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Chapter Seven

All morning, Juliana had been cooped up in her chambers as everything besides what she would wear today was moved into Ser Jaime's chambers. It would be where she would reside for the remaining time the king was in Winterfell. Wearing nothing but her robe as her maid was making an updo for her hairstyle. Juliana never expected someone to seek her out, not right now anyways.

"See who that is please?" Juliana requested of the maid.

"Yes, my lady," she said as she secured the last piece of hair before turning and going to the door as there was another knock. She saw her maid nod her head before turning and looking at her. "Jon Snow requests an audience."

"Tell him to enter."

Watching her half brother enter, she gave him a smile. "Pour my brother a cup of wine. And one for me as well."

"You and your mother disagreed upon who was to be at the wedding."

"I won," Juliana smiled as she took both cups from her maid. Keeping the one that had more in it, she handed the other one to Jon. "You will stand next to Robb as my brother. Because that is who you are and who you will always be. I have four brothers and two sisters. No one will make me believe anything else."

"You shouldn't have to fight with your mother about something like this."

"And when is the next time that I will get to do something like this Jon? I will leave with the king's party and go south for the rest of my marriage. I will have my children there," Juliana said as she took a drink of her wine. "I need you there. Please do not let my efforts be in vain."

"I have no intention of doing such a thing," Jon told her as he handed her the dark cloth that he had tucked under his arm. "Put this on before father comes for you. It is the house cloak. You will wear it before Lannister puts his during the ceremony."

Nodding her head in understanding, Juliana set it upon her unmade bed. "I suppose I should be getting dressed soon."

Setting down his wine, Jon walked over to her before taking her wine and setting it down as well. Gathering her in his arms, he kissed the side of her head as she wrapped her arms around him. "No matter who you marry, I will always love you. You are my sister."

"I love you too Jon."

Kissing the side of her head, he gave her a smile before heading to the door. "Jon, wait."

Turning and looking at his sister, she smiled at him. "Can you keep Arrow for a few days? I do not wish for him to be there tonight and mother says that after tonight no one will come to disturb Ser Jaime and myself and I need someone I trust to take care of him. And maybe you are Robb can train him some more while-"

"That was my plan for the start," Jon told her. "Now get dressed. You have a wedding to get to. And they cannot start without you there."

"As if I could forget." Juliana said to herself in a low voice so that no one could hear her.

Her wedding dress was white with silver embroidery done by Sansa. It was beautiful, at least to her it was. Her shoulders were bare, but the sleeves belled out around her arms and hemmed out around her wrists. The bodice of the dress was pulled tight and her breasts were forced higher, but not obscenely so.

With her head held high, Juliana clung to her father's arm as they took their time. This would be the last time she was to be a Stark and knowing there was nothing she could have done to stop it from happening. The only one that went out of their way to speak to her today was her half brother Jon and she supposed everyone else was too busy with things that they were forced to do before the wedding.

"Jon will be there?" Juliana asked as she broke the silence between herself and her father during their walk together. "Mother promised that she would-"

"All of your brothers and sisters are there waiting. How did you manage to get your mother to agree to such a thing as allowing Jon to be present?" Eddard asked his eldest daughter.

"I told her that it was my wedding and I would have who I wanted there."

"I informed Theon that if he wished to attend the wedding he would stay out of sight," Eddard said. "I do not wish for trouble, but I will allow him to attend the feast that is being put together as we speak."

"So I wake up as a Stark and when I go to bed it shall be as a Lannister."

"You will always be a Stark of Winterfell," Eddard told her as he squeezed her hand gently. "Never forget that."

Arriving at the Weirwood, Juliana saw all of her siblings were there along with her mother and uncle. They did not wish for this union to happen, she knew that, but no words would be spoken to object to it. This was the wish of the king and so it would be.

Tyrion Lannister, Ser Jaime's younger brother was standing next to the queen. Last night Cersei wanted her to be unpure so that her brother would not have to marry Eddard's daughter. Since the moment she had reached Winterfell, Juliana could tell that the queen held a dislike for her. Juliana's only hope was that maybe with time the hatred Cersei felt for her would lessen. The children of King Robert Baratheon and his queen were also there.

Before she realized it, her father was kissing her head before placing her hand into Ser Jaime's. Taking a place next to him, she waited to do as she would be told. She was very scared, but she would not allow anyone to see it. Watching as Jaime stepped away and towards his brother whom was holding onto a cloak. As he walked back to her, he placed it upon her shoulders. With her hand on top of Jaime's she watched as they were bound together. This was it, there was no going back from what was happening in her own life. The ceremony did not last very long and when she looked at Jaime when they recited the words to each other she could tell this was not what he wanted either, but like herself, there was no escape from it.

After the words were spoken, Juliana received her first kiss from Jaime Lannister. But now she was also a Lannister. Married to the Kingslayer.

She was married. The wedding was over with and she was now married to Jaime Lannister. Juliana found herself watching her brothers drink with Theon Greyjoy during her wedding feast that was held in the hall. The king had already departed with two of the serving girls. Her youngest siblings had already retired for the evening, well minus Arya. It was surprising to see that she was behaving instead of torturing Sansa who had been eyeing the young prince since they arrived in the hall.

"It seems your mother isn't very happy right now," Jaime said leaning closely to her from

his seat next to her. "What have you done now?"

Fighting the urge to roll her eyes at Jaime's words, she turned to look at him. "She did not wish for a bastard to attend the wedding or the feast. I disagreed."

"And since it is your wedding," Jaime said with his trademark smirk. "You won."

"I did," Juliana said as she lifted the goblet of wine to her lips. "And it was long overdue where my brother is concerned."

"So you enjoy the bastard's company."

"Jon has our father's blood running in his veins. The same blood that runs in mine so he is my brother and I do not see why he shouldn't be at my wedding or the feast."

"Your mother doesn't care for him, does she?"

"It reminds her that my father was with another woman while she was here."

Jaime didn't say anything after that. He just continued to eat and drink while watching people enjoy the feast of his wedding. Never did he believe that he would be sitting next to a Stark and married to her. She was a young thing, at least compared to him, but she was also a dark beauty. Beautiful, but she was not who he loved. Juliana was no Cersei.

Scooting her chair back, Juliana stood from her seat and as she turned to leave Jaime's hand wrapped around her wrist. Looking at her husband, Juliana let out a long sigh. "I am just going to speak with my brothers-"

"And how long do you plan to be? This feast is starting to bore me."

"I do not count the minutes I spend in the company of my family."

"I think that the time has come to retire, wife."

Juliana refused to show him the fear that he brought with his words. She knew that this would not be the last time she would be in his bed, after all they were married now and it was expected that she bare him an heir. Sons and daughters. She was young, but not stupid. Both her mother and her septa had told her what she should expect on this night, but knowing the information and knowing that it was to happen very soon were two very different things.

Standing up from his chair, Jaime tucked the dark lock of hair behind his wife's ear as he watched her hesitate on what she should do next. Taking a deep breath, she tried to relax, but found that she couldn't. "If you are not going to speak to your brothers than we shall be leaving. Together."

"Jaime I-"

"Time for the bedding ceremony!"

Theon's voice was loud enough for everyone to hear, but the moment he grabbed the material of Juliana's dress was too much for her husband.

Pulling out his dagger, Jaime placed it carefully at Theon's throat before grabbing onto his hair and forcing his head down. "How dare you touch my wife you Greyjoy scum."

"Jaime-" Juliana said in attempt to get his attention before her father came to see what was happening. "He is my father's ward. I'm fine, he didn't do anything to cause you to kill him."

Releasing Theon's head, but not the dagger at his neck, Jaime smiled. "You should count your blessings that my wife has a kind heart. That is the only reason you still breathe the same air as I do."

"My Lord-"

"Do not forget what I told you Greyjoy," Jaime said lowering his voice so that no one around, but Theon could hear him. "It will be my cock in her soon enough and it will be my children that she will bare. My chambers that she sleeps in for the rest of her time here and then she will sleep in my chambers at the capitol and do you know what will happen to her there? She will have my cock in her there too."

"Jaime, please." Juliana said as she placed her hand on her husband's arm. "Let us just go please."

Withdrawing his dagger from Theon's neck, he offered his arm to his wife and the two of them left the hall while many of the others around watched. Catching both Robb and Jon's eyes while they made their way out, she gave them a brave smile. Nodding his head, Jon sent the message that he would take care of Arrow while she not able to do so.

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When they reached the chambers that they now shared Juliana's stomach erupted into a million butterflies flapping their wings.

"My maid-"

"Has been dismissed for the next three days. You will not need her to help you dress."

"I cannot undo the back of my dress without-" Stopping mid-sentence, Juliana felt her husband's hands at her back. He was undressing her. Once he finished, she clung to the dress before it could fall to the floor. "I do not know what I am supposed to do."

Her voice was soft and clearly she was unsure of not only the situation, but also herself. Jaime could feel the nerves radiating off her in waves.

Moving her hair over one shoulder, Jaime smiled down at her even though she could not see it. "I would hope not. After all you were checked just last night to see if your virtue was still yours."

"I did not mean for all that to happen," Juliana said as she closed her eyes when she felt his lips on her neck. "You must know that."

"You would not have been crying after everyone left had you meant for it to happen," Jaime said. "That will be the end of discussing that night."

Nodding her head in understanding, Juliana turned away so that she could look upon her husband.

"You look nervous," Jaime said, the smile still upon his face. "There is no reason for you to be."

"Septa Mordane said that you will take my maidenhood and that it will hurt, but it is now my duty to bare your sons and daughters so I must deal with the pain."

"Is that all your septa told you?" Jaime asked curiously as he ran his finger down her jaw and then down her neck.

"It was all I listened to before my mind started to wander to other things." Juliana confessed.

It was common knowledge in Winterfell, that Juliana had mastered tuning out her septa for more interesting thoughts. When she was questioned about it, she normally gave a smile to her father and asked him if he would like to sit and listen to Septa Mordane for hours on end. His only reply to her was his laughter before taking her out on a ride.

"And where are your thoughts now?" Jaime questioned her as he backed away from her before taking off his boots and his shirt.

"They are here," Juliana said honestly. "They wonder how much pain there will be."

"I assume your septa never told you of the pleasure a woman can have when going to bed with a man."

Juliana's silence was answer enough for him. Nodding his head in understanding, he walked back to her and drew the sheets back. Holding out his hand to her, Juliana held the dress to her body as she walked to her husband. Placing her hand in his, she looked into his green eyes and she was surprised by the kindness that she saw there.

"She only ever mentioned the pain of the act and the next morning the maids will gossip if there was no evidence to the consummation."

"Are all septa's like yours?" Jaime questioned her curiously.

"I do not know," Juliana said as Jaime nodded to the bed. "I've only ever had Septa Mordane."

With his hand, he pulled her dress, leaving her breasts exposed. Tugging the dress the rest of the way down, Jaime smiled at what he saw. It made Juliana hope that maybe he would not hurt her as the tales Septa Mordane would tell her.


Jaime's voice was right by her ear, but she did as her husband told her. If she did not wish to fight with him every step in their marriage then Juliana knew she would have to learn where to pick her battles and this was not one she would be able to win. This was expected of her.

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