry around her was calm and normal, predators and prey scurrying about. Rias smiled and began heading in the direction of the break in the trees that would lead her to Akeno's home.

Hearing footsteps nearby, Rias attempted to keep herself out of sight and to stay quiet so that none of the people heard her. To her chagrin, just as she was turning around, the wind rustled and the leaves lifted, sliding across her body and rustling as well. How is that even possible? She inwardly hissed.

"Hey! Who's there?" Rias froze, unsure of which direction the voice was coming from.

Suddenly, a flashlight shined right in her face and three vampire guards snarled at her angrily. "It's one of those Devils!" the one holding the flashlight shouted.

"Get her!" the one to his right growled, all three beginning to give chase.

"Shit!" Rias hissed, racing in the opposite direction. If they catch me, it could mean either the end of the war or the start of a much bloodier one. Hurrying through the underbrush and forestry, Rias worked to put as much distance between herself and the Shuzen scouts as she could. They may have been vampires, but at the moment, they were only using a fraction of their speed. They probably want me to lead them back to my home. Either that, or they're leading me into a trap.

Continuing into the forestry, Rias tried to decide which she was going to do.

Moka groaned as she watched her father pace around the throne room. She sat in her designated throne and completely ignored the rant he was giving on what the Devil Lord had done this time. I don't see why he has to be so aggressive about this whole thing. We won the last battle, didn't we?

Moka glanced over to her sisters and mother. Kokoa was as bored as she was and definitely looked it. She was nearly falling asleep in her throne as she tried to listen to their father. Aqua was a bit better, sitting up straight with her eyes following their father, but it was clear from the glazed look in her eyes that she wasn't really listening. Akasha dutifully listened to her husband as he went on and on about the war and the fact that the Devils might be figuring out a way to win.

"After all, why would they lead a full-scale castle attack if they weren't sure they would win?" Issa hissed, red eyes narrowed in fury. "I bet they've found a secret weapon that they're hiding. One of the soldiers could have planted it here in the castle while we were taking care of the rest."

"Darling, you can't know that for certain," Akasha murmured, standing and making her way over to him. Placing a hand on his shoulder, she gave him a soft smile. "Perhaps you should relax."

"No, I will not relax until I have made certain the castle is secured," Turning to some nearby guards, Issa ordered, "Have the castle secured and searched in order to find out if there is anything hidden away."

"Yes sir!" the guards saluted and raced off.

Issa turned to his family and let a bit of his body relax. Akasha smiled and turned to her daughters. "You are all dismissed."

Moka slid from her throne and walked past her parents, ducking her head to them as she made her way to her bedroom. Dismissing the maid dusting her chandelier, Moka locked her door and made certain no one was listening in before slipping out of her dress and moving over to her closet. Digging around in the back of the closet, she found the skirt she had chosen to wear that night and put it on. Moving to the window, she surveyed the armaments that were patrolling the border.

Waiting until the guards had moved, Moka opened her window and slid from her balcony onto the roof, balancing herself on the banister and walking in a straight line toward the nearest dropdown point. The guards glanced around, but with her Shinso speed, Moka was able to avoid detection and slid down the pole to the next roof before jumping the rest of the way to the ground. Racing along the treeline where the guards were patrolling, she leaped into a tree to avoid getting caught and swung high into the air, over the trees and over the boundary line. If any of the castle guards dared to follow her, they would risk getting ambushed by the Devils.

Grinning to herself, the silverette strolled through the woods and made her way to her favorite clearing, sitting in the center and staring up at the stars. It was times like these that she loved being able to sneak out of her home and explore during the night. It was the only time she felt free of her father's influence and all of the talk about war and battles seemed to just fade behind her, left at the castle and staying there. Observing the twinkling spheres, Moka wondered how the Devils were feeling about the war. All she knew about them was what her father had told her about them and her mother refused to talk about them because she didn't like the thought of hurting people.

Surely they can't truly be as bad as Father says they are. I mean, what are we even fighting this war for? No one even remembers what happened to cause it so doesn't that negate the purpose of fighting it? I see no reason to keep battling each other into extinction; though neither side is anywhere near extinct, even now.

I just wish Father would be more understanding of me. I mean, I know that I'm the second youngest, but even Kokoa gets to do more than I do. Is it because I'm illegitimate? Did he only marry mother because he didn't want to tarnish his relationship? Perhaps he doesn't let me out because he's afraid I won't be able to control my Shinso blood, despite Mother doing her best to train me.

Questions like these had bothered Moka night after night. It really irked her, trying to figure out why her other two sisters get more privileges than she did. Kahlua, though dead, and Kokoa were understandable, but Aqua was an adopted child! She was about the same as Moka was in terms of family, if not less considering she wasn't even of his blood. Yet, Moka wasn't even allowed out of the castle.

Moka sighed and stood, taking a look around and chuckling. To think I can just come here to let my problems fade away when it's not nearly as safe as the castle. I suppose some of us find the best solace when we're in danger.

Moka turned to leave back for home, having cleared her head enough to think through the next day. She heard a rustling sound and glanced around, examining the area to try and detect where the sound had come from. Deciding that it must have been nothing, Moka turned once more. Suddenly, a louder rustling was heard in the bushes and a girl burst from the brush, glancing behind her as she ran. Not looking where she was going, the girl slammed right into Moka and the next thing the vampire knew, her entire world was surrounded by red.

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