Author's Note: Well, I finally got around to acting on one of my fanfic ideas. And what I strange one I picked... I know someone told me that only certain Millennium Items have spirits, but I'm going to ignore that for the sake of my plot. Because it's fun, you'll like it! In fact, I'm making a lot of stuff up here! But plenty of people do that. Caution: Beware of Rod jokes in this chapter! Yes, despite my child-friendly image, I have acquired a dirty mind! Also, this was kind of written in a hurry, and with very little information, so give me a break. Just so you know, in the American dub, the Ankh is called the Key, and the Tauk will probably be called the Necklace. And any and all information about Shadi and the Millennium Items would be GREATLY appreciated!! PLEASE drop me a review!
/stuff/ - Shadi to Ankh/Scales
//stuff// - Ankh to Shadi/Scales
\\stuff\\ - Scales to Shadi/Ankh

Three-In-One Combo

Unknown to most people, each Millennium Item contains its own spirit. Naturally, each spirit has a different personality and relationship to its host. The Puzzle's spirit loves and protects its host. The spirit of the Ring resents and abuses its host. The Rod's spirit eventually went so far as to kick its host out of his own body. The spirit of the Eye hides and manipulates its host for its own dark purposes. And the Tauk's spirit hides as well, biding its time.

But this is not their tale, although they do play a large part in it.

One man was given the task of bestowing each Millennium Item upon its rightful owner. Unfortunately, he himself was given two Millennium Items. His nature was entirely neutral, and so naturally, the spirits of his tow Items exemplified two completely opposite sides of human nature.

Although Shadi had to hold all the Millennium Items until he found the owners meant for them, he made sure to keep them separate from him at all times. Except for his own, the Ankh and the Scales. He often tried to leave one or both of them in his home when he went out, but he had very little success.

The spirit of the Ankh had been a healer in Ancient Egypt. It was very kind and open about almost everything when speaking to Shadi. He was always trying to influence Shadi to do things that would help others. As ancient spirits went, he wasn't the strongest one out there. But that didn't mean he was weak, either.

However, he rarely got his way. Because the other spirit couldn't allow that. The Scales' spirit, so the Ankh's spirit said, had been a judge, and an especially corrupt one at that. He was very secretive about his motives, although like the other malevolent spirits he wanted the other Millennium Items under his control. But Shadi knew this perfectly well and didn't particularly care. The spirit of the Scales constantly tried to make Shadi do harmful things. Luckily for Shadi, though, this spirit was even weaker than the one in the Ankh.

Not feeling the need to think of more imaginative names, Shadi simply called his spirits Ankh and Scale. Since Scale would be very dangerous if he gained the power of the other items, Shadi enlisted Ankh to keep him from gaining power over them at any time. However, this meant that Ankh usually didn't have the strength to do much else. Each of them was constantly fighting the other for power in Shadi's mind, and Scale usually won. Normally, they didn't take complete control over Shadi's body as most of the other, stronger Items did. They just took control of parts of Shadi's mind.

Shadi was a patient man. But all the squabbling in his head was really pissing him off. His plan to ignore them in the hopes that they would leave him alone didn't seem to be working. But Shadi, ever the passive one, tried not to let it bother him. He continued his lifelong task of distributing the Millennium Items to their rightful owners and seeing that the great Balance was maintained.

Well, he tried anyway.

Shadi sensed the Rod and Tauk's spirits reaching out. So. It was time to take them to their holders. He took them from their resting places and turned to leave.

\\Take me with you, you weak fool\\ the Scale spirit said to him.

/No/ said Shadi calmly. /One Millennium Item is quite enough for me./

\\You can't get rid of me!\\ the Scale threatened.

/Quiet, Scale/ Shadi replied.

\\My name is NOT Scale!\\ the spirit yelled into Shadi's mind.

/I really don't care/ Shadi sighed as he left his underground dwelling.

The marketplace was fairly crowded today. With the Ankh around his neck and the Rod and Tauk in the folds of his robe, Shadi followed the strongest pull, that of the Rod. Ah, there. The one the Rod pulled him toward was a young boy with dark skin, blond hair, and violet eyes. He looked amazed, as if he had never been to the market before. Strange, this child didn't seem like one who should hold the ancient power. Shadi thought perhaps he should probe the boy's mind to make sure.

"Child, come here," Shadi said softly, beckoning to the boy. The boy looked apprehensive, but he took a few steps toward Shadi. Then suddenly, Shadi felt the Scales materializing at his belt. He sighed internally as he felt the customary power struggle in his mind, then he heard himself saying, "I've got the biggest Rod you've ever seen. Do you want it?"

//SCALE!// the Ankh cried in disgust.

\\If you don't let me take it for myself, I'm giving it to whoever I want. This boy looks good enough. Go stick yourself in a scarab's mind.\\

/I don't think that this is the right one./ Shadi interjected quietly. /Let me test him, or he may go mad./

\\Oh he'll be fine. Look, he's taking it.\\

After a short open-mouthed stare, and when he had seen that Shadi was in fact referring to the long Rod he held in his hand, the boy's eyes widened at the glint of gold. He stepped forward and stretched out his hand to take it. Just then, the Tauk opened its powers to Shadi for a moment. He saw a vision of a man being whipped within an inch of his life. The man seemed to have some connection with this boy. His Ankh also told him that the boy was not supposed to be here, and the man's suffering had something to do with it.

The boy took the Rod and looked at it greedily. Shadi could sense the Rod's spirit preparing for a hostile takeover. However, the spirit of the Scales was not satisfied. Drawing on what Shadi had just learned, it decided to provoke the boy into a state of emotional weakness to draw his new spirit out of hiding.

"Someone you care for will pay for your presence here. He shall pay in blood," he said in an ominous voice. The boy's eyes widened again. His breathing quickened and he looked around nervously. Then he turned and bolted. After a few moments, Shadi felt the Rod completely take over the boy's consciousness.

/I don't think that was necessary, Scale./

\\Quiet, fool. The boy's still alive. He may be a bit more psychotic, but that never hurt anyone.\\

//But... His mind was almost lost! And can't you feel it? Rod just killed someone!//

\\Oh stuff it. And don't tell me you picked up this moron's habit of calling us by our shapes? Pathetic. I'm sure the dead man deserved it anyway.\\

//What else can I call you? You won't tell anyone your name. And the rest of us don't remember any names.//

Regaining control, Shadi wrapped the Scales up in a piece of cloth and stuffed the bundle into his belt.

Following the boy's path, the Tauk pulled Shadi to a house from which loud wailing emanated. Upon entering, the sight of blood met Shadi's eyes. It was everywhere. One man was ripped up, dead on the floor. Another had lash-marks from a whip all over his back, but he was still alive. The boy with violet eyes was passed out, and an older girl with long straight black hair was holding him in her arms, looking horrified. The Tauk wanted her. Shadi approached her and held it out to her. She was definitely the right one for this Item, he could feel it. Scale tried to take over, but Ankh managed to hold the other spirit back for the moment.

"Take this, it is yours," Shadi said, holding the Tauk out to her.

//Comfort her! Look what she's had to go through!//

\\Take it back, you worthless lump! She doesn't deserve that power!\\

/Quiet, both of you./ Shadi admonished them. The girl shakily reached out and took the Tauk. She looked at it, then put it on in a daze. Just then, the boy in her arms opened his eyes.

"Isis?" he asked groggily. Then he sat up, looked around the room, and paled. "What happened, Isis? Who did this to Father?"

Isis, the girl, could not speak. Shadi felt the boy beginning to lose his mind. In a swift motion, Scale took control.

"If you wish to avenge your father," Shadi heard himself say," you must take the Pharaoh's life." Shadi then walked out before 'he' did any more damage.

/What was that all about?/

\\Ah, well I feel a bit sentimental toward the boy. I fel he's my special project.\\

/I see. Well no more "special projects" for you. Ankh, I believe that making a person his project constitutes trying to get closer to taking that person's Millennium Item, don't you? Don't let him do it again./

//*sigh* Yes Shadi, I'll try. It's hard enough right now, though.//

/I know. Thank you./

\\Stupid mortal... You'll pay for this. And YOU! Don't think the fact that you're one of us will save you when I take over.\\

/Yes Scale, I've heard it before. No need to remind me, I have not forgotten./

\\Oh, think you're smart, do you? And don't call me Scale.\\

/Of course now. Now please silence yourself, Scale./

//Yes, please do. And leave master Shadi alone.//

/You too, Ankh. I don't care for your sucking up to me./

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