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Chapter One

If you were to ask anyone on Privet Drive about the Dursley family, they would respond that the three are nice, normal people. They would most likely go on to describe how Vernon has a respectful job at Grunnings as the CEO, and how Petunia is a woman who many admire for her ability to keep a tidy house and garden. Their son Dudley would also be mentioned as a lovely child who is the apple of his parents eye.

Whatever member of the Privet Drive community you were talking to would then go on to mention the wonderful tea parties that were often held at the Dursley household, and ramble on about the ingenious cooking and home decoration advice that was gifted to them on such visits. To everyone, the Dursleys were the pinnacle of a perfect family.

This sort of worshipping respect was upheld for nearly eight years, before it all suddenly came crashing down.

It happened on a nice Sunday afternoon when the Smiths from number 8 arrived at the Dursley house for their scheduled teatime. As usual, Dudley answered the door with a sweet smile on his face and led them through the house to the back garden where Petunia was already waiting with hot pastries. The Smiths sat down after some friendly greetings to Petunia, and Dudley disappeared back inside the house to watch tv. It was just as they were getting into a conversation about Petunia's latest chinaware that they heard a loud crack and a heart wrenching wail from inside.

Terrified that some horrible accident involving Dudley had just occurred, everyone jumped up and ran to the sitting room. When they got there, however, they didn't find Dudley crying his eyes out as they expected, but a much smaller boy quietly sobbing on the floor and holding his obviously broken arm. Nearby Petunia's son stood with a gleeful expression on his face and wooden baseball bat in his hand.

The Smiths were shell shocked at first, completely unable to fathom that the youngest Dursley was able to willingly harm someone, much less a person who was smaller than he. Petunia on the other hand was absolutely furious, and all of her anger seemed to be directed at the injured child who was currently trying to curl in on himself.

While Petunia seethed in anger, the Smiths finally came out of their shocked state, and made quick work of locating the hall phone and calling for an ambulance. While they were busy giving the location and details of the injury Petunia took the opportunity to let out her anger on the boy. She yelled at him and listed every horrible name should could think of, and when he didn't respond to any of that she grabbed his unbroken arm and dragged him into the hallway dead set on putting him in the cupboard under the stairs.

In all of her hustle and bustle to punish the child, though, she seemed to forget that her guests were also in the hall. The Smiths had both turned towards the sitting room when they initially heard Petunia start shouting, but dismissed it and tuned it out thinking it was only her berating her son.

When she came into the hall with someone in tow, they automatically assumed she was going towards the stairs to take her son to his room for a proper punishment; and so when they turned to ask her if they should stay until the ambulance came, they were extremely surprised to see that she was really heading for the cupboard under the stairs, and that they child in tow was not her son but the boy who was hurt.

Mrs. Smith was too horrified to say or do anything, unable to comprehend the treatment this small boy was getting. Having a young child herself the situation seemed like something out of a nightmare for her.

Mr. Smith was horrified as well, but also filled with anger. He quickly ran over to the two, who surprisingly seemed unaware of his presence, and ripped the child away from Petunia. Retreating back to his wife, he cradled the small boy gently against his chest and whispered words of reassurance to him.

Having been nearly knocked over by the much larger frame of Mr. Smith seemed to bring Petunia back to the present, being that she had two house guests who had just witnessed her doing horrible things. Absolutely mortified and panicking about losing her good reputation, she immediately started sputtering untrue things off about the boy. Somehow she thought that if she could convert the Smiths to her way of thinking, she'd get off scot free.

Of course the Smiths now knew not to trust anything that came out of Petunia's mouth and completely ignored everything she said.

It was about this time that the ambulance showed up, as well as the police and firemen as it was customary. The Smiths let them into the house and allowed the paramedics to take the boy, and then turned to the police and filled them in on the happenings of the evening.

Once their story was finished the police took custody of Petunia and forced her into the back of a police vehicle. As they were doing this the paramedics were loading the boy into the ambulance, and Vernon arrived home early from work.

Seeing his wife being forced into submission and the boy being loaded for emergency transportation seemed to strike up great anger in the man, and he started accusing everyone of doing ridiculous things to slander his good name. Immediately a second police officer gathered him into the back of a police vehicle as well.

By then all of the neighbors had come out of their houses to see what the commotion was about, and they were absolutely horrified by the behavior the Dursleys were showing. It was so unlike how they had ever seen them act before.

Soon every emergency vehicle had departed and the crowd thinned out, with a single thought on everybody's mind-they would be watching the papers tomorrow for information on this incident.