Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't updated in a few days, but an idea came to me after watching a Scooby Doo Musical! (don't laugh) Anyways, I was thinking of doing a vampire story where Harry (Potter) is a borne vampire and is thrown out by his aunt and is picked up by an acting group who follow what they are sure the vampire lifestyle is like. So if I don't update again for a while it'll be because I'm working on that.

One last thing! In this story it will be Severus/OC and Harry/Luna.

Chapter 2

By following Miss Dale's advice and through plain good luck was Severus able to raise Harry. After he had apparated back to his home, now Harry's home too, Severus had laid the sleeping Harry on one of his comfy leather armchairs in his private study and tucked a warm quilt blanket around his small body. The quilt was one of the few things Severus' mother had been able to give him before she died.

After making sure Harry looked comfy enough, Severus had sat down at his desk. Grabbing a quill and some ink, along with some letter parchment Severus had quickly scribbled out a letter to Albus, saying that even though he had already accepted the offered job, someone else had approached him recently and offered him an even better one. He had sent it out as soon as the ink had dried.

Soon after Severus had sent out the letter with his brown owl, Winni, Harry had woken up and had said in his adorable toddler voice, "I'm hungwy." Of course that little statement had Severus running all around the kitchen trying to find something he thought a two year old might eat, while Harry sat on one of the tall chairs around the kitchen table watching him and giggling occasionally. Severus was finally able to settle on chicken noodle soup, and ten minutes later he and Harry were both happily slurping it down.

It was as Severus was setting their empty bowls and dirty spoons on the counter for his house elf, Bab, to clean that Albus' pheonix, Fawkes, suddenly flamed onto the kitchen table, right in front of where Harry was sitting. Fawkes held the letter in his beak out to Severus, who took it, before allowing himself to be pulled into the surprisingly gentle arms of Harry who immediately started cooing over the pretty birdie. Severus had allowed himself a few moments to watch how Harry acted with the pheonix, noticing how gently Harry was holding Fawkes, before he opened and read the letter.

It basically was Albus trying to get him to stay in the Hogwarts staff by offering a higher salary and several rare potion ingredients monthly, weekly if that was what it took. Snorting, Severus had summoned some letter parchment from his study before grabbing the quill and ink he always kept on a little wooden side table in the kitchen. In his letter he thanked Albus but told him that his mind was already made up. Fawkes, sensing Severus was ready to send a letter to his human, had flapped his wings slightly and was able to get Harry to let go of him. Harry had pouted as he watched Severus put the letter in Fawkes' beak, but he smiled when Fawkes flamed away. He then started babbling to Severus about how pretty the birdie was and how soft his feathers had been.

A few days later found Severus walking around the town that was only about a mile away from Spinners End with Harry. As they were passing a small pet shop Harry had seen some puppies in the window and had promptly dragged Severus over to look at them with him. Doing some quick thinking Severus acknowledged that their house was decent sized and had a rather large, safe yard all around, and that he certainly had enough money to take care of a pet if Harry wanted one. Taking Harry's had in his he gently led Harry inside the pet shop.

For a moment Harry had just stood in the doorway, looking all around, before he bolted off to look at the birds. Severus followed him at a slower pace thinking, he's probably looking for one like Fawkes.

He was right, and when Harry didn't find one that looked like Fawkes, he had spent all of ten seconds complaining to Severus before he caught sight of the kitties and bolted off to look at them. Harry continued to run around the store, peaking through the glass at animals and sticking his fingered through the cage gaps to try and touch them, while Severus followed him at a much calmer pace and listened to whatever Harry said. The store owner watched them from the counter with an amused smile.

Finally, Harry stopped in front of one of the dog kennels and gasped. He stared at the little animals inside before turning around and running to Severus. "Papa!" He had shouted as he clung to Severus pants, "I want that one! Can I get that puppy, pwease?!" Severus hadn't a chance against those big green eyes and Harry's cute toddler talk, so he walked over to where Harry had been seconds before and knelt down to look in the kennel, Harry eagerly following him.

The kennel was full of little pugs, and Merlin were they cute! Suddenly the store owner was by their side. "These are some purebred pugs we received about two weeks ago," he had started explaining. "They're only about nine weeks old, but they can eat hard dog food and drink milk. Right now, all of them are only about six inches long and five or six inches tall, and they aren't very active. They like to snooze a lot and cuddle. They'll get more active as they get older. Pugs don't grow very big, by the way, only about a foot and maybe two inches long and eight inches high. They're very loyal dogs and love to lick people and be picked up and played with. They're also mostly indoor dogs, but they love to lay out in the sun."

After the little speech was done, Severus looked over to Harry, and seeing those big, green eyes staring at him with so much hope he couldn't not buy one of the pups.

Harry picked out a cute, tan one, and even though Severus knew how annoyed he would be later with all of the noticeable, tan dog hair everywhere, he also knew that Harry wouldn't choose any other pup since his mind was set. So Severus bought the dog, which Harry promptly named Princess (it is a girl). He also bought a large bag of dog food, a special dog comb that would help get loose hair off, a feeding tray, some dog toys (that Harry picked out), and a puppy sized summer dress with a matching bow (at Harry's insistence). He also filled out a form to have a dog tag made for Princess and put the complimentary pink collar he was given by the store owner on her.

They left the pet store with Princess in Harry's arms and walked home to put all the stuff they had just bought away and to take the sundress out of the bag and put it on Princess. It was about then Severus realized, as he was watching Harry pet Princess and coo over her in her sundress, that Harry had acted like this with Fawkes too. Maybe Harry liked being around animals more than he thought. Vaguely, Severus remembered a help wanted sign in the pet shop. Next time he went into town, he would look at it, he decided, but for now he was happy enough to sit and watch Harry try to get the sleepy pug to play with him.


Just as Severus told himself, the next time he was in town picking up the dog tag for Princess at the post office, he made a detour to the pet shop to look at the help wanted sign.

"Oh, so you're interested in working at the animal shelter?" The shop keeper had said when Severus had asked who was asking for the help. "You do look a bit like an animal person, I guess, and you certainly coped well with all the animals shoved at you last you were in here. I'll get you an application, be back in a moment." And he disappeared into the back room.

Only seconds later he reappeared at the front desk again, holding a thick packet of papers. "Here they are Mr. Snape, just fill them out and when you're done bring the papers back to me, I'll turn them in for you when I go visiting my sister at the shelter this weekend." Severus had nodded his thanks to the man and started walking hurriedly home, hoping to get there before Harry woke up from his nap.

He managed to get home just as Harry was waking up, so after he had made the small boy comfortable at the kitchen table with a plateful of tater-tots and a sippy cup full of apple juice, he took Princess, who had taken a nap with Harry and woke up with him, out. After that business was taken care of, Severus made himself a ham sandwich and some peppermint tea and settled down next to Harry at the table, using one of the rarely used muggle ballpoint pens he owned to fill out the application papers while he ate.

Once he was done eating and filling out the forms, he took Harry's crumb filled, but empty plate and both of their cups over to the counter and set them down. Then walking back over to the table he smiled at Harry, who smiled back, and picked up HIS (adopted) son and carried him outside so he could play, Princess eagerly following behind them, the application papers left on the table to be remembered at a later date.

A few days later Severus was handing the application papers to the pet shop owner, who was wearing a wide smile. Harry was entertaining himself by the fish tanks.

"I hope you get this job, Mr. Snape," he said as he looked some of the questions and answers over. "It sure seems like a good job for you! Now, my sister, her names Izzy by the way, she's the owner of this animal shelter if you'll believe it. I bet you she'll be head over heels trying to hire you!" Severus merely expressed his thanks with a small nod before gathering Harry, who had some point started telling stories to the fish, and walking out the door.

As they walked home, Harry, who was holding Severus' hand tugged on it to get his attention. When Severus looked down at him Harry asked, "Is Izzy gowing to be my mommy?" in his little voice, an innocent look on his face. Severus blushed the whole way home.