AN: Ok, I just got this sudden burst of inspiration and thought I should quickly write it down and let my friends on FFN read it for me!!!

I really don't think Liz's reaction to being shot in the Pilot was right so I decided to write what I thought was going throught her head.

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Roswell isn't on my list

As I changed my cloths in front of the mirror....I saw it, ......a silver hand print that took the place on my stomach where the bullet had been, Max had healed me, but how?

A million thoughts went through my head at once....and supriseingly there weren't focused on Max and his mysterious healing ability, they were more focused on what could have happend had he'd not been there.

I closed my eyes and I could practically feel the hot metal rip through my flesh,
I can still hear the screams of the people around me,
Maria.......crying out my name.
And that mind numbing pain in my lower stomach....the warm blood flowing out of me.

I still remember the feeling of my world turning's funny, even though I had no ideal what was happening I still knew I was dying....the entire event went in slow motion for me, I kept thinking about everything I would leave behind.

Mom and Daddy, the two people who know me the best and yet don't know me at all.....I would be lost without them.

Maria, my best sister, the person who is with me through it all, she's almost the other half of my personality.

Alex, my comfort, I could never be upset around him, it was impossible. He's the most amazing person ...I don't deserve a friend like him.

For some reason my boyfriend Kyle never crossed my mind, sure I cared for him but never as much as I care for Mom, Dad, Maria, or Alex they were my world. But oddly enough.....I thought about Max.
My shy, mysterious lab partner, the never ending puzzle.

They say that before you die, your life flashes before your eyes.....mine didn't, and I knew why too, I didn't live...I didn't take chances, or risk anything.......and I was going to die without a life, I would be forgotten a distant memory.

I could feel my heart rate weaken. I can imagian the headlines now, "Local Girl Killed in Diner Shootout".....16 years old, no Harvard, no wedding, no future.

Then, within all the panic and noise, I heard a gentle voice

"You have to looke at me Liz"

As I opend my eyes....I stared into the brown eyes of Max Evans....I felt a warm hand go over my wound and slowly that intense pain dimed.

I lived
I was shot and brought back
If you rather believe I heard a gun shot and knocked over a ketchup bottle
but either way...I was at the point of death.

But now that I know what death is like, I taking this chance to change and actually live my life....starting with Max Evans


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