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Chapter One

"Raise your bow arm a bit more."

Lady Juliana Stark watched as her youngest sister practiced with the bow. They weren't too far from the training yard, but they were far enough away to be away from their mother's watchful eyes. The Lady of Winterfell did not approve of Juliana teaching Arya the things she knew about fighting. It was a known fact that Lady Catelyn Stark refuse to acknowledge the fact that her eldest daughter knew how to use not only a bow and arrow, but a sword as well.

"Much better Arya."

"Do you think I will be better than Bran?"

With a smile on her lips, Juliana smiled at her sister. "Only if you keep practicing."

"Why doesn't mother allow you to practice in the open? She doesn't seem to mind when I do it."

"That is because you are still young," Juliana sighed as she began to pick up the arrows. "I am the eldest daughter of the Lord and Lady of Winterfell and I am at the age where I can be married. Mother believes if someone sees me doing this then the chances of me getting married would not be good."

"You could stay in Winterfell," Arya suggested. "Everyone loves you here. I don't believe you could be happy away from the whole family. Robb wouldn't know what to do without you."

"Mother doesn't think you should have a direwolf. I heard her say so, but even Sansa has one."

"It is all about reputation with her right now."

"Is that why you sneak out at night and take her running in the woods with Jon and Ghost?" Arya asked as they packed their horses back up. "You could take Nymeria if you wanted. She loves being with Arrow."

"I shall take her tonight then," Juliana smiled. "When the king arrives it will be harder to get out unseen."

"I wonder what he wants," Arya said. "The king I mean. It must important if he's coming all the way from King's Landing to Winterfell."

"I look forward to when he leaves," Juliana said as she helped her sister onto the horse. "Mother has been wanting me to do more and more in preparation for the arrival of the king. I am sure that he is still a while away."

"Maybe he has come to pay respect to our aunt. He was in love with her."

"But why would he bring the queen and everyone else?"

"I don't know."

"Nymeria! Arrow! Home!"

As soon as Juliana saw the dire wolves get up from where they had been laying, she got onto the horse behind Arya. When they saw them take off, the direwolves took off to run beside the horse. It didn't take long for the ladies to reach Winterfell. Juliana steered the horse into the stables. Before she could get off and then help Arya down, she saw that her brother's were already there. Jon Snow, her half brother helped Arya while Juliana's twin brother helped her.

"Aren't you ladies supposed to be with your Septa?"

"Mother has agreed that I no longer need one."

"And what of Arya?" Robb asked.

"I was giving her a lesson."

"A lesson in what?" he inquired.

"The proper way to shoot a bow."

"Your mother would not approve." Jon Snow said.

Looking at the man that spoke, she gave him a smile. Jon Snow was her father's bastard child. The Stark children never thought of him that way, they loved him. He was their brother no matter what anyone said. Although her mother didn't see it that way, it didn't matter to them. They were a family.

"Then I guess that you shouldn't tell her." Juliana smiled at him before turning her head to look at her twin brother. "Robb I would like to take Grey Wind from you tonight. I plan to take Nymeria and Arrow on a run tonight with Jon and Ghost."

"And why would you do that?" Robb questioned her. "Is there something you are not telling me?"

"He's getting lazy," Arya said. "It would be best to let them take him and get some exercise in."

"And what of Shaggydog, Lady, and Bran's unnamed wolf?"

"We took Lady the other day. She seemed to enjoy it." Jon told him as the stable master took the horse from Juliana.

"You will both be caught," Robb told them. "One of these days."

"Not if someone doesn't tell," Juliana argued. "We are just allowing the wolves to have some extra exercise."

Turning from his twin sister, Robb looked to Arya. "Off to your lessons before mother finds what you have been up to."

"Does that mean-"

"He won't." Juliana smiled at her. "Now Robb don't you and Jon have an archery lesson to teach to Bran?"

"That we do," Jon Snow smiled. "Shall we see you at dinner?"

"You shall."

Following her sister Arya towards where her and Sansa's lessons with the septa would normally take place, they ran into their mother. Juliana had a feeling this might have happened.

"And where have you ladies been?"

Not giving Arya a chance to tell her mother anything, Juliana spoke first. "Forgive me mother. I know Arya and Sansa had lessons today, but I was not feeling well earlier and I wished to get some fresh air, but I did not want to go alone. I convinced Arya that you would not mind if she were there to make sure that I was alright."

Looking between her eldest and youngest daughters, Catelyn Stark nodded to them. "Best get cleaned up then. Would hate to keep you from the septa Arya."

When Juliana saw that Arya was out of hearing range, she looked to her mother. "I wish to speak to you mother. About the wolves."

"What of them?" Lady Stark asked.

"Will we have to keep them locked away while the King is here?"

"Do you not think it would be best?" Catelyn questioned her daughter as they started walking to make sure that Arya make it to her lessons.

"I think it would be unfair to the wolves. They sleep in our chambers, they protect us from things that we don't know about."

"And here I thought that was your father and my job. To protect our children."

"When you can't be with us," Juliana said. "Does it not make you feel better knowing that we have protection with us? When they are fully grown, that is when no one will want to mess with them."

"They are still pups."

"They are larger than the average puppy."


"So can we keep them with us?"

"Yes, you may."

"Thank you mother."

Hugging her mother before heading in another direction before she could stuck doing something for King Robert's visit, Juliana smiled as she found Grey Wind with Arrow just laying in the grass near a tree.

"Come on you two. Robb has to give Bran a lesson in archery and I did not sleep well. You two are too mischievous to leave alone for too long."

Bending down, she picked up Grey Wind before she heard his owner's voice.

"You already have one wolf and now you are trying to steal mine?"

Turning and smiling at him, Juliana shook her head. "I am taking the troublemakers inside while you and Jon are giving Bran his archery lesson."

"Maybe Grey Wind would like to attend," Robb said with a smile on his face.

"Yes and maybe one day I'll marry Theon Greyjoy. We know both those things shall never happen. Now go along and be a good little lord of Winterfell and teach your brother how to shoot an arrow without hurting himself. And when you can admit to yourselves that you need my help, I shall gladly assist you."

Turning her back on her brother, she carried his direwolf inside the castle and towards her chambers. She didn't need to look to find out if her own direwolf was following, because she already knew that he was. Arrow was a very stubborn direwolf, but he was perfect to Juliana.

Once she reached the top of the stairs she continued walking towards her chambers. She passed by Sansa's room. She could hear her talking to someone about a dress she had just made. Arya was never going to be impressed by such things, she was too much like their father. Well at least it seemed that way to Juliana. But her mother had always told her that she had to be a lady first and then when it was time she would be someone's wife.

Slipping into her room, Juliana put Grey Wind on the floor and waited for Arrow to come into the room. Watching him get inside the room, she smiled at him before closing the door.

Laying down on her bed, she closed her eyes. But before she could even drift off to sleep, she heard two pups start to whine. With a small laugh, she opened her eyes. "Come on you spoiled wolves."

Needing no more than those words, both Grey Wind and Arrow were on the bed trying to find the most comfortable spot. Arrow settled in next to her knees while his brother settled next to her chest. Knowing the two direwolves were looking out for her made falling asleep easier.

It felt as if she had just fallen asleep when she heard loud knocking on her chamber door. Turning her head she saw that Ghost, Jon's direwolf had also joined her on the bed. When the knocking didn't cease, Juliana let out a sigh as she sat up. Grey Wind took that as the opportunity to climb into her lap. Before the knocking could continue, she yelled for whoever it was to enter.

Watching as the door opened to reveal not only her brother Robb but her father's ward as well. Theon Greyjoy. If there was one man in all of Winterfell that she could not stand nor trust, it was him. There was just something about him that made her feel uncomfortable. Straightening her back as she made her hands busy in petting Grey Wind who wasn't moving to his master's side.

"Are you stealing all of the wolves, sister?"

"Ghost is always welcomed," Juliana said as her eyes moved from Robb to Theon. "Unlike some."

"Juliana…." Robb said drawing her attention back to him. "There is no need to-"

"Why are you here?" Juliana asked interrupting him as Grey Wind moved to put himself between her and Theon. "And don't tell me you were looking for Grey Wind."

"Cut the attitude Juliana." Theon told her with a sneer.

"You may leave my chambers Theon. I don't want you here."

Her glare was something Robb was used to, but not at the depth that she was giving it to his friend.

"I don't-"

"Leave us," Robb said as he watched Grey Wind with his twin sister before looking to Theon. "Now."

The grin upon Theon's face was that of victory after Robb turned his attention back to his sister. Once Theon was out of the room, he moved to close the door. Grey Wind relaxed back into her lap.

"Something has changed. Whenever Theon is around, you have this attitude. I don't like it."

"Then don't come around me."

"What is happening? You are my other half, my twin sister. You can tell me anything."

"No I cannot," Juliana said as she felt the tears in her eyes. "I love you Robb, you are my twin, but there are things that I cannot even tell you. Please believe me that if I thought you could help I would tell you, but I cannot. I keep this from you to protect you."


"Please do not ask me again."

Nodding his head, he took Grey Wind from her. "Mother and Father wish to speak to you. Now."

Without another word, he walked out of her room without a second glance.

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