Natsu was excited to be out on another mission with Lucy and Erza. Happy was out trying to find more fresh marcel and Grey was out with Juvia on a separate mission.

"Hey Lucy guess what" Nastu shouted interrupting her and Levy's conversation.

"What is it now Natsu" She groaned hoping she could have had at least one days peace.

" Ive got a new mission for me you and Erza." He said smiling enthusiastically.

"Ready to go guys" Erza said pulling her huge load of luggage behind her.

"Man you really know how to pack don't you Erza" Lucy said smirking

" here we come" Natsu yelled to know one imperticular.


"Soooooo cold" Lucy chattered with a blanket rapped around her shoulders.

"This is the third time we've been up here Lucy and you still haven't learned to dress warmer?" Natsu questioned looking at her freezing in her usual white mini skirt and blue tank top.

"Why don't you just summon Horologium and stay warm inside him?" Erza asked.

"Me and him aren't contracted for today so summoning him would just be wrong" Lucy stated defiantly although wishing she could just summon him to warm her up.

"Lucy why don't you come up here and warm up with me"

Lucy didn't even hesitate and ran to cuddle up with Erza as they walked along the mountain path. Natsu looked at them oddly as he noticed Lucy's arm hanged down softly gripping on Erza's breasts. Natsu thought nothing of it thinking she was just trying to warm herself up.

Their little group continued along the mountain path until the night sky fell over their heads and Erza suggested they set up camp. Natsu pitched two tents one for him and one for the girls to sleep in.

Both Erza and Lucy gave him a kiss on the cheek rubbing their breasts lightly against his chest.

"Good night Natsu" Both girls said smiling at him seductively heading to their tent.

Natsu left for his tent smiling awkwardly to himself with a semi hard on wishing he was sleeping with the girls instead of alone. Natsu lay down on the hard ground wishing he had at least kept his sleeping bag instead of giving it to Lucy.

Natsu laid awake on the ground picturing himself sleeping in-between Lucy and Erza feeling their warm breasts pressed against his body. Wait what was he thinking this was Erza and Lucy his two best friends in the world he couldn't think about them this way.

He could feel himself getting hard and tried thinking unsexy thoughts to get rid of it. Unfortunately he couldn't stop thinking about his friends in this way and decided to try and sleep it off.

Natsu suddenly started feeling the coldness of the night creep up on him and thought im a dragon slayer I don't get cold. But even this fact couldn't keep him warm. Natsu thought of going over to the girls tent and cuddling with them to get warm.

"You know what ill just go over and ask them if its ok" Natsu thought to himself and agreed that this was a good course of action.

He got up exited his tent and walked over to the girls, but before he could enter he froze hearing the soft moaning from inside. Natsu slightly opened the tent cover and looked in to see Erza and Lucy both in bra and panties kissing each other passionately.

Natsu was stunned by what he saw and immediately got hard at the images. Erza rolled on top of Lucy assuming dominance and started kissing her more fiercely. Erza squeezed Lucy's breasts roughly making her moan and cry out at the same time.

"Erza could you please be a little more gentle." Lucy begged holding back her urge to moan.

Erza loosened her grip on Lucy's breasts and now softly held them. They continued to kiss for a few more minutes passionately as Natsu watched them. Erza moved her hand into Lucy's pink panties and stuck a finger into her moist slit.

"Looks like someone's wet" Erza snickered throwing Lucy a sly grin.

Lucy unhooked Erza's black satin bra and flung it to the side. Lucy stared in amazement at Erza's breasts and then started slightly nibbling on them. Erza let out a loud long moan and stared passionately into Lucy's big brown eyes. They shared a hot fiery passionate kiss better then any they had shared before.

Lucy felt Erza's hand reach around her and couple her butt while the other hand feverously fingered her. Erza kept a quick rhythm while Lucy sucked on Erza's tits. Erza slowly added another finger to the process penetrating her deeper and giving her more pleasure.

Erza could feel Lucy tighten around her fingers and removed her fingers quickly. Erza moved her head to Lucy's lowers and started licking her out. Lucy's let out a load moan at this action and moved her hand to massage her clit.

"Erza.. I'm…. Cumming…" She moaned loudly as expelled herself into Erza.

Erza licked up Lucy's love juices and went to share them with her lover. Erza shared Lucy's love juices with her in a passionate kiss that ended in Erza sucking on Lucy's tit while she moaned loudly.

Natsu stood their flabbergasted at what he had just seen and choose now to reveal himself to the lovely maidens.

"So you guys are…"

"Natsu" both ladies yelled.

Both blushed uncontrollably not bothering to hide their bodies.

"So how long have you been standing their" Erza asked

"Long enough to see everything" Natsu replied stunned. "I just came over to see if I could snuggle up with you guys."

Lucy and Erza both eyed each other and then looked back at the fire dragon slayer smiling.

"Sure Natsu why don't you come climb in with me and Erza right here." Lucy said smiling seductively.

Knowing what was likely to come Natsu crawled forward and laid down in between the two heavenly angels. Both girls moved in close to Natsu making sure to rub their uncovered cleavage against him.

Natsu sat stunned with both girls staring up at him with their beautiful glinting eyes. Erza moved up on Natsu and sweetly kissed his cheek. Lucy moved up as well and nibbled on his neck stimulating Natsu even further.

Over whelmed with the situation Natsu let out a soft moan which made the girls smile up at him in acknowledgement knowing they were satisfying him.

"So Natsu you liking the pleasure?" Lucy asked.

"Oh but Lucy we haven't even begun to pleasure him." Erza snickered eyeing Natsu's full erection.

Lucy noticed the large tepee in Natsu's pants and moved towards it rubbing her hand across it. Natsu let out another moan of pleasure and gripped the sleeping back underneath him. Erza moved her mouth over to Natsu's and inserted her tongue into his mouth. Natsu kissed back biting softly on her bottom lip.

Lucy removed Natsu's pants and underwear finally seeing length gasping at its size. She wrapped both hands around its length and licked the head of it. Natsu let out a loud gasp as Lucy inserted more of his length inside her warm mouth.

Erza moved from Natsu's lips to Lucy's thighs and greedily licked her juices. Lucy gasped and let out a load moan.

Lucy was now taking in Natsu's full length and cupping his balls with her right hand. Natsu buckled down and put a hand on the back of Lucy's head.

"Lucy I'm coming!" Natsu yelled thrusting deep into Lucy's mouth.

Lucy felt Natsu's hot seed hit the back of her throat and spill out of her mouth onto her breasts. Lucy bobbled down back on Natsu's cock and licked him clean then swallowed what remained in her mouth. Lucy looked up at Natsu giving him a playful smile then buckled her knees together feeling the urge yet again to come from Erza's licking.

"Erza i... i... m Cumming" She moaned feeling her juices seep out into Erza's mouth.

Lucy collapsed onto Natsu's chest exhausted from the work. Natsu kissed the top pf her head and rolled her to the side of him. He glared at Erza giving her his usual sly grin as she gazed at his still full erection.

"It's so big" Erza whispered to herself in awe.

"So Erza ready for your turn"

Erza slowly moved up to Natsu showing off all her miraculous curves. She landed on his chest rubbing her firm breasts against him and planting a soft kiss on his lips. She positioned herself above Natsu's rigid cock and impaled herself upon it. A sound of pain escaped Erza's lips as she busted through her hymen. Natsu waited a moment as she adjusted to his size.

"I'm ready Natsu" Erza said testing the pain which had turned to pleasure.

Natsu started to thrust into Erza at first slowly but gradually picking up speed. Moans of pleasure escape Erza's mouth turning him on even more. His once child hood friend now here bouncing on his hard cock turned Natsu on most of all. He stared at her scarlet bouncing along with her covering her large breasts.

"Faster Natsu" Erza yelled through moans of pleasure.

Natsu complied and rammed himself faster than ever into Erza's tight clit. Natsu felt Erzas walls clench tightly around his cock about to orgasm.

"Natsu im about to cum" Erza said panting.

"Me to" Natsu said through grunted breaths.

As she came Erza gave way collapsing onto Natsu's chest. At the same time Natsu pulled his child hood friend close in a embarrassing hug. They both released in each other and Erza could feel a warm sensation shoot up inside of her. Natsu let Erza roll to his side and then pulled both girls up to him. They gazed up at him tierd and warm from their previous actions.

"I love you Natsu" Both girls whispered into his ear cuddling up on his chest ready to fall asleep.

"I love you two so much" Natsu whispered back wrapping his hands around both girls bringing them in a close embrace.