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Chapter One

The Dursley's were thought of as a nice, normal family. Vernon had a respectful job at Grunnings as the CEO and Petunia was a woman who many admired for her ability to keep a neat house and garden while caring for her son and husband at the same time. They were sought out by their neighbors for tips on which apple pie recipe was the best and what type of flowers would most compliment their gardens. They often even had unexpected guests join them for their daily afternoon tea on the front patio.

Vernon, of course, was always very kind and answered questions when asked, accepting or politely refusing invitations that were offered, and managing to gain some popularity that usually led to publicity for Grunnings and a raise for him.

Petunia, on the other hand, basked in the public esteem. As a child most of the praise from her parents was directed at her sister, but her sister wasn't here now so she greedily gobbled up all the compliments.

Respect for the Dursley's was held for eight years until IT happened. The Darmanes had decided to visit the Dursley's for evening tea one sunny Sunday afternoon. Vernon had opened the door with a large smile and a cheerful 'welcome' before leading them to Petunia who was in the kitchen. Petunia had quickly ushered them to the seats around the kitchen table, and once she was sure they were comfortable she had started making tea and biscuits. They talked to each other until the tea was made and off the stove and biscuits out of the oven. Petunia, after cleaning up the countertops, had quickly excused herself so she could give a quick goodbye to Vernon who was heading into town to withdraw some money from the bank and then go freshen herself up.

That's when it happened. As the Darmanes we're admiring Petunia's fine china, they heard a sniffe. Thinking that maybe it was little Duddly who had recently learned to walk and that maybe he had fallen out of his portable nap bed somehow, they, as dutiful parents of a young two year old son themselves, hurried through the hallway and into the living room where the bed was set up. To their great surprise they saw Duddly in the bed sleeping like an angel making soft snoring sounds every now-and-then.

Confused they started back to the kitchen, only to pause halfway when they heard the sniffle again. Quickly they spun around towards the living room only to see that Duddly hadn't moved an inch. Completely befuddled they entirely missed hearing the next sniffle, but they did hear the very loud cries of a young boy that followed.

The cries had made the Darmanes start for a second, but they quickly recovered and started searching for the source of the wailings. A quick look to the living room showed it wasn't Duddly who was letting his heart out to the world, so they began a house wide search for the poor darling who's cries Petunia seemed so oblivious to. Very quickly their search brought results, and they hadn't liked it.

They had found a small cupboard under the stairs that had a rather nice burgundy colored wooden hall table with several small knick-knacks sitting on it placed carefully in front of the door. Mr. Darmane had quickly but carefully moved the table and pried open the door only to be hit with a terrible, terrible stench and a wailing boy who couldn't be more than two, maybe two and-a-half years old sitting in his own waste with not even a diaper on.

For a brief second the Darmanes had stood in front of the cupboard, shocked that the Dursley's, the couple they and the whole neighborhood had looked up to for several years, had put a TODDLER in a cupboard, without any light source, then SHUT the cupboard door, put a TABLE in front of it and then walked away. It was obvious that Petunia wasn't going to come help the child since she hadn't come running down the stairs in a frenzy yet. But their moment off shock passed quickly as Mrs Darmane darted forward and carefully picked up the child before bolting out the door and running down the street to their house where she almost threw herself into her car and started speeding towards the nearest hospital to have the child checked out, leaving an equally panicked husband behind to use the Dursley's phone to call the police.

By the end of the day there wasn't a person in Surrey who didn't know about what the Dursley's had done. Their arrest had been spread all over the newspaper and the news, and their house had been swarmed with police and child services for a week.

A DNA test was done on the little victim, and he was found to be named Harry James Potter, the son of James Potter and Lily Potter née Evens, Lily being Petunia's deceased sister. A full scale search was set up to try and find any remaining family members besides the Dursley's, but no one was found. They had on record that Harry's godfather had been put in some secret prison recently and his godmother was currently in a coma, so with determination they turned towards their last resource, James and Lily's friends.

After several inquiries and an extensive search they found only one person, a man by the name of Severus Snape. He was a single man in his early twenties who had apparently become one of the youngest scientists of the day. They found he lived in his family home that was on a road called Spinsters End, and that Lily's childhood home hadn't been very far away. The older folk of the neighborhood told them that Lily and Severus had become friends on their own and had grown up to go to school together. Apparently they had had to resort to sending letters to each other when they were out of school and going on their different career paths as Severus's had him moving around the country a lot, but they had met up again when Lily invited him to her wedding. A little skeptical but with plenty of hope they sent Severus Snape a letter of invitation to visit and possibly adopt little Harry Potter a full three months after the whole scandal had began.


Severus Snape happened to be relaxing in the comfiest chair his study held the day he received the letter. He had a small glass of firewhiskey in one hand and a new book called A Healers Guide To Potions in the other, and he was quite happy.

The source of his happiness came from a firecall he had gotten earlier. Albus Dumbledore had agreed to let him have the potions position at Hogwarts as well as the position as ahead of Slytherin House. Of course being the youngest potions master in four hundred years had helped him get both positions. Apparently Albus had been in desperate need for a potions professor, one who could supply potions at any given moment and who could apply potions in healing terms. Severus, knowing he would be able to do both, had applied for the job, however, in his resume he hinted that maybe being just a potions professor wasn't enough to tempt him into the castle. Albus, in desperation to keep the treasures he could provide, fired the current Head of Slytherin House and hired him.

Severus smirked thinking about the power he had just been given, and was in the middle of plotting ways to use this power to his benefit when someone knocked on the front door. Mumbling angrily under his breath he stalked over to the door and slammed it open, making sure to sneer down his nose at the muggle in front of him. "Say what you're here for and then leave!" He barked. The quivering muggle shakily held out a slightly crumpled envelope which Severus grabbed before slamming the door in the mailman's face.

Grumbling about annoying muggles disturbing him Severus marched back to his study and sunk down into his chair in a much fouler mood than a few minutes previous. With a vicious snarl he ripped open the envelope and harshly tugged out the letter. He was about to rip that up too when a few words caught his eye and made him stop: ...Lily Potter née Evans has been recently announced as deceased...

For a moment Severus' mind completely blanked. Lily Potter née Evans. Lily Potter. Lily. No one had dared mention her name around him since that fatal night when she died, and here this letter was mentioning her and the fact that she was deceased as if it didn't know the grief he was still going through. Now with hands as shaky as the ones of the muggle he had just scared off Severus held the letter up and began to read.

Severus Snape;

As you may or may not know your childhood friend, Lily Potter née Evans has recently been announced as deceased as of October 31, 1981 as well as her husband James Potter, leaving their son Harry James Potter an orphan. Someone we are not aware of handed Harry's guardianship to Lily Potters younger sister, Petunia Dursley née Evans. However, for some reason, Petunia Dursley and her husband Vernon Dursley thought they should try and keep Harry a secret. They, thankfully we're found out when a couple visiting the Dursleys found Harry crying in a cupboard under the stairs, sitting in his own waste. From the extensive search child services and the police did of the Dursley house they found nothing that would indicate to the child living there other than the cupboard he was found in. Rest assured the Dursleys have been fined and arrested and Harry Potter was taken in by Child Services until another family member or friend could be found. However, all family members are deceased and you are the only friend we were able to find, so this letter is our invitation to you. If you would like, you may come at anytime to see Harry Potter, and if you want, also adopt him. If you do not wish to adopt we understand and will make sure we find a safe orphanage for him. Thank you for your time.

Surrey Child Services

By the time Severus was done reading the letter he had lost all color in his skin and he was shaking violently. Lily's son being treated like that, like a monster! he thought, his head spinning. Should I accept the invitation? Should I adopt the boy? No, I can't do that, I just got my job at Hogwarts and even with my all my cunning I wouldn't be able to convince Albus to let me bring him with me. No, I won't adopt him, but I will go see him! and with that thought firmly planted into his head Severus stood up and spun on his heel, apparating away with a loud crack.

He apparated into existence with the same loud crack in front of the revolving doors that led inside the Surrey Child Services building. Paying no mind to the fact that he might have just broken the Statue of Secrecy by appearing out of thin air in front of some muggles, Severus pushed through the doors and hurried up to one of the smart, but kind looking ladies at the front desk.

"Excuse me Miss-" He paused to look at her name tag. "Miss Dale, but I received an invitation by letter to come see Harry James Potter?" Miss Dale who had been sitting silently watching him talk looked down at her papers.

"One moment please." She requested. Severus stood silently watching her shift threw her rather large stack of papers, becoming more and more nervous with each passing second. Finally, Miss Dale found the paper she was looking for and held it out over the counter so he could take it. "This holds the basic knowledge of what could be gathered pertaining to Harry Potters situation at his aunt and uncles house before we were alerted by the couple we mentioned in our letter to you," she explained. "His temporary room number is labeled in the top left hand corner on the front side of the paper, just simply go down that hallway and stop when you reach the appropriate door." Severus nodded his thanks before going down the hallway she had pointed to.

..12..13..14..15.. Severus counted in his head as he passed the doors. ..21..22..23..24..25.. Soon his mind became bored of the counting and pushed the little voice doing the counting as far away as it could. Now his thoughts turned to other matters. Is he going to like me? Should I pick him up? Do two year olds still like being picked up? Suddenly the little voice counting the door numbers screamed 49!

Jerking to a halt before the normal wooden doors for the second time that day Severus mind went completely blank. After a staring match with the door, in which he lost, Severus had finally gained back enough sense to reach out a shaky hand to the doorknob and turn it, before gently pushing the door open.

Behind the door was a normal if not rather small room. There was a small bed and a small table at the front end of the room and a circular red colored rug at the back. On the circular rug was a small two year old boy who looked very much like James Potter, playing with a stuffed hello kitty doll, and a young teenage girl who was watching him play with a small smile on her face.

When he had pushed the door open it had creaked, alerting the rooms occupants of his arrival. With sweaty palms and a stutter in his voice Severus said "I-I'm Severus Snape, and I've come to visit and possibly adopt Harry Potter."

For a second the rooms occupants just stared at Severus, but soon a huge smile spread over Harry's little two year old face. With a cry of happiness he stood up, dropping the hello kitty plushy, and threw himself at Severus legs and hugged them for all he was worth. Startled, Severus stood stiffly staring at Harry, not used to being hugged, before he relaxed and carefully reached down and picked Harry up. With three quick steps he was standing on the rug, and with one fluid motion he was sitting down on it cross-legged with Harry in his lap.

Katy, the girl who had been in the room with Harry before the man who introduced himself as Severus came in, had moved so she was sitting across from the two, and she smiled when she saw how happy Harry seemed to be sitting in Severus' lap. Harry was, at the moment, happily babbling on to Severus in his adorable toddler speech while waving his short, pudgy arms around. Katy smiled one more time before clearing her throat to catch Severus' attention. He looked away from Harry's face to hers.

"You seem to be very comfortable with Harry, are this way with all children?" She asked, a bit curious. Severus looked down at Harry again before back at her.

"No," he replied. "Besides my godson, Harry is the only young child I've really been around for several years." He fell silent as Katy studied him. Finally, after several long minutes of Katy staring at him, with only Harry's attempts to try and get his attention breaking the silence, Katy smiled.

"I think you and Harry will get along just fine," she stated smiling. "My name is Katy Gem, and I'm a part-time worker here. I'll leave you and Harry to get aquatinted." She smiled at the both of them before standing up and leaving the room, gently shutting the door behind her as she left.

Once the door was completely shut, Harry finally managed to get Severus attention. Severus set him on the rug in front of him and Harry quickly reached forward and grabbed his Hello Kitty. He proceeded to have Severus play with him for the next half hour before he became very tired and fell asleep, the Hello Kitty held securely held in his arms. Severus found himself smiling as he lifted Harry's small body and placed it on the bed under the covers. Silently he slipped out of the room making his way down the hall.

He was still smiling when he reached the front desk and standing in front of Miss Dale. "I take it your visit went well?" She commented seeing his large smile, and gave him a large smile of her own. Severus nodded. "Well then, I'm glad. I know this question is kind of sudden, and you may want to schedule for more visits before you make your final decision, but have you given any more thought to adopting Harry?" Severus then surprised himself by answering 'yes'. Miss Dale's smile grew even bigger, "Excellent!" She exclaimed, and suddenly Severus found himself in a plush office holding a still sleeping Harry with the Hello Kitty still held securely in his arms while signing the adoption papers. When he finished signing them, Miss Dale took the papers from him and filed them, and then proceeded to give him a rundown of everything he needed to know about how to care for a toddler. Twenty minutes later, it was a very happy Miss Dale who was ushering a very bewildered Severus out the door. She let him go with a, "I hope you two have a happy life together!" before disappearing back into the building. Severus spent a good minute standing in front of the revolving doors wondering what had just happened before he gathered Harry close to him and apparated back to his house.