Chapter one

Four months after the fall of Voldemort the students returned to the partly repaired castle, even the students who should have finished the previous year, but due to the war they couldn't, they returned as well. The governors, the minister and the headmaster all agreed that those students should be given the choice of returning to finish their education, most did, some stayed away and found work that didn't require n.e.w.t. results. Some that stayed away could not face the place they lost family or friends.

Harry Potter and his friends returned and even though they were all relieved that the war was over, like a lot of other people, they were quiet for the most part, none more so than Harry Potter. He might be the magical world's hero, but all Harry wanted was to get through one year, his final year at Hogwarts without anything dangerous happening. He was determined to ignore signs that would normally have him running straight into danger, but after the previous years, Harry was just too tired to keep continuing with the adventures, whether they were dangerous or fun. Most days Harry could be found sitting somewhere with a book opened in front of him, parchment always lying beside the book and a self inking quill sitting on the parchment. If he wasn't studying he was helping staff with the repairs that still needed doing. Headmaster Snape had given the seventh year students the option of helping if they so desired, some did, some just wanted to spend their time studying. Harry had been disappointed that Hermione and Ron did not help, so even though Hermione liked to study that wasn't the reason, she spent a lot of free time cuddled up with Ron on his dorm bed.

Over those four months before they started at Hogwarts Harry started to drift away from his two best friends, he had his own life and so did they but to Harry it seemed like they did not want to spend any time with him. Harry had thought a lot about that, Ron he could understand, his sister was hurt that Harry did not want to date her again when Ginny had admitted she was in love with Harry. He did not want to explain why, he did not think they Weasley family would understand that Albus Dumbledore was the reason Harry had dated Cho and Ginny. Harry only went along with it so no one would discover his secret; something he knew would not be accepted by certain people. He did not care what people thought of him and he wasn't ashamed but he had enough lies printed about him that he did not want to give them something else they could write about and probably like before, it would be lies or twisted to make him look bad, which would give him more attention and he was trying to stay away from that. A lot of reporters only wrote the truth about Harry now he was the magical world's hero, but there were still some out there that were just plain jealous or hidden supporters of the dark arts. But with Ron and Hermione, Harry thought okay, they are a couple now and need time together. It was when he refused to date Ginny again that they seemed to want to spend time with him and that confused him, until they kept trying to get him to change his mind about Ginny. It was because of this that he just couldn't stand to be around them anymore because they never stopped trying to get Harry to change his mind about Ginny. Hermione even going as far as saying that Harry and Ginny would be perfect together where Harry thought they were completely different and not suited in anyway.

Like he was found quite often, Harry was sitting at the staff table end of Gryffindor table reading a book, his parchment and quill beside him.

'Doesn't he do anything other than help with repairs or read?' a Ravenclaw girl said to a friend as she passed Harry in the great hall.

'That's all I've seen, he reads or writes, hardly talks. But I did find out that he's single.'

'I thought Weasley was still after him?' Alice asked.

'She is but from what I found out he said no, hasn't stopped her trying,' Sandra glanced around, 'Doesn't stop a lot of girls trying to get him, he just doesn't seem interested.'

'Maybe he wants high n.e.w.t. Scores for whatever he wants to do. I suppose when you think about it the last few years have been disruptive, especially for him.'

'Yes, I suppose, but I wish he would direct those dreamy green eyes my way,' Sandra sighed and her heard friend sigh as well, 'We've all got it, the same dreams, we're all lusting after Harry Potter.'

'My dreams are becoming X-rated now. I can't go one night without waking, feeling achy and drenched in sweat. I'm so wet that I have to take care of myself, but I do think about his face and his body. Oh what I would give just to see his cock, just once, then I could use that in my dreams. I wonder how many people try to slip him a love potion?'

'Lot's, I've heard girls talking about it in the bathrooms. I told them it won't work, Harry has his own house elf bring him everything, food and drink and whatever is on the table during meals is always prepared by that elf. Some girls have tried to bribe the elf to get him to help, but all the elf tells everyone is that he serves his master Harry. I would serve him anything he wants if he would just give me one smile, I would drop to my knees in a heartbeat if he would just smile, oh those lips.' the two girls sighed again as they became lost in the thoughts of Harry Potter, they did not even try to hide the fact they were lusting after him.

Harry who had been reading his advanced transfiguration book when he noticed writing appear on his parchment, he smiled before he glanced around to make sure no one was close then he started reading.

"If I have to keep hearing girls talk about their wet dreams of you I might start keeping you locked up where they can't see you. I'm so ready right now I feel like I'm going to explode."

Harry grinned then wrote, "I will help you with that later as long as you return the favour. But I don't encourage them, I don't even look at them."

The writing appeared again, "I know you don't, doesn't mean I like hearing it. But as for your promise, and your favour, always, I might have to make you suffer for a while, like I have been ever since term began. Do you realise how many girls want you, it's nauseating."

Harry chuckled, "It's not my fault babe, I don't want them, just you and that gorgeous body and those eyes that look at me with such heated desire. Oh now I'm turning myself on. I will definitely be there right after dinner. Doing all my work during the day gives us more time of an evening. But nothing better disrupt us tonight, that's happened twice now, you get called away, grrrrrr."

The writing appeared again, '"It is not my doing, I would rather have you squirming under me and screaming my name than to listen to all that babble. That firm tanned body wiggling against mine is all I can think of, I finally get it and someone has to cause a problem. Have you heard what they are saying about you now?"

"I try not to, I see the looks but don't take much notice."

The writing appeared again, "Your friends are heading your way."

Harry put his quill down and started reading again as Hermione, Ron and Neville sat down around him.

'What are you working on?' Hermione glanced at the sheet, 'Animagi.'

Harry kept his face impassive, but he liked the fact that only he could see what was really written on the page, a nice enchantment to keep his relationship a secret. He had read about it when he had stayed during the four months after the battle and found that charm such a comfort knowing that no matter what was written it would only look like work he was doing. Animagi was one thing his friends knew he wanted to achieve; they did not know he could already change. Harry had decided that now the war was over he did not need to share everything with his friend, but that didn't happen straight away, his friends seemed to keep things from him. He saw their looks and they would whisper a lot and wasn't sure what was going on or why, so he figured it was time to keep his life private, as much as he possible could.