This is my first Fan fiction I've been able to upload! Hope you Like it! This is set after the Giant War. Does anybody know how old Bobby and Mathew are? that info would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


"Frederick , dear, I understand that your entire family is coming for Thanksgiving but I don't see it as any reason Annabeth needs to come," said Mrs. Chase to her husband one night two weeks before Thanksgiving.

" Helen, Annabeth is family"

" Yes dear, I realize that, and I'm not trying to excluded her from any family activities, I'd actually love for her to come if it wasn't for the fact that your family is still new to the whole Annabeth is a demi-god and Greek mythology really exists- for lack of a better word- thing. Two Christmas's ago at the family reunion a Hell Hound attacked. Yes, I know Annabeth was able to kill it, but something like that is bound to happen again and it would scare your family out of there wits."

" I realize that, but it's a family get together and Annabeth should be there"

The spouses lapsed into silence washing dishes and listing to the sound of Jurassic Park which Bobby and Mathew were currently watching in the next room.

" Helen, what if we let Annabeth invite two friends? She can bring Percy, haven't really gotten to know him and they are dating now, and another friend. It would make her more willing to come and don't you think the more demi-gods there are in a place the less likely monsters are to attack?"

" That seems rather counter intuitive, dear," Mrs. Chase pause to think " but, all right, I suppose it makes sense. Were would they sleep? All of the guest rooms are taken."

" Well, Annabeth will sleep in her own room. I suppose Annabeth and who ever she invites can share a room."

" Except if she invites Percy"

" he can sleep on the floor of Bobby and Mathew's room"

" All right then, why don't you go call Annabeth and invite her"