What A Veela Wants, A Veela Gets

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"HERMIONE! Wake up! You have to get up and open your presents before breakfast!" Ginny screamed as she jumped on Hermione's bed. The other girls in the dorm groaned before laughing. Everyone grabbed their gifts and gave them to Hermione as she mock-glared at Ginny, "Isn't the girl with the birthday supposed to be allowed to wake when she wishes?"

Ginny just grinned, "Not when so many people want her to wake up so they can wish her happy birthday!"

Hermione rolled her eyes in good humor at the red-head who jumped off her bed. "Get ready and come down to the common room."

Hermione sat on the edge of her bed as the other girls got ready for the day and left. She was 17. She was an adult in the wizarding world now. She stood and looked in the mirror as she dressed. She didn't look any different from yesterday, but something felt a little off for the day. If she hadn't been searching for changes, she never would have noticed. But something, as miniscule as it may be, felt different and she couldn't explain it.

As Hermione made her way to the Gryffindor common room, everyone erupted in cheers of 'Happy Birthday'. She smiled and laughed in thanks. Most of the people in her year had stayed to give gifts before breakfast. Hermione was shocked at how good it felt to feel appreciated enough by others to have them postpone a journey to the Great Hall.

Neville and Dean gave her some candy from Hogsmeade. Harry gave her a book, Muggle Healing vs. Magical Means, and The Benefits of Both. Hermione was shocked such a book even existed, and thanked him for his thoughtfulness. Ron gave her changing ink that you could charm to change colors in order to take better notes. Neville gave her a book on magical plants that he said was the best field guide he had found. The girls in her dorm had come together for a joint gift of hair products and books on charms for hair and clothes. Hermione thanked everyone as they walked to the Great Hall in a large group to eat breakfast before classes.

When she arrived, Luna walked over and handed her an oddly wrapped present, "Happy Birthday Hermione."

"Thank you Luna!"

Hermione opened the wrapping to find an even odder bracelet. It looked like some type of shells.

"They're Slubby shells. They keep grindylows from attacking you when swimming."

Ron just mouthed what the hell are slubby shells?

"Um, thank you Luna, that is really sweet." Luna smiled before she skipped back to the Ravenclaw table.

Hermione ate and chatted with those sitting around her. Suddenly owls filled the Great Hall as mail arrived. Two packages dropped in front of Hermione. One was from Mrs. Weasley and the other was from her parents.

The one from Mrs. Weasley included a box of home baked sweets. She smiled as she saw her favorite lemon bars included. The gift from her parents included a photo album of her over the years. Some were pictures of her and her parents, while others were of her and Harry and Ron. A few of the pictures were moving, but most were taken with a muggle camera. She smiled as she looked at a few of the pages before placing it in her bag. She would have time later to look at it more. She finished eating quickly before she grabbed her bag and headed to potions class with a smile on her face. This was turning out to be a great birthday.


Draco Malfoy felt shaky as he rolled out of bed. Blaise shook his head as he looked at him, "You look like shit, mate."

"Thanks for the observation." He said as he started getting ready for the day.

"Maybe you should go see Madam Pomfrey before classes."

Draco started thinking, "Yeah, maybe I will. You go to breakfast and I'll meet up with you later today in Transfiguration."

"Alright. See you" Blaise said as he walked out of the Slytherin Dungeons and up to the Great Hall. Draco however was not heading to the Hospital Wing. He was heading to speak to his godfather, Severus Snape.

When he arrived at the potion master's private quarters and knocked, it was no surprise when he was greeted with a sneer as the door opened. The sneer however turned contemplative as he took in Draco's appearance. He merely opened the door all the way and Draco entered to the sitting room. He went and sat down as his godfather sat in the chair next to him and waited for him to speak.

"I think it's happening. I think my Veela is waking up."

Severus frowned. "Any idea of who she may be?"

"Not a clue. I haven't really seen anyone this morning though. I am afraid I will see her in class and won't be able to resist her."

"Your professors are aware that you are a Veela, Draco. I will alert them that your Veela has decided on a mate. It is a Friday; perhaps you won't see her until tomorrow. If you haven't found her by tonight, I will help you search for her then. Yet again, she may not even be at Hogwarts."

Draco frowned. "No, I'm pretty sure she is close by. I can tell."

Draco rarely showed vulnerability, but he did when he asked, "What if I scare her off? What if she refuses the claim?"

"Draco, once you make eye contact your Veela will need to at least mark her, right away. However, it may take a little time for her to fully accept the claim. You have one month from the time you see her. I'm sure you can 'woo' her by then."

Professor Snape stood.

"Take a moment to calm yourself, then come to class."

Draco nodded.


Hermione sat in the front of the potions lab with Ron and Harry. Professor Snape was lecturing about the theories behind a clockwise stir and a counter-clockwise stir and their effects on a potion, especially when combined. Hermione barely heard Harry complain to Ron about Malfoy always being excused if he arrived late to this class. She was fascinated by the reasons as to why there should always be at least one more clockwise turn than counter-clockwise turn, except in the use of dark potions. Suddenly she wasn't focusing on the professor in front of her. She felt someone looking at her. She went to turn, but was stopped as Professor Snape called on her to answer a question.

"Um" She tried hard to clear her mind to answer the question, but she couldn't. She needed to look and see who was watching her. It was important.

Snape looked at Draco, whose eyes had gone completely silver. There were no whites left, just the metallic glow. He was looking directly at Miss Granger. Apparently Draco's Veela had already found his mate. Before she could turn to make eye contact he bellowed, "Class dismissed! Pack up your things and leave immediately." The students started to leave quickly before he changed his mind. "Miss Granger if you would remain seated." She looked at him confused before finally turning and making eye-contact with Draco. Suddenly he started making an odd purring sound. It was mesmerizing as Hermione looked into his eyes. She heard Harry and Ron talking, but could not focus on that. She had to be near him.

Severus grabbed a few items he would need for the day from his room. Internally he groaned why my classroom?

"Mr. Potter and Mr. Weasley, you will leave immediately." He said as he grabbed his stuff and headed towards the door. He knew what would soon happen here, and wanted to be far away when it began.

"But what is happening with Hermione? What the hell is Malfoy doing to her?" Harry asked as he went to stop Hermione from slowly walking across the room.

"NO!" Severus grabbed his arm as he went to touch Hermione. "Do not touch her. She will be fine. We need to leave here. I need to go speak to the headmaster. Wait for me in the hall if you wish to have any answers."

The boys narrowed their eyes as they glared at Snape, but thankfully they walked out into the hall. Snape looked at the two as Draco's Veela lured her closer to him. He sighed and rolled his eyes as he transfigured a chair near them into a bed. He did not want them doing anything on one of the desks, especially his. He quickly left the room and heavily warded it shut. No one would be entering the classroom for the rest of the day.


Hermione felt like she was in a dream. She saw Draco in front of her, but her only thought was about the need to be closer to him. She was no longer in her potions classroom, she was in a forest. She watched Draco wave his hand, and she briefly registered the cold air hitting her bare flesh. But that did not bother her. Draco was no longer wearing anything either, however her eyes never strayed from his. An errant thought flew through her mind about this being wrong, he was the enemy; but it disappeared as quickly as it came. Draco wasn't her enemy. He was hers, just as she was his.

Hermione was finally standing in front of Draco. He smiled and she noticed his teeth had sharpened, but she didn't fear him. She felt like a lullaby was playing in her mind, calmingly. It relaxed her as he finally touched her. When he touched her, fire spread through her body; blazing hot desire. She didn't notice when the bed appeared in the forest next to them, but Draco gently laid her down on it as he crawled over her. He kissed her fiercely before moving his kisses down to her neck. He sucked her neck until a mark was left. He breathed in the scent of her hair and purred when Hermione ran her hands over his chest. More. She needed more. As if Draco heard her thoughts, he started grinding his hips against her. His cock moved between her legs, getting coated in her growing wetness. She cried out in ecstasy when he finally entered her, and felt no pain as a virgin should have. When he didn't start moving immediately, she finally noticed that he had his teeth imbedded in her neck. He licked the wound to seal it, knowing the scar would be left there for eternity, for all to see she was his. He purred in delight when he saw her smile. He began moving and she met his thrust each time. Draco's silver eyes stared into hers as they reached towards their peak. She was a little surprised when she went to lick her lip and felt her own teeth had sharpened. When they finally climaxed, Draco roared as she bit down on his neck as he had hers. The wound magically healed and sealed itself. Draco purred a final time and nuzzled her hair before they both passed out on the bed.


The two woke up at the same time. Draco froze; his Veela had chosen Granger, mudblood Granger as his mate? Draco wasn't actually sure how he felt about this. Especially when the Veela in him purred as Hermione snuggled into his side. It quickly stopped though, when Hermione froze. They lay in each other's embrace with their legs tangled. Hermione swallowed before opening her eyes and seeing Draco's grey eyes staring down at her. Her eyes widened as she realized she was awake in the potions classroom and this wasn't a dream.

"What… what the hell happened?" she asked as she started moving away from him.

She didn't get very far as Draco's eyes flashed silver again and he pinned her to the bed. "Mine" he said as he nuzzled her neck where he marked her.

Hermione felt the puzzle pieces clicking together. Silver eyes, possessive attitude, pointed teeth. Draco was a Veela. Oh Merlin she had been chosen as Malfoy's mate! And to make matters worse, she had, for some reason, accepted the claim and marked Draco as hers! Why had she done that? Now there was no way out of this! She was pretty much married to Draco Malfoy now!

Draco froze on top of her and looked at her with his normal grey eyes again, "sorry." He frowned, "you know I didn't exactly choose this either." It surprised Hermione that he wasn't angry or hateful when he said those words. He almost sounded hurt. At least she didn't have to feel guilty about deciding whether or not to let Draco die. Veelas only had a month for their mate to accept the bond and claim them as well. Otherwise they would die of a broken heart. Apparently Hermione got to skip the deciding part altogether.

"You should have been allowed that decision though."

If Draco hadn't still been on top of her, she would have fallen off the bed, "You can read my mind?!"

Draco shrugged, "It's a Veela thing. It's so I can protect my ma-… so I can protect you if you need it."

Hermione let her air out in something like a laugh. She realized he was still pinning her arms down, on top of her naked. She blushed.

He cleared his throat, "Sorry" as he rolled to the side.

Hermione sat up, covering her chest, and looked around, "Where exactly are our clothes?"

Draco stood and took a confused look around before groaning and rolling his eyes up to the ceiling. "It would seem that the Veela side of me decided to just vanish our clothes."

Hermione crawled under the sheet on the bed, "So what now?"

Draco knew that question held much more than what they would do about their lack of clothes, but he decided to just answer that for now, "I'm sure Professor Snape will be back at some point to check on us."

Hermione bit her lip. She really did not want to be seen without clothes by her potions professor, especially after doing that in his classroom.

Draco's eyes flashed silver, "trust me he won't" he growled out.

Hermione slowly nodded her head. "Okay." His eyes slowly went back to the normal grey.

Hermione blushed as images of their 'mating' flashed through her mind. She did not like that term.

"Why did I see only you and a forest this morning? Or was it yesterday?" There were no windows in the room and made it difficult to decide how long they had been sleeping.

"I think it was this morning, and you saw a forest because my Veela knew you would be more comfortable with the union if we were more isolated and not in a classroom." He seemed a bit embarrassed.

"You speak of your Veela as if it is separate from you."

Draco sat under the sheet on the bed as well so they were both covered. "In a way it is. I guess you could say I first 'met' my Veela when I turned 17, but he hasn't really been around until today. My Veela truly connected to me and 'awoke', when he chose you. I'm assuming it is your 17th birthday?"

Hermione nodded.

"It's odd, but I won't truly have control over my Veela until I claim you as well."

Hermione looked at Draco skeptically, "Claim me how exactly?"


"Oh!" Hermione said surprised.

"See, you have accepted my Veela, and he has accepted you, but he doesn't feel that we have accepted each other. It's hard to explain." He said rubbing his forehead in frustration.

"No you're doing fine explaining. What you're trying to say is that you won't have control over your Veela side until we accept each other and marry. I understand"

"Yes, so just be prepared if you see my eyes go silver. I'll try, but I may not be able to fully control my Veela, and he may try to do something embarrassing like re-mark you if he feels threatened by other males."

So marriage is a must for me and Draco then, thought Hermione, and probably sooner rather than later if I don't want him attacking me every time I go near a guy.

Draco smiled and raised an eyebrow at her. He then frowned as he thought of his blood-prejudiced parents. Would they accept that his Veela had claimed Hermione?

Hermione watched as Draco's eyes flashed silver. He shook his head and they flashed back to normal before repeating the process again.



Hermione froze, "sorry"

"No not you. I was thinking about my parents and my Veela went into protective mode. It's a bit difficult to keep him contained and they aren't even in the room!" Draco said in frustration. It would take a bit of work to get used to his Veela and vice-versa.

Hermione didn't even realize she had started to rub his arm comfortingly. Draco sighed as his Veela stopped fighting him. "Thank you; that helped."

She nodded and cleared her throat, "So about the clothes. Should I send a message to someone?"

"How? I don't exactly see an owl hanging around?" It was odd to Hermione how the words Draco spoke were the same, but how he said them were so vastly different.

"It's a Veela thing. I will do anything to make you happy and being too much of an ass to you is counterproductive."

Hermione chuckled at his reasoning. "I was intending to send a patronus."

"Ah." Draco said eyeing Hermione impressed. "You should send it to Professor Snape."

Hermione cast her patronus to send a message to Professor Snape that he was needed in his classroom immediately, however when she cast it, it was not an otter that left.

Draco looked at her frozen form, "What is wrong? An otter, did that used to be your patronus?"

Hermione nodded, "Why did it change into a hippogriff?"

"That's not exactly any hippogriff." He hesitated, "It's- well, it's me."

"You? What do you mean it's you? You turn into a hippogriff?"

He looked a bit offended, "Yes I turn into a hippogriff. It's a Veela thing, most Veelas turn into some sort of flying creature. I turn into a very large and powerful hippogriff."

Hermione smiled with irony when she remembered Draco and Buckbeak in third year, "That explains a lot. You certainly have the ego of one."

"Yes well I didn't alw-"

They both turned as they hear the door opening. Draco leapt in front of Hermione and covered her from Snape's sight. His eyes were pure silver as he growled at their potions professor.

Snape respectfully diverted his eyes, "I assume you will need new robes?"

Hermione rubbed a growling Draco's arm, "Yes that would be most appreciated, Professor." He opened a door behind a drapery, entered then reappeared with some of their school robes. "I will be through this door when you are done," he said as he left. Hermione nodded as she went to stand.

Draco grabbed her and nuzzled her hair aside to show her mark on her neck. "Mine"

Hermione knew what the Veela expected her to say, "yes, yours."

He purred. Draco suddenly stopped and pulled back after his tongue dipped to touch the mark. "S-sorry. Um I would suggest you dress unless you want a repeat of earlier. My Veela is only just satisfied at the moment." He said as he backed up and started dressing.

Hermione followed suit and walked through the door with Draco. He guided her to a couch and sat down in between her and Professor Snape. She was a little miffed when he angled towards Snape almost blocking her from view. Snape simply raised an eyebrow, "You should consider me family Draco, I am no threat."

Draco simply said, "Apparently my Veela does not agree."

Snape frowned but nodded. "I see you have marked Miss Granger."

Hermione was glad that she could hide her blush behind Draco now.

"Yes and she marked me."

The professor froze in astonishment, "Already?"

The Veela in him was prideful, "Yes."

Hermione looked around Draco, "Is that not normal, Professor?"


Hermione was fighting Draco trying to see around him. Finally she huffed as she pushed him back on the couch and held his arm around her so she could see the professor. He purred before forcing himself to stop.

Snape continued, "It is inevitable that a Veela will seduce his mate into allowing him to claim her, however it is not common for the mate to take claim immediately as well. There is a month after first eye contact that the Veela has to convince his mate to lay claim as well, or he will die of a broken heart. Sometimes the mate does not return the claim, usually she does but it is at least a day or two after. It is not rare that you would return the claim, it is just uncommon, especially since you were not in… friendly regards before this morning."

She felt Draco nuzzling her hair above her.

"So is Draco out of danger of death now?"

"No. Until the claim is fully complete, there is always a chance his Veela will be convinced you do not want him. It is important that you remain close to Draco so his Veela will not feel abandoned, and so you will not feel abandoned as well."

"What do you mean?"

"You and Draco are now connected. I don't believe you will ever want to be separated from Draco again." Hermione suddenly remembered reading some books on Veelas. She remembered reading about the connection of Veelas and how being together brought such comfort and happiness, that the separation left them feeling empty and longing to be united with their mate again. A Veela's mate picked up some Veela attributes, such as the way her teeth sharpened when she marked his neck.

"Sir what time is it exactly?"

"Dinner has just finished. Would you like to be shown to your new quarters?" This seemed to bring Draco back into the conversation, "We'll be living together?"

Snape smirked, "I can keep you in separate rooms if you wish?"

"NO!" Hermione shocked herself when she said 'no' just as vehemently as Draco did.

This was going to be interesting.

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