BigSteel Rods is a ObamaLike, Jewish and Repulsive Zoo Janitor from Seventh Layer of hell. His life is going nowhere until he meets Hilary Clinton, a Stronk, Neckless woman with a passion for MY Little Pony.

BigSteel takes an instant disliking to Hilary and the Caring and Honest ways she learnt during her years in New JOYSEY.

However, when a Snoop Lion tries to Booty Touch BigSteel, Hilary springs to the rescue. BigSteel begins to notices that Hilary is actually rather Deceiptful at heart.

But, the pressures of Hilary's job as a Baby Humper leave her blind to BigSteel's affections and BigSteel takes up Clild Abuse to try an distract herself.

Finally, when Humanitarian Cosmonaut, Barrack Obama, threatens to come between them, Hilary has to act fast. But will they ever find the Horrifying love that they deserve?